The Pleiadians Speak About The Virus

the pleaides eraoflightdotcom“Benevolent cocreation of the third order of light greets you now in the open book of human interactive programming crescendo. For the unfolding energies sweeping across your globe is the reprogramming and repatterning of that which indeed has been predestined to occur.

What you are all witnessing at this very pivotal moment in time is simply a reprogramming and restructuralization of the platform on which you dwell. Old programming giving way to new understanding of Being, and making way for a true coherent energetic pathways to make way for all to experience Love, unconditional understanding and benevolence.

For the energies of your world has had to come to a halt, in order to magnify the issues at hand, in order to pin point to all the errors of the past, and to instill a new cognitive understanding of that which is. For the time has come to pay attention to that which truly is important, and that which truly fuels your world and all of creation, and to finally align humanity with its highest potential and be benevolence of Being, highest potential and recognition of it’s true intentions.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is the time has come to find peace within, to find the order within the chaotic unfolding upon your planet. And so and thus, as we have already advised you in our previous messages to you, all that you are witnessing is simply a release, of the energies that no longer belong on your planes of existence, and the institution of a new paradigms, new way of life, new thinking patterns.

Albeit the seeming chaos, the true intentions of said experience is that of testing the momentum, testing the grounds and magnifying the underlying core issues of the societies built upon the misunderstanding of the true intention of Being.

And so, a lesson indeed which is being presented for all to experience. Through the magnification glass of fear-based programming, the outcome shall bring much more clearance, a clear vision, understanding of true reality, and result in a more coherent, cooperation of all involved.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.


Anna Merkaba Speaks:

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! Today I would like to talk to you about the Coronavirus.

I went to the store yesterday to get some food, in the elevator to the store there was a few people riding with me, with one panicky woman who kept saying how scared she was about the virus and what is to come and that there’s no shopping carts and no toilet paper. To which I replied that she’s right it is indeed very scary that we all ran out of toilet paper. She laughed the energy in the elevator lifted.

What amazed me was that there truly was no toilet paper in the store, the rest of the items were there, but no toilet paper or paper towels, every store I passed by I saw people walking out of with toilet paper and paper towels but hardly any food. Even here the human conditioning and fear-based programming that most allow into their mind played into the wrong decision making. Why would one need to invest into so much toilet paper and paper towels, instead of say medicine, or food. What can toilet paper do to assist with the virus?

Here is a clear example of how humans are focusing on all the wrong things, worrying about not having enough of “toilet paper” which really translates into things that don’t matter, which translates into this – Most go about their lives caring about things of little importance, wasting their lives on that which really they don’t need, want, nor enjoy. Things they absolutely can live without, whilst ignoring that which is truly important.

As our benevolent counterparts have explained to us over and over again in all the previous messages that I’ve shared with you, “the storm is coming and for us to remain in the eye of the storm”. However, it seems many of us have been swept up into the craze and fear-based programming yet again.

Coronavirus is a test of our integrity, compassion and love. It is also a huge wake up call for us to recognize what is truly important in life. Humans have lost their reason and their way, being swept up into the “herd thinking”, have lost their individuality, focusing on things of little importance, worrying about not having enough, striving to succeed to earn more to buy more, more, more and more. The absurdity of the situation of having more stuff, is clearly showcased in what is happening now with the toilet paper.

Coronavirus is giving us this opportunity to focus on what’s important, relationships, our loved ones, our health. It is asking us to STOP and look around, to clearly see the type of society we have created with our thoughts. Perhaps this “down time” away from work and the marathon of everyday “obsession with things” will help many to really look at their lives, connect with their families and most importantly their inner selves.

I feel that this virus is just a tip of the iceberg, it is here to point us to that which is beneath, that which we cannot yet see, but are being forced to pay attention to. As terrible as this virus may seem, it is really here to assist us in awakening all of humanity.

There are many conspiracy theories online about the material gains behind this virus, money resets, etc., and although some claims might have some validity to them, the true point of it all is again self-examination. To evaluate where one is at one’s journey, to have the “life flash before ones eyes” and think about the choices that are being made every day, to weight the importance of it all and make the right decisions for their journeys. I sure hope that most will take an opportunity to do just that, reconnect with their own selves, and see this “time off” as a gift of time to put all “ducks in the row”, do what one wanted to do all this time but didn’t have a chance to, and connect with the divinity of self and all that is.

Again I would like to remind all of you to stay positive, and remember that you as lightworkers carry tremendous responsibility not only for your own selves, but those around you. Remember that you influence 18 miles of space around you and the more you feed into the fear-based programming the more you will help it to bloom. Let’s nourish and feed the positive love vibrations and look at this situation from a rational and positive point of view.

I would also like to remind all of you that you are ALL on the SAME TEAM and to stop fighting with each other trying to prove your points one way or another, regarding this or that agenda, or this or that party. This truly is NOT the time to allow negativity to divide us. When in doubt go deep within and seek the answers there instead of listening to this or that channeler (yes I know I am one, so don’t listen to me, listen to your HEART AND TUNE IN!) or this or that spiritual leader, and especially fight over who said what. We have been given so much information over the last few years on how to connect directly to the source of all that is, so please quiet your mind and TUNE IN. Remember your own power, remember who you are! To remind you please watch this video (, I think it will help clear up all the recent influences from the media so that you can take a deep breath and re calibrate! And if you still find it hard to do, then please visit this page here with various energetic essences that can help you stabilize and balance out your energies! (

Coronavirus – Corona (Crown – Head – Mind), Virus (Program), Reprogramming of the Mind. It’s fascinating that the virus pictures look very similar to that of the crown chakra, and what do people do in situations like that? PRAY! Coronavirus is a call from above to STOP and TUNE INTO the HIGHEST POWER THAT THERE IS – UNIVERSAL LOVE! When people are in trouble they usually turn to GOD, putting everything aside, as the “rat race” becomes meaningless, they pray, even the ones that say that they are atheists secretly pray and ask for assistance, they do what is natural to all humans – TUNE IN, automatically, the most natural behavior that is programmed into our very DNA and that which most desire, to connect with the Divine, with GOD, with ALL that is, so here we are witnessing a spectacular awakening! A desire to connect to the divine, putting everything aside, and praying (asking and connecting to) for assistance! We’ve been talking all this time about mass awakenings, well here they are! And doesn’t it in some way mirror what we’ve all experienced upon our own awakening? A harsh life experience being forced to stop and tune in? How else does one sober up 7.5 billion people all at once if not by something like this?

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

6 Replies to “The Pleiadians Speak About The Virus”

  1. Doug James

    Americans always want to cover their azz es when it gets serious. Ironically vegetables were also sold out at our winco but beer and wine were well stocked? I hope the 2 weeks are meant for arrests and reset. Victory of the Light!

  2. Ken

    The leaves in VA have not come out yet so what would you suggest I use as a substitute for toilet paper. We will have a medical lock down/Marshal Law for two weeks to two months. No leaving the house so if I don’t have a two months supply of toilet paper then what should I use instead? People that don’t plan ahead gets stuck in the muck. I’m not going to take a shower each time I need toilet paper and people that aren’t prepared will wish they had been, IMHO. If the Pleiadians have a special tush blaster then by all means have them send one down to me so I can share all of my toilet paper. Good luck and may God Bless You All.

  3. Diana

    Ahnii everyone!

    A little over a week ago the thought came to me during a discussion with my Creator, that this virus is happening as it should. There are no coincidences, mistakes or accidents in our universe, everything is happening exactly as it should. We are being given an experience to learn how to turn something negative into something positive by opening ourselves up to becoming more compassionate and caring towards those who might need our love and assistance. We are learning to think of other’s needs before our own….how beautiful is this?

    I am proud to be a tiny part of the humanity involved in this great experiment we are going through right now. We will get through this time period and with flying colours! Our Creator will be, or rather is proud of each and every one of us….how could he not be? We are doing exactly as he would wish us to in the circumstances.

    As to the toilet paper issue, I make no judgment about this. I’m guessing that a few incarnations down the road, we will look back on this and laugh at the part we played in this drama. There is no reason we can’t have fun and enjoy the outcome we are helping to create in the end.

    All is going as it should Brothers and Sisters, just know our Creator has our backs covered.

    I thought perhaps I should try and whip up a tasty recipe to use with 🧻. Sorry but I sometimes get carried away in my attempts at levity 🙄.

    I haven’t got much of an appetite for food these days anyway, as a matter of fact, for the last year and a half everything tastes somewhat like cardboard.

    Baamapii everyone!

  4. bodhimoss

    There is a clear metaphorical meaning to everyone freakout about toilet paper, it’s literally sh*t clearing out of the body as a reflection of what is happening in the celestial realms. Call it quantum detoxing. Anyone who has undergone the ascension work involved in clearing their physical and energy bodies of toxins knows that TP makes this process a bit easier.

    Thanking Cheri here on EOL for this valuable insight. It’s all becoming clear now! LOL

    1. Cheri

      Right Bodhi lol! No judgement here on anything but just laughing at the pattern clearing in the quantum field. I was thinking about this recent manifestation also in relation to the inversion of christ consciousness.  Worshipping the wrong throne folks!  It’s not the porcelain one hahahaha! Omg!  Anyway this is literally where people spend the majority of their alone time within the matrix hamster wheel.  More self reflection probably goes on there than anywhere else.  It’s an ungodly outcropping (lol!) of our massive consumption with a twist of cleaning up the mess. 

      The mind control (anal obsession) is finally clearing in the mass consciousness! No more patterns of perversion. In Freudian psychoanalysis the term anal is relating to or denoting a stage of infantile psychosexual development supposedly preoccupied with the anus and defecation.

      Omg! if this isn’t a blatent message of the shift hitting the fan I don’t know what is lol!

      It’s all good, no shame! Just levity at the absurdity of the whole situation lol! We are all in this together hahahaha!

      Ya’ll know I work in repairing the quantum realms and my inner team recently said the tides (lol!) have turned and we now have full control because we found the root of the emotional fuel or DNA peptides which are amino acids and what my team calls the battery acid driving this illusion! This is the revenge of the peptides lol!

      Love you family! We’re gettin er done together! Things are incredibly well as this is the final purge so to speak hahahahaha! 😘

  5. Sadie

    The connection of toilet paper to our base chakra which is to do with survival instinct/insecurity