2020 is the Beginning of Everything

star bright eraoflightdotcomTake what resonates for you & disregard anything that does not.

There is no Comparison to here & what is called the Otherside which is known as Heaven. What We perceive as Heaven is a 5th Dimensional place. Earth is known as a 3rd Dimensional place which is known as a World of Duality based on Polarization. Earth is one of the most Densest of Realities to experience. Only that of the most Powerful & Advanced Souls come here.

The Otherside is very Loving on a level that does not exist here. A Love that is so Powerful that there is No expression or Words that exist to offer a way for you to interpret what that means. What that Feels Like. It offers Highest level of Compassion. There is Laughter, Joy, Playfulness, Bliss, Ecstasy, Fun, Self-expression, Elation, Enthusiasm. There is Wonder & Awe & Silliness even. There is an INFINITE flow of God’s Opulence and the God Supply of all Good things. Radiant Beauty, Eternal youth, Flawless form. Open Heart Sharing, Oneness, Eternal Peace, Harmony and Reverence. There is No Right or Wrong because there is No Polarities or Duality expressions.

That of the Angelic Realm & Host of Heaven cannot Compare to the place we Now Reside in. No, you do not carry your Story or Wardrobe with you to the Otherside. That know as Ego dissipates as well & that is What happens as One goes through what is know as the Tunnel after Passing or Death. That known as the Ego, and your Story, and your Wardrobe being your Physical Avatar are Nothing more than Tools that allow you to have a Physical Experience & Expression that offers Expansion through the concept of Separation based on Experiencing Duality with full emerson of becoming Polarized.

You are not a Body that has a Soul. You are a Soul that has a Body. Life is not happening to You. Life is happening for You. For you to have Experiancial Experience of Polarization. Your purpose here is for your Soul’s Expansion and Growth to the level that is Chosen by your Soul. There are No Accidents. Your Soul knew exactly what experiences you needed to have Experiential experience of for the Greatest of Expansion. It Selected your complete Avatar, your Egoic Personality & each experience that was needed.

Your Soul embraced in Creating your Life Plan before you ever incarnated to this World. Even your Soulpod family that incarnated with you & those would assist from the Heavenly Realm to partake in Playing out the Roles with you were chosen with due elegance. You are Light playing Dress Up in Human Skinsuits. Playing out your Role on a World Stage. Play, have Fun with it. Don’t take it so Personally Personal. You will be greatly Surprised by those who are Carrying out the Role that Triggers you. That individual can be from the Highest Dimension on the Otherside. Even that is Orchestrated by Divines Design.

It is them Triggers that Show you where your Own work needs to be completed in this World. Think about that next time Someone sets you off. Here We are in 2020 it is the Beginning of bringing in a New way. Our job Now is to bring Heaven to Earth while we are in Physical. This will be the Greatest of Exponential Expansion that as ever been Created. We are leaving the Amnesia behind & that means We will each get Amnesia with everything you were ever Taught in the 3D Realm to do this. Nothing from the Past can or will be a Reference Point to where We are going in the Future. Don’t let this be reason for Fear. Don’t look for something Out there to be your Salvation.

Many are looking to the ET’s to assist. But understand this We are more Powerful then the Et’s. Are you shocked for me to say this? They are a future Us form. But they are Not More Powerful or Aware then We are. We have just been Living under the Illusion of the Veil of Amnesia so most cannot Remember Who & What they are while in Human form. But as You begin to release the Amnesia of this Density you will emerge into another type of Forgetfulness of All You ever thought You were & are.

You will Step into Remembering Who you are & What Your TRUE Purpose & Role is. The different races of Et’s are not under this Veil of Forgetfulness. They understand there Connection to Source & the Technology that are available to them. Everything that We have Forgotten. They will assist Us to ensure We don’t destroy Ourselves or the Planet but they cannot interfere beyond Universal Laws. We here on the Planet are that of the Strongest of Souls that is Why We are here. We are Bringing the 5th Dimension to Earth & in doing this You are Creating Heaven on Earth while in Physical. There will be No more Passing though the Passage of Death to get to Heaven. This Planet is Returning to a higher Frequency as it once was. It was Once a 8th Dimensional Frequency. The Collective will become Recalibrated to become a Harmonic Balance.

Those that are not in Resonance will leave. They will Not be able to integrate the Higher Frequencies.This is what will be taken place over the next few years. We are Remembering Who We are & the Sacred Technology that our Avatar & the I AM Presence holds & has Access too. We are more than We could ever Imagine. Much Change is taking Place. 2020 is the Beginning of Everything. Take Deep Breaths as We Breathe through this Birthing of a New Reality that has never existed Before. Where a huge Transformation is taking Place to each of Us. With the Deepest of Love & Light & Infinite Blessings

~ Rosie Neal

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