Freedom Within Constraint

star bright eraoflightdotcomI hope you are faring well in these intense times. I know many of you may be affected by the coronavirus in different ways. It is quite an experience of observing and readjusting, as you may find at times you feel a peace or an anxiousness as the waves of change move through your focus.

As we navigate these tides of change, you may find that you are called to exercise your Ascension muscles, as you focus within, focus on others, strengthen within and readjust because of the collective change.

The coronavirus is an experience that brings us to a clarity of connection. Here we discover the fear and strength around connection, our relationship with survival, our adaptability, our intuitive and logical balance-to name a few. It is not an easy path for many.

As a sensitive one, you are likely feeling the waves of fear and even the undercurrent of peace, patience or Life flowing. It’s not loud, it’s not always accessible, yet it shows you how you are able to manage the ups and downs of physicality.

Personally, I have been working on supporting safety as I mentioned last week, as well as releasing fears of lack as the interdependence of the collective garners new appreciation, and yes, sometimes frustration. Yet the waves move, as life on Earth always does. This, too, shall pass.

If you find yourself effected emotionally and mentally, this is a great time to pull out some of your “go to” supports. Find the things that help you navigate your feeling of Freedom within limitation. What an exercise. Here is a sample list of things to consider, and add your own to it.

Some may not apply based on where you live or your situation with the coronavirus. If that stirs frustration, you are in a moment of change through release. Activation of new strength is the result of that release. Breathe through it.

Connect with friends and family via phone or video
Watch a funny movie (or a sad one to move some tears)
Read or draw
Practice meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi or exercise (if traditional meditation is harder, movement may help)
Clean or organize while letting your thoughts focus on the present

Maybe you have some other things that you like to do to help you relax your energy. I’ve used “go tos” for years to readjust my focus and to help create some movement of energy.

In a time like this, its important to stay aware of the changing needs because of coronavirus. It is equally as important to maintain your positive focus, support your needs and sustain your loving energy. That is likely to be a moving target. It is for me.

It will be helpful to increase your self care at this time, even so you are prepared for how others are dealing with these challenging times. Feel into how you may be called to share your energy. Is it listening without judgment to family or friends? Is it finding a need in your community and fulfilling it? Do you need to focus on strengthening yourself?

As a sensitive, be aware that you may have your own emotions arising, you may tap into the collective emotions, and you may find that you are unusually fatigued at times. This is part of the journey, Lightworker. You are unique, separate and you are part of the connected collective of humanity and life on Earth.

This is what you’ve prepared for. Discovering your capability to Light this world with Love, even as fear, pain and chaos are stirring so many. You are meant to flourish, though this moment may not feel like it. You are meant to love, though the fear may test it. You are meant to be free, though limitation may internalize it. That’s where Freedom truly resides.

Much Love,

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