This is Where The Event Begins

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomYesterday, I contacted my adult children regarding the #COVID19 pandemic, outlining what we, as their parents, are doing as a response to it. They are worried. Our world has changed yet again since this morning. As I write this, it is Friday March 13th, 2020. A few hours ago, the US President declared a national emergency. We will see the rules evolve and change regularly now.

Here are some things to consider. Our world is afire and we are in the beginning of the public version of this generation’s global war. This virus is the obvious threat that we can see and that we will mobilize against, yet it masks another enemy, one not so obvious.

If you would like a discriminating and on target discussion of the many layers and multi-dimensional meanings held in the Presidential address that took place on 3.11.2020, click here. There are five parts. I have been told by some “friends” that I trust, (and that are not on planet right now), that they are right on target here.
Each word vocalized in that address carried specificity and magic; as such, each word was deliberately chosen and spoken. Words have power here. This was an extremely important address.

I’ve also been told that this is where the Event begins. It is not the only thing that will have global consequences, but it is the start of things that will change everything we know today.

We can use this opportunity to unite, or, we can use this moment to blame and thus divide. We make our choice with each thought, utterance, tweet, post and activity. I have laughed out loud at so many “quarantine” jokes today. It felt great. Laughter unites us, and I’m so grateful for the many comedians who bring their gift to us now.

What brings me to this page though, is a blindness I also notice. Our group of boomer/millennial/genX,Y,Z humans have not ever held a collective purpose. Those before us, our parents and grandparents, went through global wars. As such, they were forced to come together in order to survive the shortages of both men and goods. We have not, not as a population. This #COVID19 changes everything.  It also showcases who we are, highlighting the skills we lack.

We are acting as if it still matters who said what to whom about this or that. We need to wake up. That frivolous part of life as we know it has just ended.

None of us have ever been asked to deal with a global crisis. We have not seen our leaders deal with one either, so we don’t know what anything “should” look like. We have not been asked to care for our elders in any real long-term way, or hold genuine, active compassion for foreigners or even fellow citizens. We have never had to give up anything we were addicted to – all for the greater good. We don’t know how to agree on a “greater good”. We have no idea what that feels like. We’ve maybe heard about it or read about it. Today, we are living it. We’ve taken on a responsibility that is a bit above our pay grade.

We’ll have to take a break from these things we’ve used to fill in the gaps in our upbringing – things like non-stop opinions and “weighing in” on social media and on our devices. It was fun, but we need to be done. Does that sound too harsh? When I run into posts that smear ANYONE ACTUALLY TRYING TO IMPROVE LIFE FOR SOMEONE BEYOND THEMSELVES, I tend to think it’s not harsh enough. We have no time for drama. NONE OF US HAVE EVER DONE THIS BEFORE. Either rise to this occasion, or get out of the way. There is work to do.

This new coat of arms we are donning is an uncomfortable fit and will need adjusting in order to fit. There are no seamstresses with knowledge or patterns to follow with this one, we’ll have to grow into these outfits, and this takes time. Our familiar attire of “what makes me look better than everyone” and “who can I blame for my discomfort” and “my truth matters more than everyone else’s” isn’t looking so good on us anymore. These new outfits of “how can I be the most helpful to everyone around me” and “how can I remain healthy and strong and useful” and what kind of citizen/neighbor/human am Iwill soon be all the rage.

I speak here to all of us at every age and stage of life. There are some of us who belong to that generation before the boomers, and possess these skills, yet I’m not sure how many of them will read this blog post. If you are here, we need to hear from you. We are in new territory and you know the ropes. The rest of us have no skill at this yet. But we are quick learners.

We move now beyond the me generations to the WE GENERATION.

This common enemy we share is so much more than the virus. As this becomes obvious, and it will, we will realize that what is at stake here, and what is right now being eradicated, is a way of life that has caged and suffocated this race for longer than any of us have been alive on the planet. The 1%, debt slavery, poison food, human trafficking – it’s all coming to an end. It’s going to get ugly and then, eventually, it will be over.

Nothing will ever be the same, and that is a good thing. You will realize that it was worth every thing you suffered through. You and your children and their children will live free. It will look different than anything we’ve ever seen, in an excellent way.

Accepting all of these changes is a gradual process; we are in the midst of grief. Current wisdom says it takes 5 years to successfullywade through and deal with each stage of that emotion. Five Years. We’ve been at this for a couple of weeks, maybe months. It is suggested that in order to effectively process grief, you make no additional major changes to your life because your life has already been altered. Be patient with each other.

What we are losing my not be perfectly clear yet, but the feeling of loss is tangible and inevitable. Stages of grief include denial/isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, which can look like shock, sadness, disbelief, confusion and eventually a sort of understanding. This then evolves into an appreciation for life in a new way, one you’d never considered. You will get through this. You will grow and you will realize true fulfillment as a sovereign being. I promise.

It is our turn now to unite and acquire these necessary skills, all the while grieving the losses we collectively face. Be generous. Love. Laugh. Humans are highly regarded throughout all of creation for their ingenuity, innovation and dedication to each other. We’ve got this. Let’s help each other.

We are the Ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation for all that you are,


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