The 9D Arcturian Council: Codes, Energies & Upgrades in Response to Covid-19

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are ready to take all of you to the next level in the evolution of your consciousness. We are very eager to deliver to you the codes, energies, and upgrades to take humanity further than you’ve ever been before there on planet Earth. We are very eager to meet with those of you who are ready to take this journey with us while you are asleep and your consciousness is traveling in the astral plane.

The meeting that we have with each of you who is ready and willing to take this journey will be one that you may or may not remember upon waking up. Know this, however. If you decide that you want to receive the codes, the energies, and the upgrades, you will. We are just answering the call that has been made and that has gotten stronger for more assistance from the higher realms.

You are the ones doing all of the hard work down there on Earth. You are the ones living through the hardships that are upon you at this time. Our job here is quite easy by comparison. We listen to your requests. We know then what it’s going to take to give you exactly what you need, and we figure out a way to deliver it.

We are here now to ride the wave with you that this covid-19 virus has brought into being, and we are ready to help you all gain greater access to your strength, your power, and your ability to care for yourselves physically. We are ready to assist you in becoming sovereign beings there on Earth. And as sovereign beings, you will still want and need help from those like us in the higher realms, and we will continue to deliver it.

Your sovereignty is from the reality that you are in right now, where you have unwittingly given so much of that power away. We are here now to help you take it back. We are here to help you claim your birthright as the awakened ones, as the small portion of the human collective that is ready to tip the scales for humanity, to bring the vibration of the collective to the highest heights. We have heard your requests, and we also know that you who are receiving this message are ready.

And so, we will be seeing you in the astral plane.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton

2 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: Codes, Energies & Upgrades in Response to Covid-19”

  1. Michael

    My rational mind tells me this would be a dumb comment, but something deep inside is just telling me to inform you of all of this. Some of it seems obvious, but something tells me I have to say it anyway. You be the judge of whatever my intuition is telling me to say.

    Other than working on increasing your immune system with adequate nutrition and exercise, more attention needs to be made on bettering mental health. Stress after all, can greatly weaken the immune system.

    I sense many of you need to visit these articles online.

    1. How to Be Happy: 25 Habits to Add to Your Routine (Healthline).
    2. Anxiety Exercises to Help You Relax (Healthline).
    3. 30 Grounding Techniques to Quiet Distressing Thoughts (Healthline).
    4. 8 Breathing Exercises to Try When You Feel Anxious (Healthline).

    I also sense that many of you need to find ways to heal and emotionally develop during being quarantined inside due to the coronavirus. So here are some resources to look at.

    1. Search for journal prompts online to use this time in your house or apartment to reflect.

    2. Conversation Starters World, a website, has a list of 205 philosophical questions, if anyone wants to discuss these ideas with other people, or just yourself, if you prefer. Lots of other lists like this in the “Thought-provoking questions,” part of the site.

    3. Exercise inside, really. It helps. My personal favorite is, ”
    The Beginner Bodyweight Workout: Try this 20 Minute Routine At Home or Anywhere!” from Nerdfitness. Another favorite choice is the Youtube channels Yoga with Adriene and Psychetruth.

    4. Bon Apetit, the Youtube channel, has a lot of instructions on cooking and nutrition if anyone is curious.

    5. Loner Wolf is a good practical New Age blog for an introduction to ideas from many spiritual traditions. I dislike the idea of extremists forcing people that only one path is good, so I very much enjoy this site.

    Thank you for reading. Now I need to go.

    See you all around.