This is Not the End, It is the Beginning

light waves eraoflightdotcom“These are the times where we can choose to believe in the power of creation that we all are part of. We can create our reality by choosing to see and feel beyond the fear that we are seeing from others. We do not have to engage in their ways of thinking and believing. We don’t have to go into their fears of loss and death. We can stand firmly and solid in our own faith and knowledge. We are given this challenging yet beautiful experience to rise above our own limited beliefs. We can now go deeper into our own fears and look them in the eye with compassion and confidence in what we have learned so far about ourselves. These fears are not coming up without reason and by surprise. This has been planned for us to experience and it was just a matter of time before the fear of loss and survival would come up in all of humanity.

These are such deep core wounds for all that are alive at this time. This was not created for us to be harmed but to be able to release it once and for all. This fear of loss and survival has kept humanity in a state of numbness and sleep. This fear paralyzed people to a point where they had to obey and follow the rules that were laid upon by the small percentage that is in charge. This fear has lived deep within each of us long enough and now the time has come to release it for good.

Those that have been doing the inner work: releasing and transforming shadows into light are now ready to hold space for those that are going through these fears right now. Every lightworker and empath has the ability to transmute darkness into light and this just by their presence. By the higher awareness and the frequency of light it is possible to transform fear into love. We are ready now to do just that.

This is not the end of any kind. This is just the beginning of a global transformation that we have all been waiting and asking for. We have asked for a bigger meaning to be here. We have prayed for answers and for help. Now we get to do what we really came to do here: we came here to hold the light for our brothers and sisters who are now stepping into their own transformation and are meeting their shadow.

We are stepping into our sovereignty as a collective. We are holding the light for all of humankind so that they don’t get lost in the darkness.

You and I are here to be the anchor for those that need to stay in balance. Compassion, understanding, love, care and respect is what we have been learning for a long time and this is the moment to use these gifts and knowledge to help others.

We are the here to be the truest version of ourself and this is the moment to show it. BE the real YOU now. Show your true colors and stand in your own light.”

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