4 Questions to Ask To Know When You Are Ready

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomWe all have different ways on how we cope with life when dealing with problems and a lot of issues. Some people like to travel and be alone to have some time to think while others prefer to be with the company of friends and families when going through tough times. Whether you are trying to get over a failed relationship, recently lost a loved one or moving forward from being addicted to a substance or alcoholism, acceptance is an important topic to talk about during recovery.  


If you have recently gone through these and wondering if you are now ready to face life’s challenge again, here are the questions to ask to know when you are. 

Am I ready to surrender?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is are you ready to let go of what is stopping you to move on with life. By focusing on what you can control like your feelings and attitude, surprising things are beginning to happen to you. You will eventually start feeling safe, happy and optimistic. You will also feel uplifted. An example of this is if one of your family members is going through a difficult time in their health. We all know that it is not easy to just go on with your daily life if you know that you can lose a loved one anytime.  But you need to stop worrying over the things that you cannot control.

Am I willing to face the consequences?

Another key role in the acceptance is facing the consequences of your actions. Dealing with the consequences means you take responsibility and you admit that you are wrong. You accept the blame, and the fact that you have to face repercussions for your actions.

Am I willing to make changes?

Of course it does not end in admitting that you are wrong and facing the consequences. You have to be willing to make changes to improve the situation. If you have the determination, an open-mindedness to adapt, and the courage to welcome new experiences into your life, then the things you need to improve yourself will gradually fall down. It will not be an easy step, but this is a very important part of acceptance. You can read other people’s testimonies online to get motivated. There are also some inspiring articles online that gives encouragement, click here for a brilliant article on acceptance. You can start embracing ideas that can help and improve you in many ways.

How can I ensure that I will continue to be committed to my decision?

Lastly, you have to be committed to your goal or desired outcome. Success needs discipline, hard work, perseverance, desire, bravery and faith. With that in mind, in times of uncertainty you should always go back to your goal no matter what life throws at you. Focusing on smaller triumphs along the way gives you the self-confidence you need to build on. It is self-empowerment and testament that you are on the right track.


Many may not understand who you are or what you want in life, but this is the game-changer if you know your meaning, and have something to believe in. For as long as you acknowledge when something is not right and you have the desire to make a change, that is a good start. As cliche as it may sound, nobody is perfect, but know that you are special, beautiful and flawed.  I remember reading somewhere that acceptance is freedom and it definitely is.