Lists of Smoking Tobacco Pipes for Beginners

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomIf you are into smoking, you’ve probably admired how pipe aficionados go through their business. Pipes have an old bearing that is hard to shed. Every piece is a piece of art waiting to be part of the ritual. You’ve probably ogled at a pipe rack, hoping against hope that the owner can let you touch the collection. Before you let off that dream, let me indulge you in the beginner level pipe lists.

First, there are four, maybe five, major types of pipes for this level. As you progress, you will start thinking of souvenirs for your collection. Tobacco smoking tools have grown over the years, and you can click here to have a sample of the possibilities that now exist in the market. In the meantime, let us check these out.


It is one of the oldest tobacco every used by humanity. It is probably the first-ever developed. The advantage is that you can actually make it yourself at home. However, it is a corncob; it will eventually burn beyond recognition after several rounds of philosophy smokes. You can’t have that deep connection with this pipe, but it surely will introduce you to the pipe community.


Speaking of ancient pipes, the calabash is a classic mixture of craft and sophistication. The process of making it is quite sophisticated. So, if you are thinking about doing it yourself, this might call for a lesson in art and craft. The gourd plant has been in use for a long time. It can be used to make many cool kinds of stuff. If you are looking for a vintage piece that will supplement your gourd collection, then the calabash pipe is your go-to gadget. It usually comes with a heat resistant bowl such as porcelain.


Speaking of ancient, you will not go further down the history lane than clay might take you. It is one of the oldest human civilization creations, and it continues to have vintage applications. The clay pipe has evolved, and its novelty increased with new technologies that allow the clay pipes to last longer. With the professional hardening of the clay, this vintage pipe is a collector’s marvel, and you won’t find many of these even in a pipe conference. Acquiring one puts you in a select company.


It is the classic pipe material. The heath plant, though it takes longer to mature, it gives rise to wonderful protrusions that artists design a piece of art. Every adventurer wants this expensive acquisition. Its heat-resisting properties ensure that every smoke creates room for tomorrow’s nostalgic rendezvous.

If you want a cheaper alternative but remain mainstream, Brylon will be your go-to pipe. This composite material can last a lifetime because it is strong and heat resistant. For those looking for more nuanced experiences, Meerschaum, a fossilized mineral, will be perfect.

The pipe experience is for the discerning type. Those who want to sample a variety. At least for those who know that one strain or blend does not always cut it. Moreover, to experience this diversity, one needs a pipe for the occasion.