“Ten Days Of Darkness” Warning Issued For America As Feared “Trump Storm” Gathers Strength On Horizon

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomA gobsmacking highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the war of words that’s erupted as the world’s superpowers blame each other for the COVID-19 “bioweapon”, states in its examination of this issue that the just declared “Human Biosecurity Emergency” in Australia may hold critical clues as to if the coronavirus pandemic is, indeed, a manufactured crisis—most particularly because this human biosecurity emergency was approved by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)—the same Australian spy agency that a fortnight ago effectively threw the Australian Associated Press out of business after 85-years of publishing by its secretly ordering banks not lend it any money—and whose reason for doing so revolves around a psychiatrist named Dr. Russell McGregor and his Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice located in Dee Why-New South Wales located about 18-kilometers (11 miles) from ASIS headquarters in downtown Sydney—a Dr. McGregor whose medical practice specialized in providing mental health treatment to ASIS personal—but whom the leftist Australian Associated Press waged a war against resulting in one of their final headlines before going out of business being “Psychiatrist Struck Off For Posting ‘Bizarre’ QAnon Conspiracy Theories”—and yesterday stunningly saw Dr. McGregor retaliating against the injustice done to him with a series of Tweets [more readable form] among whose breathtaking revelations include his saying that the coronavirus was an engineered bioweapon intended to destroy President Donald Trump—but that Trump discovered this plot and had this bioweapon redesigned to make less lethal—and that Trump has deployed it as a means to cause the Deep State to lose control of the streets forever—and saw him warning the American people that “The Storm Is Upon Us” while alerting them to the coming “10 Days Of Darkness” about to strike them as Trump brings this war to a close—beyond stunning revelations made by Dr. McGregor that were near immediately followed by radical leftist anti-Trump top CNN news anchor Dana Bash shocking the world by saying about Trump on live television: “He is being the kind of leader that people need, at least in tone, today and yesterday, in tone that people need, and want, and yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty”—a remarkable admission of truth made by a Dana Bash whose former husband is Deep State leader and former CIA Chief of Staff turned national security analyst for NBC News and its cable division, MSNBC, Jeremy Bash—and proves she knows that prisoners won’t be taken by Trump.

According to the very limited portions of this highly-classified SVR report permitted to discussed upon by various ministries, an unbiased intelligence analysis as to the truth of the claims being made by Dr, Russell McGregor rests on who most benefits from this coronavirus pandemic in the long run—and without any doubt is President Trump—as for years Trump has been unrelentingly attacked as being a racist for the war he has waged against globalist-socialist ideology with his America First agenda—but who now stands astride a world where every nation is so rapidly retreating from globalist-socialist ideology, these nations can’t close their borders fast enough—and sees today it being correctly observed the Continent’s response to coronavirus proves that European “solidarity” has always been a sham.

What history will most remember about this coronavirus pandemic, this report notes, is that in but a few short months, it’s upended the entire globalist-socialist world and its followers by shining the glaring light of truth and facts on their dangerous and deadly to humanity hypocrisies—hypocrisies many American people are now belatedly awakening to as evidenced by remarkable headlines now being published by major US news outlets such as “Yes, Mom, The CDC Is Part Of The Deep State, Too”—and are, also, hypocrisies being slammed into the faces of the communist Chinese loving US mainstream propaganda media—nearly all of whose reporters have now been thrown out of China—which led the leftist Washington Post to publish their nearly first in history anti-China article titled “China Dangerously Expels More U.S. Journalists As The World Seeks Credible Coronavirus Reporting”—as well as the leftist New York Times doing the same with their anti-China article titled “China’s Ill-Timed Attack On The Free Press”.

While the leftist rabidly anti-Trump propaganda media organs Washington Post and New York Times are slowly awakening to the reality about what President Trump is doing as revealed by Dr. McGregor, however, this report continues, the same cannot be said about other leftist factions in America—such as the socialist brainwashed American youths who are encouraging mobs to loot stores during the coronavirus panic, as well as their losing minds to invent a new game they call they’re calling “Coronavirus Challenge” which sees them licking toilet seats to prove how unafraid they are—insanity being matched by the City of Philadelphia that’s stopped arresting criminals because of coronavirus fears, and the socialist Democrat Party Mayor of New Orleans upending the US Constitution with her order banning all gun sales so her citizens can’t protect themselves from criminals being freed—all of which arises from a deranged socialist mindset that now sees elite leftist Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette vilely proclaiming that Jewish conspiracy is behind the coronavirus pandemic, and who exactly said: “If there is anything bad in the world then, ipso facto, Jews and Israel are behind it”—but whose top prize for socialist lunacy must go to former US Attorney turned top leftist MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, who yesterday declared on live television that Trump could be charged with murder over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic—coronavirus deaths, though, that remain but a blip on the historical timeline of global pandemics.

Never in recorded history have so many Americans gone hysterically insane because of an actually mild virus pandemic.

Most critically not being noticed by the American people about this coronavirus pandemic, this report explains, is that it’s masterfully being used by President Trump to wipe out all of his Deep State enemies—best evidenced in the actions taken by Trump’s central bank called the Federal Reserve whose signs point to their purposely trying to crash the US stock markets—a stock market crashing coinciding with what is being called “the crazy moves made by the US Treasury nobody can explain”—but whose full explanation, though, can be understood when knowing that this coronavirus pandemic is being marched side-by-side with a global oil war that’s now crashed its price per barrel to an 18-year low—which means that when Trump orders both the Federal Reserve and US Treasury to re-inflate the American economy when the coronavirus pandemic ends, for the first time in modern history it can be done without a money destroying inflations monster rising like occurred in the 1970’s and brought the US to its economic knees.

Being crushed into oblivion by the economic moves being made by President Trump in this coronavirus panic, this report details, are the socialist Democrat Party controlled stronghold US States in rebellion Trump immediately targeted upon taking power with his crushing SALT tax—and are, also, Democrat Party controlled States whose socialist pension funds have for decades robbed the American citizens living in them of wealth to such an extent top economic experts warned last year that “The Coming Pension Crisis Is So Big That It’s A Problem For Everyone”—best exampled by the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of Illinois that since 2000 has increased its socialist pension spending by more than 500% while the vast majority of citizens were crushed by ever increasing taxes—and today is an Illinois just weeks away from its having to declare bankruptcy—a bankruptcy soon to be followed by the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of California—as well as the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of New York, most particularly New York City that’s now just weeks from bankruptcy, too—and all of whom have just watched in terror as the coronavirus has turned their trillions-of-dollars worth of US stock market holdings held in their socialist pension funds into worthless pieces of paper.

The evidence showing that President Trump has turned this coronavirus pandemic plot against his enemies who perpetrated it, this report concludes, can be best understood by ones knowing that the individual States in America (who are self governing entities and powers unto themselves) have massive numbers of unemployment offices to provide for their citizens who’ve lost jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic—unemployment offices that today are overwhelmed by those who have lost their jobs, and whose numbers of unemployed are said could rise to over 4.6 million—but are States which Trump is in no way going to bail out of their socialist economic mess, as, instead, he is preparing to have his US federal government send at least two $1,000 checks directly to every American citizen in a bold move even his socialist Democrat Party enemies can’t oppose—while at the same time, the warning issued yesterday by Dr. Russell McGregor to the American people for them to prepare for “10 Days Of Darkness” has just been met by top US economic experts advising Trump to immediately “Shut Down The Country”—but in whose final end game conclusion of, sees Vice President Mike Pence assuring the American people that when this coronavirus pandemic is over, “Our Economy Will Come Roaring Back”—a welcome assurance of hope supported by the vast numbers of the American people who growing more disgusted by the hour at the leftist mainstream media’s politicization of this crisis—but viewed in dread by socialist Democrats who worry the coronavirus could help Trump win reelection—and for Christian peoples not only in America, but the world over who know true things, is a coronavirus pandemic crisis they knew was coming to aid President Trump against all of his vile enemies—as what is occurring now is an exact match of what occurred a little over 2,000 years ago when a small group of people who put their faith in Jesus came up against the powerful might of the demonic Roman Empire—a Roman Empire standing opposed to Gods will as those who stand against Trump today—but who then had to deal with two historic plagues that ravaged the entire Roman Empire—the Antonine Plague, 165-180 A.D. and the Cyprian Plague, 249-262 A.D.—plagues that killed roughly a quarter to a third of their population, striking down emperors Marcus Aurelius, Hostilian, and Claudius II Gothicus while ravaging their empire—and as in the case of the coronavirus today, saw panic spreading because the society did not understand the disease—panic, however, not affecting Christian peoples who when these plagues ended saw Christianity being the main religion of the Roman Empire—thus proving that when enemies arise against God’s chosen leaders like President Trump, they always meet their doom.

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