Captain Xia of Sirius: As You Rise

star family eraoflightdotcomIt is with great pleasure that we can announce that people have risen in consciousness over the last few weeks. Everyone has risen and has had a more crystalline development in your bodies. You are now moving towards multi-dimensional creations with a DNA that has been developed with crystals in your cells. Your carbon-based bodies are disappearing more and more.

We galactics are working to send light and energies to Earth because Mother Earth and humans are more and more dependent on these love energies for the ascent. The light workers also send lots of love light to us galactics as well and we work with the higher light creatures which also give very strong energies to the Earth.

The ascent has really gone through a rapid development and it is necessary considering all the revelations and difficulties that people are exposed to. This is necessary because everything that is not light energy must be cleansed from Earth and sent to light. Therefore, very negative events occur from the inner Earth as from the Earth’s surface. Everything must be exposed to be forgiven and sent to the light for the ascent to take place. There have never been as many weather disasters and fires as now.

The galactics have a great sense of what is happening on Earth and are trying to mitigate the harsh winds and low energies that are hitting Earth right now. If the galactics had not intervened in these energies and winds, it would have looked much worse.

It will be a difficult time for people in the near future. Both an economic crisis affecting many people around the world and also in the medical field. Many sufferers find it difficult to get their medicines and hospitals have severe crises. Be prepared for a turbulent time. This will last for a while but it will be better with a new world which will improve for the good of everyone.

Keep your light and know that you are the light, the love. Try to talk about who you are and why you came to Earth during this lifetime. You came because you wanted to help Mother Earth to a higher dimension and that the world should become the fantastic world that it was meant to be. You have come as a light worker to help Mother Earth and you have done that with that honor.

We galactics follow people closely and we are mightily impressed with what endurance, strength you lightworkers keep the light on for the entire planet. It is extremely important that you light warriors really know what a great job you have and perform. Just keeping your light affects the entire Universe in a higher level of consciousness.

We are very excited about this channel to announce that people are rising higher in consciousness and that has resulted in more and more people being raised to a higher dimension.

With love Captain XIA and the crew

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM.

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» Source » Channel: Inger Noren