Vidya Frazier: Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWe are living in exciting times. Visionaries, spiritual teachers and indigenous elders from traditions across the world are telling us we are entering the “Shift” — a time of great transition for the human race. We are in the process of preparing for a quantum evolutionary leap in consciousness.

Many of us can see this shift beginning to take place in the world around us, as old paradigms and structures based on greed, exploitation and patriarchal ideals are slowly beginning to collapse. At the same time, new ones based on justice, compassion, and equality are beginning to arise.

People are uniting with greater and greater empowerment, asserting their desire for peace and respect for all beings on the planet. Humanity is awakening.

~ The Inner Shift ~

Many of us are also feeling extraordinary shifts happening within our own lives. We are awakening to a new consciousness. Old painful patterns are arising, along with unprecedented loss in our relationships, our work, and our financial situations.

Our old sense of identity and feeling of safety are being challenged. Intense emotions seem to arise out of nowhere.

Yet, at the same time, exciting new experiences filled with awakening, joy and freedom are also showing up. At times, we feel love radiating from our hearts like never before. And a knowing of oneness with all that exists. Something both ancient and brand new is emerging within us—majestic, bold and powerful.

It’s clear something old is dying—and something new is being born. A whole new era on earth is opening up before us. What an extraordinary time to be alive!

~ Awakening to the Fifth Dimension ~

 Some have called this shift of consciousness occurring on the planet a “dimensional” shift: a shift from the Third Dimension into the Fifth Dimension.

It’s a shift into a consciousness infused with love, compassion, oneness, peace, and freedom—a shift into what has been called the “Golden Age” on earth. This process of shifting into the Fifth Dimension is known as “Ascension.”

In this dimensional paradigm, humanity is seen to be in the process of a profound  awakening of the spiritual Heart. And the earth—along with all its inhabitants planning to stay on the planet—will be awakening to the Fifth Dimension within the next couple of decades, if not sooner.

This awakening process will begin with a powerful solar event that has been called the Event, which will lift both the Earth and humanity into a radically higher frequency of consciousness and begin the process of full ascension into the Fifth Dimension.

This radical shift ahead of us is the reason for the profound and rapid changes, both positive and negative, that people are experiencing during these times. Read more about awakening to the Fifth Dimension.

~  Transitional Times  ~

Before we can enter fully into this new age of living in the Fifth Dimension, we must first move through a period of transition from third-dimensional consciousness. On the verge of rebirth, we are now moving through what the Mayans call the “time in between”. The old is beginning to crumble—and the new has not yet fully arrived. It’s a time of confusion and uncertainty.

In many ways, humanity has come to the brink of disaster world-wise. We see over-population, polluted rain forests, rising unemployment, peak oil, global food shortages, severe climate changes, and ongoing escalation of conflict among countries.

We also see more and more clearly the huge inequities in wealth and power across the globe. And we watch as the world economy teeters on the verge of collapse. These are all signs of old structures dying.

And we will likely see more disaster-like scenarios for some time to come. This makes sense because we’re experiencing not only a death process, but a birth process as well. Chaos and confusion are to be expected.

~  Ushering in the New Earth  ~

Those of us on a conscious spiritual path of awakening know that it is not wise to fall into negative, conditioned reactions during times such as these. Fear will not serve us.

This is a time rather to become prepared—both spiritually and otherwise—so we can be as strong, steady, and awake as possible to make it through the coming times with clarity and ease. And it’s a time to learn how to stay awake, no matter what is happening.

More than ever, it’s a time for us to step forward, in whatever ways we feel called, to do what we have come here to do this lifetime and help usher in this new era of human life on the planet.

But, even knowing all this, it is not always easy to do—awakening to the Fifth Dimension is a huge step in evolution we’re taking. And during times of great change, it is natural for us to feel confusion, anxiety and unrest.

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