Sai Baba: False Prophets

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Dream: At the church – not far from where we live – the people gather and some kneel on the ground and start to pray. I go there to see the scene up close. When I get there, I see that next to the church an exact holographic image of the church has been created. It is constantly changing, sometimes it penetrates the church, sometimes it overlaps it, or the hologram is next to it in a one-to-one model.

This image, as if from another world, lasts very long and is filled with white light. More and more people come to the place and many speak of a miracle. I myself mistrust this event and suspect a test run by the dark ones, because the white light emanating from these holograms seems very cold and uninspired to me. Then a man approaches me and asks me what I have to say about it. I am silent. As I leave the place, my inner voice tells me clearly, “A test run of the dark Ones.”

SAI BABA: I’m with you, I’m with people, I’m everywhere.

At regular intervals, messages will be sent to you indicating possible events. This dream also describes a very effective manifestation of the dark forces, which is supposed to astonish people.

Wonders and magic

The creation of holographic images is now easily possible for the dark rulers of this matrix and it is their intention to use this technique. Why? To use this “miracle” to restore power over humans.

More and more people are turning away from this system and want to leave the matrix. By magic, man can always be impressed. Whoever has little knowledge, handling or experience in this field, and this is true for most people, is an easy victim and cannot distinguish real from fake.

This “test run of the dark Ones”, which you witnessed in your dream, is based on the plan to make a God-like entity known worldwide through holographic images; and this entity, endowed with superhuman abilities, is to be followed by humans.

The “King of false prophets” is standing by to enter this earth and appear before men.

JJK: Why do I get this dream?

SAI BABA: So that we can discuss it here and bring it to the attention of the people. This makes it much easier for the individual person to distinguish light-filled manifestations from less light-filled ones. Notice the kind of light and the love that is released during a process, an “apparition” or a “miracle. Sensitize yourself to this and you will always be able to distinguish cold white light – “uninspired” as you have described it – from the warm light of God’s love. That is the point.

Never let yourself be blinded by magic, by superhuman abilities of a being or by a ‘miracle’ that you cannot explain immediately.

How to proceed?

1.) Go into the energy. Just as you do in everyday situations or with people now. Never rely on the opinions of others! Go right into your heart and determine for yourself how a particular person, environment, manifestation or “miracle” feels. Then you will always be oriented.

2.) Divine manifestations are always filled with love and tenderness. Where these two qualities are missing, stay away.

So-called “miracles” do not exist. What does exist is the ignorance of people about the essence of all things.

The dark forces, just like the forces of light, have the knowledge to manipulate with vibration and energy.

Both sides of the Force can create things and events from nothing. The decisive factor is for what purpose and with what intention this happens. You have to pay attention to this. For a bad intention has a corresponding basic energy within it. Feel and feel into it. You will always receive the right answer and recording from your HIGH SELF.
Messiah of cold blood

JJK: That is to say, since the New World Order can no longer be enforced under the present conditions, miraculous signs are to be used to help – and in this the great prophet appears as the Antichrist.

SAI BABA: The people are to be prevented from further awakening. Therefore, a “Messiah” with extraordinary abilities – but of cold blood – is to appear, whom people then worship and on whom they project all their hopes.

Up to now “God” was invisible for the people.

Now, through the manifestation of suitable holograms, “God” is to become visible to all people worldwide – a “God of darkness”; and this dream points to this.

Know one thing: God reveals Himself to you in your heart. If you ask God into your heart, you have everything. Then you are also able to recognize an illusion of the dimension discussed here.

Never worship anyone on the outside. Really great masters perform miracles that happen in your hearts.

If someone speaks to you and says, “Look, here I am,” or, “Look, there he is,” stay away. The light shines by itself and those who seek the light will get there by themselves.

Realize what is. Exciting days, the next great upheavals and surprises are coming.

I am omnipresent among the people. Call me, my protection is assured.


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