Panic Shopping Freakouts Would Not Be Happening Had The Media Been Honest From The Start

uncovering truth eraoflightdotcomI thought long and hard about how to start this piece and finally decided to begin it with a question and an answer to said question.

Question: “What is the difference between those that get their news from the liberal establishment media, aka the MSM, and  those that regularly read Independent Media?”

Answer: “The panic and freakouts being seen at the stores right now over the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is coming from MSM audiences, not IM readers.”

Watching the hundreds upon hundreds of comments on ANP articles, we see Independent Media readers simply “topping off” supplies so they can self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic, compared to watching the masses, that have been told by the mainstream media for months that it was nothing to worry about, absolutely freaking out now that the establishment media has been forced to admit the situation is truly serious.

The differences are very stark between the two sets of people.

Topping off supplies generally means they are prepared for any issue that comes along, and are just picking up a few extras, versus that outright chaos being seen in the stores across the country by people that have no supplies to top off and think they can all rush to store and get everything they need to self-quarantine, all at once, and then losing their minds when they see that everyone else did it too, so shelves are empty.

At least today the latest images show empty food shelves in the canned goods area rather than only paper products from people too worried about wiping their butts and forgetting they also have to eat, but that is neither here nor there for the purposes of this article.


Independent Media did not just hear about COVID-19 and think, lets panic!!!! No, we watched the reaction from the Chinese government, the lock down, not only of people but of information, along with the videos from scared Chinese people begging for help. We watched other countries face the spread and how they handled it.

We warned Independent Media readers to prepare, to stay calm, but to get ready to face the same thing. Those readers did exactly that. They “topped off” supplies, they got a little extra of this, a little extra of that, but they didn’t need to “panic shop,” because they were already prepared.

Those that still trust the establishment media, on the other hand, didn’t prepare early, did not understand the seriousness of what we were watching happen across the globe and certainly did not put themselves in a position where they could survive months of self-quarantine or total isolation from the public.

They weren’t prepared and are now rushing around emptying whatever is left on shelves and freaking out, waiting in lines out the door, because the media failed in their one and only job: To report the news and keep the public informed.

The media is responsible for every single person that listened to their assurances about how the hype was all overblown, and now cannot survive a home quarantine because the MSM actively hid the truth from their audience

Seeing those commenting at ANP, describing what things the shelves look like, how people are acting when they head out to see what is going on, we note a couple of patterns.

One reader described how the people at his job were scared now, yet when he told them previously how bad it was about to get, they didn’t believe him.

That fear they are now feeling is on the MSM because had they been preparing over the past few months, they wouldn’t have to be scared now.

Good thing she didn’t actually need any, because she was already prepared and only at the store to get a couple of extra things.

The MSM is also responsible for the empty shelves  because had they prepared the public for this day, starting two months ago when Independent Media was preparing their readers, we would not be seeing the outright, last minute panic shopping we are seeing today.

Every person that cannot get any food because of the last minute freakout, are all on the MSM.

First the establishment media hid the extent of the spread, then they downplayed it, and then, all of a sudden they started freaking people out by acting like the extent of the spread is “new” news, sending them in a mad rush to the stores, which as can be seen above from a store in New York, found over at Daily Mail, has nothing left for them.

Below are a couple more exclusive reader images sent from Colorado, including a Kroger sign limiting the purchase of certain items and another empty paper goods section.


It is amazing watching the videos and reading the articles on how panicked Americans are, but what those articles don’t show, is how calm, cool and collected regular Independent Media readers have been and still are, because the latter are already prepared and have been preparing, not just with material goods, but mentally for this day.

As states are closing schools and courts, DC is locking down as are a multitude of states, orders for no large gathers being implemented, and other steps that are being taken across the country, were expected by IM readers, and the possibility reported on a month or more ago.

Independent Media readers have been offering up what they have been seeing with panic shopping, empty shelves, freaked out people and family members just now getting “scared” because the truth had been hidden from them for so long, this is all coming as a surprise.

Independent Media readers, while understanding how serious this issue is, are still able to laugh and joke with each other, while at the same time reporting conditions in their neck of the woods.

Look to those that depend only on the MSM for news…. the MSM is responsible for that as well.


The only reason people are panicking and having a freakfest is because they are not prepared.

Those that are prepared are going about their business, ready, willing and able to self-quarantine and isolate themselves and their family from the general public, but that sense of fear seen by those that have only been getting their news from the MSM, is nowhere to be found.

The media failed spectacularly during this crisis and every store fight over toilet paper, every stabbing over hand sanitizer, every screaming Mimi shoving, pushing and threatening others, is on the establishment media.

Below Steve Quayle joined Greg Hunter, published on March 7, 2020. They discussed a variety of issues, as well as covering the now-acknowledged COVID-19 pandemic, and the ramifications, not only for life, but for the food chain going forward.

» Source » By Susan Duclos