Yeshua: Hear the Trumpets

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI am Jesus and I have come today to bless you and the world. It is facing a great upheaval and it is your consciousness that makes this possible. The sun shines on high and low and the virus that emerges on Earth has no goal in itself either. It affects everyone who comes near it. Some get major symptoms while others get no symptoms at all. It is the uncertainty and lack of control that creates panic today. It is when one does not remain in one’s truth that panic is formed. If you hide the truth, darkness will emerge and right now there is a dark cloud that shines the light of truth. It is when you remain in the truth that the dark clouds can be dispelled.

The same goes for all of you my dear children on Earth. It is when you remain in your own truth that darkness and your problems disappear. “Everything that is done in snow comes up in thaw” are wise words that should be taken into consideration more by anyone who has the habit of hiding things that they find uncomfortable. A lie often gives birth to a new lie and a new lie etc. until you can no longer reinvent the lie. You live in an untruth where the walls are fragile and where you always have to protect yourself from intrusion. The best thing is to take the bull by the horns and tell the truth just as it is. Dare to reveal oneself can produce unintended effects of understanding and helpfulness. We all have something that we have hidden, so it can be a relief for some, who can then begin to ease their burden themselves. Some, however, can scare them and they immediately retreat their way. They have no courage to see themselves but need to wait their time. As more and more people stand in their truth, they will also venture forward. The beautiful friendly light is attractive and the longing for liberation is great.

You are many sisters and brothers on Earth today. There are many different needs and you help each other in different ways. The most important thing is to see oneself, stand in its own truth of love and light. It is mainly then that one can help many to see and understand, which way they are really longing to go. What happens is that there is a movement of truth and love that flows through the entire Earth. That is what awakening is all about. It is an awakening of your self, the triumph of your souls over darkness, and that they are now again entering the light of love.

Do you not hear the trumpets, how they play their joy song:

The earth is on its way, the earth is on its way.

Our beloved souls are on their way home.

We are so grateful, we are so grateful.

Praise and praise to the Lord our Heavenly Father. Praise and praise to the Lord our Heavenly Father.

If you hear this song in your hearts, you know that you are on your way, on your way home to a wonderful peace, joy and love. When n knows this within you, you will speed up your steps. There is nothing now that you would rather than be in this realm of light and love. You joyfully put your hands in your Father and let him lead you home. Feel the love and peace surround you and then go out into the world with your peaceful mind. Your Father will lead you to be a witness to many others who through you can find their way home. It has happened and it is happening and it will happen again.

I now let light and love shine upon the Earth, so that all who are on the walk can catch the light in their hearts. I help you blow on the fire so that it stays alive and grows larger.

I walk with you to the gate of light as I blow on the light of your hearts, so that they burn ever more brightly and more beautifully.

I love you so much


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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg