The Great Pandemic What’s Really Going On, Message from David Wilcock

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomDavid Wilcock goes live to give critical updates on the world situation at this time. Finally a well grounded positive take on the state of the world ! Posting this here to keep as many versions online as possible as this will likely be censored.

(Highlights from Dinar Recaps)

Video starts at about minute 3:29

He talks about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet engineered Covid 19 to depopulate the planet. How it did not turn out like it was planned…….

How the Good guys are fighting back

At about 1 hour 24 minutes David talks about the 20,000 US troops arriving in Europe (with no medical masks) and the 17 country military exercise with 37,000 combined troops in Europe taking down the Cabal,

He talks about how this is all written like a movie…….we are in the “all is lost phase” the next scene is the hero and allies defeat the bad guys…

He talks about Saudi Arabia and the Oil was weakening the Petro dollar and the cabal

He talks about Q and Q Anon….Project looking glass and more……..Over 500 proofs this is being run by the President of the United States.

At about minute 2:12 Q went silent for 10 days…..

We are in the middle of a big game changer right now….nothing came stop what is coming……nothing……we are about to have freedom from evil that has been running our world.

The Harvest will soon be delivered to the public for consumption…….public awakening is coming.

There is no step 5…..this is the end….It’s going to be Biblical!!!

The enormity of what is coming will shock the world. Something big is coming…..the truth will be told.

Trust the plan