Judas Iskariot: Developing Peace

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I just want to say that you are doing a terrific job on Earth. You take the measures that you feel you should take based on the knowledge you have. You show a lot of compassion for the weak and vulnerable in your community. So far everything is good, good and right. There are many unlucky people in your community who are now showing their strength for the first time. They have not shown much before but now in times of crisis they rise and give a helping hand. You will soon notice if you have not already discovered it.

It’s a troubled time now with a lot of emotion in the air. It is about developing peace and calm within oneself in order to contribute with hope and comfort to many troubled hearts in the position in which the world is now. Since it is a worldly event, it has a beginning but also an end. Nothing that you accomplish here on Earth can stand, life continues its good course and new challenges replace the old ones.

What are you doing now, dear Earthlings? Have you learned your homework now or does it have to be repeated? Have you understood which way is the right way to go? Have you understood that you are a part of life on Mother Earth. Honor yourselves, honor Mother Earth, honor all life that exists on Earth. Understand that you are interconnected with everything and start from it when you do your experiments or construction. It’s time to think about it now, dear Earthlings. It’s time to be a little quiet in yourself and get in touch with their own being.

Dear people, you have already researched enough to know that you are made of the same material as Earth. What you are exposing the Earth to is affecting yourselves. It is a universal law that whatever you do, whether in action or thought, comes back to yourselves. You need to learn how to master your thoughts and follow the guidance you have within you. I hope that everyone who understands what I am talking about now will heed this call and make a serious attempt to follow it. The more people who can be in their own being and follow their inner guidance, the cleaner and finer the Earth will be. All bright loving thoughts have a great impact on your world today. You have now come so far in your development that a small effort from you can mean a great effort on your Earth. It is noticeable today when we look at your actions in the crisis that has now arisen all over your world.

Let this be the turn where you learn from your experiences and use the power of the present to change what you can change right now. It is a great upheaval you are facing, but you have the power to bring your world forward to a brighter and better world. Together you can make it possible and it is with the help of all your bright thoughts and loving actions that you are already affecting your world in a positive way today. I am so grateful and happy about it.

We are with you, seek us in your heart. Listen to Your Higher Self. Feel the presence of God within yourselves.

We love you so much!

Great love


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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg