Kuthumi: The First and Second Chakras

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomKuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi. Today we would like to discuss this human concept of fear. You have worked greatly in the last couple of years with the fear that is very much housed in the first chakra. Through working with the eighth Ray of Creation, much of that has changed. The electromagnetic field that surrounds and is part of the first chakra has been changed. When we reconfigured the spin in that first chakra, it completely changed the vibration so the Higher Mind could begin to create thought templates such as states of wellbeing, taking out the fear of survival; taking out old programming and bringing it into states of vitality and wellbeing. The electromagnetic fields were altered and opened to then begin to allow the energies from that second Ray and the vibratory rates and radiations of that color coding to begin to rise within the system in a more usable way.

Do you have questions?

Jim: No. I’m following you clearly.

Kuthumi: What I would like to do now is bring in some basic concepts. The second chakra is a very fluid chakra. It is housed in a protective mechanism that is much like a womb. It houses this chakra which is responsible for the creation of the physical experience from a higher perspective. As the color radiations of the second Ray begin to rise within the energetic system, you also begin to have access to various other color codings. Those higher, vibratory rates that are contained in those color radiations are essential to opening up more fully the complete functioning of the chakra system.

In a fallen state of consciousness of third and fourth dimension, that chakra is very limited and is related to the emotional body. This emotional body, because it is separated from its completeness, stays in a reactive state. Often the only emotions that are exhibited are negative. There is an inability to access emotions of joy, peace, harmony, wellbeing, because of the separations within the system.

This inability changes as the colors begin to have a more viable presence in their radiations, their codings and their vibratory rates. Because of the work the Angelics have done with templates they have given you, there is the availability now of a deeper understanding of what is composed in that first Ray of Creation and in its relationship to Creator. It is an innocent childlike ability to create without limitations.

It is through these things that the dynamics of that second chakra are changed. The availability of the innocence of the Soul, as the creator of the physical experience is available. At first, it is very childlike in its expression. There will be joy. There will be childlike qualities in the creation. As these energetics are more completely embodied and come into balance with the first and second chakras, there is a maturity that begins to take place in that chakra. The creation then is still joyful, experimental, and without limits, but there is a maturity that begins to take place as those energetic templates are more fully used. A greater awareness of yourself as a being of Light and a relationship to that first Ray begins to take place. The first and second Rays are essential in bringing into wholeness the functioning of the second chakra.

As this childlike quality begins to surface within that chakra and the awareness of the unlimited potential in Creation begins to be embodied, it allows for great experimentation in the creative process within the physical realm. From that perspective of the innocent child, there is no resistance. There is no limit put on your creation because of the fallen nature of that first chakra and the inability of the energy to flow more fully into that second chakra.

Jim: I have a question here. The rational mind is anchored in the first chakra. As the rational mind begins to be balanced and neutralized, the emotional aspect of thought evolves into Higher Mind thoughts. It looks like there is a new configuration between the first and the second chakra then. Would that be correct?

Kuthumi: That is correct. A bridging takes place. When the color coding is added to that first chakra with the intention that comes from the second Ray and that energetic template is accessed. You begin to use it. It presents an energetic bridging between the first and second chakras. There is a bridging that occurs from one chakra to another. All the way up the system.

You may have not considered the vastness of how the physical body is composed energetically, as well as at a cellular level. It is a vast system because you are a vast being of Light and you are beginning to get inclinations to that vastness through the first and second Rays. That is where that state of being, state of awareness and state of consciousness is housed. The templates are given through the Angelic realm and brought into your conscious awareness. When they are actually used, the expansiveness begins to take hold within the energetic system and within the physical body itself.

Jim: Yes, I can see this. The analogy I see is: there’s a seed, and the seed begins to expand into the plant. That expansion is based on various geometric and mathematical structures that are hidden within the seed. But when you look, you just see the seed.

Kuthumi: Correct. That analogy is perfect for the functioning of the chakra system. It is the seed from which all is created in the physical experience as it begins to open and unfold.


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