False Matrix Policers and Order Followers

light waves eraoflightdotcomThese are people who get their information/ facts and beliefs from the anti life/anti christ mainstream matrix MEDIA where information is owned and distributed based on agendas and narratives essential for harvesting and fragmenting consciousness through thought forms that are inorganic to the human collective. Without judgment just observation it is obvious These individuals mostly have no original thoughts because the communication station (upper chakras and ear portals) where guardian host contact and real spiritual knowledge are meant to be within their field is totally clogged and blocked by interfering miasma.

The communication station when electro static frequency fences are collapsed through command and intention as we take back dominion and sovereignty will send out a calling card and contact to our true ancestors and families of light letting them know we are ready to receive divine truth and new information beyond negative alien agendas. This sends our energetic signature to the higher ups.

This will then open our solar star chakra (10th chakra ) and soul star( 6th chakra ) to then receive their contact back. Thus creating full contact between us and our families of origins. That allows us to receive information beyond the confinement of the hive mind. Nets /static fields/ and frequency fences interfere with our ability to have those chakras open which create seamless conversations and experiences between us and the many other beings that were also created by the creator such as (sirians, lyrans ) To think it’s just humans in this game?

Look at the infinite planets stars and solar systems and remember that what you know is what you’ve been told from birth , all by people who have more interest in keeping you disempowered / sick/ weak/ in fear. It’s obvious that the worlds system and media profit and benefit tremendously off of your ignorance or unwillingness to seek true spiritual knowledge. So those behind our health care system, media, those who claim to do the research for you and tell you “facts” would never be able to get away with what they do now without your consent. Matrix policers are those who seek to keep these systems in power because they fear change and they feel reliant on delusions of comfort for that to not change or be challenged.

Matrix policers will rely on information from the media and then spread it and police those who challenge the status quo. Calling them conspiracy theorists and even feeling hatred for them. Crazy is another word.

They seek to continue the feeding frenzy because they don’t want to do the spiritual work required and the ego deaths. The death of the false is so painful for some that they will fight for their enslavers and defend them to the death. Even to allowing poison to be injected into them, to being treated like cattle. This is very deep misuse of power and 1000s of years of abuse and DNA damage.

We can hold compassion for these beings while also continuing to speak truth loudly, and without sugar coating it. These people hold no threat to us unless used as dark portals to character assassinate us or slander us profusely. Even then we will still have to defend ourselves and move forward with embodied truth and our singular mission. No matter the loss. No matter the threat of being hated or misunderstood. Our monad will find us throughout the chaos of these times of profound deceit : gaslighting and manipulation by the matrix policers who are fully plugged in and scared of what is beyond that reality.

It’s important to be aware of people who police spiritual knowledge by using tactics of the dark forces. It’s essential to understand that this is a high percentage of the human and non human population here now, and that if they can be used through their wounding , they will be. Be very careful of individuals with leaky containers. Leaky energies and poor boundaries can lead to Dark attack. Those who are lost and have no genuine desire to find themselves or those who cannot face what it means to be “wrong” or mislead, are dangerous to your spirit and your safety if you are living with them, have a half assed friendship with them, or a person around you where there are many red flags but you haven’t had the guts to move away from them out of fear of them doing something to hurt you in any way. These are often expamples of people who are policing and trying to hold your energy hostage or in the confines of the hive mind and thought form fields generated from timeline trigger events such as WW2, this means they are recycling reactions and energy from the response and misery of those events spreading them to cyclicly repeat themselves. This does not represent those who caution or use discernment wisely and have a good balance of truth and actual false light bullshit that is truly a consciousness trap and causes major confusion as it has no basis or groundedness is gods truth. A good example of a actual false light trap would be saying 5G and 5D are synonymous. A statement like that is a perfect example of lucefarion ideology that is meant to dissociate us from the living light of gods wisdom and out into a fantasy world.

Higher your standards for what you tolerate in terms of people who chose that path. We are all given grace and chances to expand through this ascension. May we all align to gods grace and shifts into keeping our light body/ and physical body safe.

» Source » By Emily Joy Harris