Sierra (NZ): Ten Days of Darkness

alternative news eraoflightdotcom newIntel is circulating about the possibility of the internet and all media ‘going dark’ for ten days from 1st – 10th April. The date 10th April 2020 can be read as 4 10 20 – Donald J Trump.

Q refers to ten days of darkness in drop number 88 from 5th November 2017. Here is an excerpt…

‘Ten days
Scare tactics (MSM)
D’s (Democrats) falling.
R’s (Republicans) walk-away/removed.

We are certainly seeing ‘scare tactics’ from the mainstream media regarding the virus. And Democrats are certainly ‘falling’. Joe Biden is busy pretending that he has dementia in an effort to avoid being arrested. Give that man an Oscar. And where is Nancy Pelosi these days? Adam Schiff?

Maybe they are heading to New Zealand. Apparently many expensive private jets are landing in our tourist hot spot of Queenstown, mecca for the rich and famous. Elite escapees? As Q reminds us, the satanists can run but they cannot hide.


The SA in the Q drop is Saudi Arabia. Q has often referred to the fact that USA will follow the lead of Saudi Arabia (as indicated by the arrow in the drop). Currently Saudi Arabia is purging corrupt officials from their government – many arrests are taking place.

Interestingly, the Irish Prime Minister used the word ‘purge’ in an extraordinary St Patrick’s Day speech to his nation…

‘The calm before the storm…Before the purge…And when it comes, and it will come, never will so many ask so much of so few.’ (Taoiseach of Ireland)

He had just returned from USA. Who used the phrase ‘Calm before the storm’ during an Oval Room press conference while surrounded by his top military generals and their wives? President Trump.

The word extraordinary seems to cover most things currently unfolding on planet Earth. In an unprecedented shocking move, the Federal Government has ordered Australians not to travel overseas – applying a travel ban to the ENTIRE WORLD for the first time in the country’s history.

Q often suggests that we ‘relax and enjoy the show’. It seems bizarre to relax when we are surrounded by so much chaos. Yet strangely, it’s the best thing we Light Warriors can do right now to support the Divine Plan. Stay calm.

Despite appearances, all is well!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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