With the Eye Wide Open

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomWith the recent transmissions explaining the unconscious presentations we find ourselves witnessing during these times I feel it’s equally important to expand and therefore share the polar opposite fields that are currently available in this spectrum.

To hold a completely conscious field takes time, it is a path of Mastery and this path is now making itself known to so many more through their current translations of chaos within the magic that surrounds us all now. The path feels at first like the path of doom, it beckons us in, calling us to address, experience and face what we initially believe to be our fears. In the beginning this feels much like a loop, but with every approach there will be a new frequency held as each cycle allows the release of the old defunct ways, behaviours and beliefs, making us lighter and lighter each and every time we meet that portal once more, until eventually we pass and the experience becomes easy and incredibly simple.

Free of the judgement, free of defence, taking complete responsibility and holding the most Divine Respect for the experience, for the energy, for the keys that release the wisdom, for those who played their parts and most importantly Self and our ability to See, Feel and expand into the new.

This recent template that anchored, The Sacred Union, immediately created space for a template more powerful than that of the Divine Feminine energies we had become accustomed to, and when we look at the timing in terms of the Solar Minimum and the fact that we are now looking towards the horizon of solar cycle 25 it makes perfect sense that the more powerful, fast paced data is now to enter and create a such powerful flush of our collective truth frequency. This is the template of the Divine Goddess and she will highlight the wounded masculine, all separation, and turn it into a manifestation of its truth, which is the dis-ease currently making itself known. The incoming solar cycle 25 is predicted to be of the Grand kind, and this energy will be the most Divine Masculine energy, super supportive of conscious activity and a damn good wrecking ball to all that is unconscious. Please trust me when I say, everything being received in this moment is of the most purest of Divine guidance, its gift is to transmute the fear and provide the space for an incredible mass awakening. This is the most Sacred opportunity and the field is beginning to show some of the most succulent sticky new buds just waiting to burst open.

Have you noticed how still it is? And yet nature is so unbelievably alive, expanded and super active. There is a silence present, there is a happiness emanating from the earth, there is connection growing and my personal field is showing unity as many are showing support, offering services, assistance, sharing and caring.

Have you notice how much time is available, its as though as the human race backs off in fear the energy of earth can push forward.

Our planet can breathe a little easier, as the human race struggles with this virus hitting the lungs.

A welcomed isolation for us to go further within and realise that the remedy is to heal this from within, each of us are experiencing spectrum collapses, each of us are witnessing the lack appear, the resistance, the resentment and we know that each time we allow this to clear from our field that we, the conduits of this earth then allow ourselves to hold a lighter field, every attachment released brings a more expanded state of peace to receive more of what we come to know as the norm.

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