Rinus Verhagen: Enjoy the Corona Show

alternative news eraoflightdotcom newI follow the whole development and competition that has taken place here, making the best use of the playing field to transform a false flag operation of the Cabal as a weapon against this Cabal.

I came to my drugstore today, he was upset because had just heard that someone in his family died because of Corona.

Hospitals respond to the fear deliberately created to make people docile, reinforcing the Corona lie as if it were real.

All an MSM has to do is write that toilet paper is becoming scarce, and promptly they buy it like crazy toilet paper.

This as a result of MK Ultra to which the masses are exposed without being able to think for themselves, to shit I don’t need toilet paper, nature goes its course without the luxury of fragrant toilet paper.

The fear by mass hysteria and how it plays on the masses is fascinating to see.

Many have not yet taken the red pill and are floating in the matrix of wrong reality, even more so in the Netherlands the government warns that people shouldn’t start thinking for themselves.

Of course they would like to vaccinate the frightened population in order to make it easy for them.

They want to use the wrongfully induced fear to make the masses willingly commit suicide according to the plans of the Cabal agenda 21.

Unfortunately for the Cabal and his henchmen, the game is now played differently, and the Cabal is systematically dismantled.

The indoctrinated human-to-human evasion will not last long, I am already looking forward to the autumn where we can greet a lot of new life in a world as it was meant to be, without slavery of the Cabal.

All lockdown will help break down the old system.

The interest rate of the FED has been lowered, banks don’t earn anything anymore, so Repo injections to keep the Wall Street scam alive.

When I look at the price difference of more like 20% on the oil price of 20 March 2020, and all the other listings that rise in a declining economy, it should now become clear that there is a lot of manipulation going on in the background.

The Central Banks have started an accelerated suicide action, as all they can do is make money out of nowhere.

This undermines their raison d’être, as the money has no value anymore.

No matter how much counterfeit money the FED or ECB want to use to buy up uncollectable debts, it will do nothing, in the race to absolute zero.

Politicians are well aware of what they are doing, but it has now become visible to the population that the real terrorists are in their own politics, as accomplices of the bankers.

On the basis of Corona there will be a cleaning action to defuse all Cabal members.

Easter the feast of life and rebirths, this year will be very special for us, apart from religion, without Cabal our lives will change dramatically.

I admire the acting of the key figures who are taking us out of the Cabal’s grip.

The ease of influencing everyone is, even politicians willingly by lack of knowledge or any intelligence, as Low IQ Morons.

We’re all going to recognize it now, this means that the lies from the Cabal-controlled politics will no longer be taken seriously.

The EU has shown by powerlessness that it is over completed.

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