Archangel Michael: The Power of Your Innermost Self

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomDivine Ones;

We greet you in love. It is I, Archangel Michael. I am very happy to be with you in this way, at this time, in your heart-space, that aspect of your field of embodiment which is activated by your inner focus, your openness to the higher realms of being, the realms of infinite light and love.

We love you so much.

We are here for you and with you always.

When you open to us, you empower us to come forth more fully in your realm, in your life, in your awareness.

We are here to support you, to guide you, to assist you. We are here to remind you of who you truly are and how you can access that vaster wholeness that is your true Self, while embodied here. So that you might expand. So that you might remember your true capacities and so that you might grow, evolve and live with joy.

This is always the case, even when the world feels disrupted to you. There is always a pathway within you, for you to receive that which you need. There is always the capacity within you to nourish you, to meet your needs in every way. The answer, beloveds, is always within you.

The world is changing. You know this. Many old patterns and thought-forms are being opened up and more clear and true perspectives becoming visible and known. Many of you feel these shifts within you as you remember the truth of Being. When you encounter more uplifted, expanded thought-forms, thought-forms which transmit higher consciousness, and which affirm the REAL YOU, you feel them with joy, with recognition, with a sense of “Yes, of course it’s like that!” and you KNOW who you truly are and how it is.

One of the biggest shifts taking place in the world right now is the opening, deepening and expansion of knowing regarding the inner realm of focus. Human beings are awakening to their true nature and as they do, beginning to orient inward. As you do this, your center changes in life and you begin to find that you can create what you want through connecting within you. You become aware of your true Source and the Self that is beyond this realm yet is very real and alive within you.

Now is a time of great contrast and change. The Corona virus, the earth changes, the political tension, and the personal challenges you are feeling because of these outer experiences are all very challenging if you are not centered and calm. Yet you can feel centered and calm, relaxed and well even with the outer world’s forms and activities.

This is not about denying the situations in your life and your world, it is about participating in them while centered in a deeper, more uplifted connection to who you truly are.

Outer experiences are always opportunities to be deliberate in your focus and in the way you create your energy.

This moment, like any, can be used beautifully to deepen your relationship with your innermost self. To go within and ask your own vaster self to come forth and assist you. There are many angels, beings of light, and star beings here wanting to help you. We compliment your own vaster wholeness and come when you call. Yet you must ask in order for us to help.

The more you develop and cultivate your inner connections, the more you will find them to feel reliable, real and comforting to you in times of stress and change.

We want you to learn that you are naturally predisposed to go within and that you have all you need to do so, no matter where you find yourself. It only takes a moment to pause, close your eyes and breathe. To intend to center and open to your Soul, your Divine Self, to call upon those fields – the YOU that is non-physical – and ask for love, support, energy, understanding, guidance and help. Then to allow yourself to receive, by simply being silent, pausing and breathing, allowing energy and gifts to be given.

You are always receiving, whenever you ask. Learn to be silent so you can feel the way you and your Divine Self co-create. Learn to sense the energy coming in and to feel a sense of completion when you have received. Know that even if you do not feel very much, all that you are is always here for you, and always comes when asked. It will always give to you the energy and awareness that best serves you in the present. You can simply say, “Soul, Divine Self, All that I Am,” or whatever words feel best to you, “Please give me what I need to thrive right now, to feel connected, clear, relaxed and capable.” Or something like that. You can ask for and receive whatever you want and need. You are loved and adored and Life is here for you. Learn to go to the Inner Store, where the supplies never run out! (Smile) and the store that is made for you, alone – your Soul is here for you, and there is a personal and direct connection for you, that can help in any way at any time.

Gifts from your own wholeness will always be given in energy, awareness, clarity, guidance. You may feel it right away, or it may come forth later. Dare to believe that you have be answered and let yourself feel a sense of relief and relaxation. Then do all you can to continue to feel relaxed, to feel positive – these things help you be receptive to inspiration so you can feel what actions to take and when they will flow naturally.

The more you go within regularly and ask your own wholeness to teach you how to co-create, the more this inner connection will feel alive to you and reliable as a way to navigate your life, access clarity and the awareness that helps you to magnetize and allow new and better experiences to come about. As you create a supportive environment in your life, in the way you live, so that your own wholeness can unfold within you, as consciousness, you will notice you feel more supported, more loved, more at peace and more joyful.

We are here to support you! We join your own vastness in answering your calls for more life, more joy, more understanding, more love, more wisdom, more of whatever you want to have and experience. You do not need to earn these things, only ask. We see you already as worthy of anything you want. We open and offer to you, when asked, the energy and awareness that will expand, refine, clarify, uplift, enrich and order your awareness. Over time your own consciousness will begin to reflect your own vaster self and the Divine Will – the higher expression of your life and being. You will become more clear, stable, centered, peaceful, abundant, joyful and feel free and connected. You will be able to stay in these states more consistently and when this occurs, life can change quickly and significantly.

This is a path of light and joy. A path of expansion and openness, and one in which you can grow in your ability to receive.

Use this moment, today, this time, and all challenges in life to consider how you want to focus, where you want to turn for guidance and understanding, how you want to create your life. And, if you wish to live in higher states of consciousness, build those inner pathways of connection, communication, invitation and devotion. Doing so will increase your sense of aliveness and well-being and open you to the power of your own innermost being – the true Self that is All.

Open to the love that is here for you. Feel the connection between us now, for it is flowing with love and appreciation for you – for your presence, your beauty, your expressive creativity and your immense and powerful capacity to live a life of freedom and joy, love and ease.

Feel the expressions of love that are in fact, all around you, reflecting back to you this beauty that shines forth from you, with deep appreciation and knowing.

All of life knows you, beloved one and sees you.

Open to this vaster truth and realize the possibilities of your life now.

We invite you to discover a new wisdom, a new strength and a new level of belief in your inner resources. Your skill at living in this inner connection of infinite love and light is growing every day. You will remember more and more often who you truly are and focus here, with access and consciousness reflecting the real you. This abundance is yours. Invite your own vastness to give to you – empower your own wholeness to infuse your life with everything you want and need. Know yourself as deeply resourced and abundantly loved. Grow into this sense of Self, now.

It is here for you to claim.

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