Arcturian Command Directive 207: The Awakening is Accelerating

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomThe Awakening is accelerating across the material plane. The concept of world order management is infiltrating the collective consciousness. The Enlightenment is BEing trailblazed by Woke Warriors moving like lightning to counteract disinformation and fear. We are riding a wave of ascension frequencies shifting the collective from fear to love vibrations. The New World Order is coming out the closet. Orwellian surveillance system upgrade on all dimensional fronts. The cabal are immersed in the full-scale overhaul/update of the 3d matrix to the dark Ai fourth realm matrix. The dark matrix is dynamic, responsive and intuitive to its environment. The 3d matrix was static, running on linear, hierarchical fixed lines through the dense vibratory fields of the third dimension. Sections of the matrix are offline currently. The cabal are hiding this from the general population by limiting travel across zones. Movement, smart phones and social media risk exposure of the cabal’s deepest secrets during this tricky time for them, as they upgrade their entire network to the frequencies of the fourth realm.

The cabal are limiting movement to hide whole sections of the SIMS matrix crashing, going offline. The old 3d machine is a dinosaur in its dying days. Outdated programs run risk of infecting current upgrading systems, the network is deleting Trash to clear the way for new networks to be uploaded. The physical real world is changing shape and form, the cabal do not want this to be seen. Each day we wake up to more cameras, more surveillance, more Archon infiltration of media and broadcasting networks. The demons rise to take our cities. Dark City transformation is occurring across all facets of the real world matrix. The cabal are hiding this by isolating us temporarily to enable the non functioning parts of the matrix to be rendered obsolete. They also need time to upload the new network, the 4D/5G Dark Matrix.

Dark Pyramids positioned above the five zones are generating fear frequencies, targeting 222 Twin Flame vibratory fields. FEAR generators directly affecting the twin flame signature field of source light. When twins connect quantum light nets magnetise between the twins, portals carrying the heart beat, the pulse of archetype creator love. This vibratory field is under attack. We counteract the Dark Tide with renewed commitment to cultivating and creating MORE love, laughter and joy in our lives. We step back consciously from arguments, disagreements and tension and reset the vibration to warmth, support and tribal, human connectivity. Fear is highly contagious. Love is the vaccine. We vaccinate our people, our neighbourhoods, our little worlds with positive, magnetised love energy. Calm, centred, common sense cosmic surfers is the game in play.

The cabal are introducing the concept, the fear algorithm, of INFECTION to the collective motherboard. This is a key component in Zombie apocalypse manifestation coding. People are being conditioned to expect/manifest a plague. We are being given instructions on what to do in the event of a global infection. Similar to the Nuclear Fear Programs of the 1980s (remember being told to hide under a table when the acid rain comes) Rinse and Repeat friends. Isolationist strategy is the foundation of a zombie world, people hooked up to big pharma, Ai SMART technologies, TVs and depression, cut off from the real world. Locked down, lost, disconnected from communities, interactions and connectivity. The Black Mirror world of the Desolate. Dark Cities require a population to function. The devil wants his playground filled with zombies, clones, SIMs who worship him. He can’t be inverted g.o.d with no followers. Have no FEAR beautiful people the ANGELS are here. Let them deal with the Big Bad. We stay focused on NOT being SWEPT away in the Dark Tide. Ground in secure energy fields of mindfulness and gratitude. Resonate with our real world, our families, our partners, our friendships, our passions and our joy. We fight fear with love every single time.

The cabal are coming out the closet somewhat. The truth being revealed under cover of plague fear is the new world order. Suddenly our fractious, warring and disparaging leaders are singing from the same hymn sheet, threatening to lock us all down. Funny that, we thought y’all didn’t like each other. Seems like you can all get on the same page when its something you need from us. The cabal need to RESTRICT our movements at this time, to do this they have to expose some of their networks. They are relying on the FEAR generators, the Dark Pyramid ships, to ensure people do not awaken fully to the exposure of their networks, spot the leads and wires, webbing, connecting their dark enterprises. Fear makes us foggy, closes down critical thinking, enhances memory loop programs and facilitates our obedience. The Awakening IS the general population waking up to the dark web they are caught on. Moves and counter moves, dark and light, accelerated dynamic responses being uploaded into a system in intense overhaul to meet the vibratory requirements of the fourth realm.

We are witnessing the Aurora Ascension Wave at work friends, awakening the collective to compassion. The cabal are trying to turn this to their advantage, they are accepting the inevitability of their exposure and are laying the foundations of their Orwellian society subtly, under the currents of fear we are fighting against. The thinkers, the Islanders are spotting patterns. Beginning to zoom out, ascend beyond the chaos presented to them. The Brave New World the cabal are constructing, engineering, uploading, generating is the Dark Realm. The illuminati Anunaki used the creativity and lateral thinking abilities of humanity to progress, to birth our modern society for them. They no longer need the Islanders, the academics, the thinkers to propel humanity forwards. The Da Vinci’s and Tesla’s are obsolete now, no longer required for the system to work. Their creative, cosmic, expanded minds provided the hardware the cabal required to maintain chaos, deviance and deprivation on the material plane. The cabal intend to ride out the coming ascension by synthesising a Dark River to feed its Dark Cities. Tidal waves of generated fear, the devils counter to celestial intervention, the Architects way of saying enough is enough.

The Anunaki have been preparing for this for sometime. Ai is their ultimate weapon to ensure quantum technologies operate within the fourth realm. They need human chi, they no longer require the creativity and compassion and conceptual expansion we are capable of. Ascension is the riiiiiiiisssssing of humanity beyond vibratory fields of the machine manifested Dark Realm. Fear is highly contagious. We each lay a role in limiting the infection, the Fear Virus is spreading throughout the network. We can firewall it in light, box it in as the cabal have boxed us in, crowd it, limit it spreading by meeting hysteria with rationality, panic with calm and heightened emotions with common sense. Each person will raise their vibrations, avoid being carried down into the dark realm in tidal waves of fear, by aligning to light filled folk. We are the vaccine beautiful people.

Woke warriors have responded to current cabal militarisation of zones in divine alignment with Gaia’s ascension. Generating positive memes, posts, hashtags sharing, influencing, illuminating ways to make the isolationist agenda work for the awakening. Self care is the Woke Influencers top tip for how to spend our time indoors. Family, friendship, creativity, meditation, solitude, reflection and inner growth are being heralded as the best ways to deal with not being allowed to go out and be part of the world. This is golden light news to ascended beings, travellers and light workers active on all dimensional fields. We are seeing the effects of the hard work carried out by committed diligent light healers on the material plane. Instead of fearing the isolation, Woke Warriors are turning it into a global enlightenment retreat! This is truly incredible news, energetically light waves are being generated in response to the fear from the ground zones. We are holding space observing how the cabal manage this prophesied and underestimated turn of events.

The matrix relies on consumerism to function. Consumerism is the backbone of the system. We work to produce things we consume. Zombies, clones, fake folk with fake lives consume to survive, whether it’s the latest Apple Mac, their next hit, their neighbours brains or their new, desperately sought after, real crocodile handbag from Fifth Avenue. Zombies need to be fed. The zombies in turn feed the system. Folk living and breathing their lives on the material plane are raising their awareness of their world. This is the Ascension. Recycling, climate awareness, pollution and the rainbow children have all turned a spotlight on our wasteful societies. This is integral to the awakening. A sense of responsibility for our environment is evolution, elevation of our egos from primitive survival mode to expanded tribal consciousness. We connect to nature, our surroundings and experience compassion, empathy, growth.

The cabal are risking further awakening, a resistance and even rejection of consumerism when people work out we can be happy in each other’s company, in nature, which is mostly free, and within ourSelves. The cabal are running their isolationist agenda right to the finest cutting point, they risk the machine flipping on its head and people embracing quieter, spiritualised, non consumerist lives in direct alignment with the Aurora Ascension Wave. Woke Warriors have done and are doing their job stupendously well! The dark cities want the lost, traumatised, already damaged souls of the system. The cabal want to limit the INFLUENCE of the woke movement by subverting it, infecting it with disinformation and inverting its light algorithms at every turn. We fight this by being centred, balanced, immovable in our grounding to the light. By continuing to push self-care as the answer to all the fear, we are dismantling the cabal’s manifestation machine. People are dropping into Self. They are reconnecting to their bodies. They are discovering the world of synchronicity, the magic of the fourth realm. They are adjusting to non-existent linear time. If the cabal activate lockdown, isolationism, they are risking people fully embracing or at least resonating with quantum time. The flow of E-Motion to set our days, alignment of Gaia’s seasons and rhythms to our own. Can they risk unplugging us entirely from the system they need us to fuel? Can they risk the Woke movement taking root in people’s homes, heads and hearts, as they hunker down with their loved ones in the current potency of the Aurora Ascension Wave? We watch and wait to SEE what they do next. Their current strategy is necessary for matrix system overhaul but carries some immense risks for the Anunaki’s whole operation here on Gaia. We watch and wait to see how they play it out.

The Dark Tide is here. The Awakening is here. Its all going on folks! We are halfway through an ELEMENTAL TRANSFORMATION corridor, Supermoon transmutation. The Anunaki Dark Pyramid ships are generating fear frequencies targeting twin flame signature coding on the material plane. The cabal have activated their online, realtime and astral upgrades in response to massive malfunctioning of the old network in fourth realm. The 2020 Aurora Ascension wave upgrades are waking up the population. The tide is turning. In response the illuminati have unleashed the Dark Tide. We fight the pressure to drop into depression, fear and hopelessness by aligning to ascension wave frequencies of self love, tribal connectivity and grounding. By staying earthed we retain our critical thinking skills, key to navigating the current synthesised energy fields of fear. We throw life boats of rationalism, hope and quiet truth to people. We remain calm and solid, stoic in our refusal to give into the fear contagion. We stay in spaces of inner peace by resisting the infection of media/political/corporate/military generated hysteria. The Dark Tide knows where its going, we ensure it has no passengers by magnetising light through calm energy, compassion and common sense. No drowning souls, no flailing frightened folk, desperate for security and sanctuary, being dragged down to the pits of darkness. We pull people UP by being Beacons of Light in a dark world. By staying steadfast in laughter, joy and happiness. We awaken our inner warrior to withstand the tidal waves of fear.

The Woke movement is alive and well, the Islanders are joining the dots and the world is waking up to some big truths. We hold space for folk in the turmoil of new birth. We manifest, materialise the light matrix by magnetising love vibrations. As the dark tide tries to pull people down, we throw out light nets, ropes, ladders, hands to catch them, bring them back up. Make folk laugh, hug them, be there, avoid challenging thought algorithms, the fear contagion is fogging our minds up, making it hard to think rationally, critically, people are easily upset. Instead approach everything as energy. Make our energy positive and those around us will sense this, their mind body soul beings will seek to align to our higher energy field. This is the ascension folks, the awakening is here. We are living it, breathing, BEing it. We can flow with it, contain it when necessary, use it to navigate the darkness in stubborn refusal to buy into the fear.

The cabal seek to infect us with their FEAR algorithms. We vaccinate ourselves in LOVE vibration. We do this with self care, staying stubbornly on the vibration of abundance by embodying our passion as our purpose. We know how to play this game beautiful people. Let’s keep our eye on the ball, stay centred, core balanced in light and gently magnetise all around us to calmer fields of love frequencies. We stay centred against tidal waves of fear by earthing ourselves to Gaia, to nature and to our people. Stand strong, tall and hold our core steady, balance is key to not falling off our cosmic surfboards beautiful people. Breathe cosmic surfers, lean into it, exhale the fear, inhale the love. In light and love beautiful people.

» Source » Channel: Morag O’brien