Anshar of Agartha: We Rejoice

we are one love eraoflightBe greeted great champion. It is an honor to speak to you in this way and we are delighted to have the opportunity to speak through this channel regarding life in Agartha in the Inner Earth.

We have found that humans are becoming more and more aware of the beautiful planet called Earth on which they live. They have also realized that protecting the environment, animals and each other is very important for the continued ascent.

Mother Earth is so happy that more people than ever have woken up and the Lightworkers are doing a fantastic job of raising awareness for humans and animals by sending their light around the world.

Even in Agartha we are affected by this increase of consciousness and we look with great joy and curiosity on people when most people are now on their way to raising their consciousness to a higher level.

We from the inner realms are often up in the people and we can see a big change with love and care for each other that we have not seen in the same way before.

We are your cousins ​​but we have not yet shown ourselves as clearly to you but there are those who can actually see us who have the ability to see. We follow closely from our inner kingdoms and look forward to how far you have come and everything is moving at a great speed. We find it so exciting because we love our Mother Earth and we love you all so much.

With love Anshar from Inner Earth

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM

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» Source » Channel: Inger Noren

3 Replies to “Anshar of Agartha: We Rejoice”

  1. nickelledlfl

    Hello Anshar community please contact me. Hello my name is Nick, and as soon as I have stumbled upon you I knew it. I have known that there were other entities on earth without evil. I have felt a presence since I was a little boy. I had abilities to speak with others when I was young all the way until I was forced to take head medication I have been looking for the answer to ascend now for 30 years I have been nothing but tortured my whole life and I knew I was meant for better things. I want you to contact me my mind is open and waiting for your response. My wife is also open to your beliefs but she doesn’t want to be contacted but she would love to help. I can not wait to hear from you please get me started on the path tonight

  2. butterjojo

    I am so excited about meeting our inner Earth cousins! And the star family and anyone else that wants to join the love tribes! It feels to me like the best is not only yet to come but it is going to be a truely wonderful celebration of life !

  3. Doug James

    Come on up Anshar and let’s join forces and get this solar wave triggered! The Agarthans are us from the future.. lets secure the timeline for us!