Soul Lessons Challenge One to the Very Core

creators eraoflightdotcomVery few souls ever manage to walk this highest path while incarnated on planet earth, because they allow other souls to run their lives and are not standing on their own two feet and fully take responsibility for their own lives, service and thus their own highest truth.

Interesting the more one is focussed on what others are doing or not doing and listen to what they say and follow their instructions on how you should be living your life, the more disempowered the soul will become!

True mastery means to be prepared to walk the path alone, if need be, and to be totally there, in highest service to the Divine, and serving with great love, without negative ego. One is walking that path, and one is walking it from the heart and soul and with all of one’s being!

In truth, no one can distract any soul from their soul path – unless they allow themselves to be led off the path. That is their free will and choice. Remember this!
Shame and blame never served the soul. For in truth, whatever one allowed to happen and wherever one chose to walk the lesser path, one was not in highest alignment with the soul truth, the Divine Truth. To be able to forgive oneself and offer loving Grace to oneself, is the first step in mastery. Then to forgive others and offer them loving Grace and to reach the state of pure gratitude!

The minute one hangs onto any blame, shame and guilt in whatever form, or judgment, or whatever is there still in emotional charges, one is in fact stopping oneself from growing and walking the highest paths of mastery.

It is not what others are doing or not doing: – it is what the soul wishes to experience and thus react to or not react to. In fact, every soul you encounter is another aspect of you. Look carefully and you will see that they, in truth, are another you!

Soul lessons challenge one to the very core – because they cleave open, and get to the core of the deepest truth within. The minute you finally acknowledge the truth, and then allow forgiveness to come, and find pure unconditional love for yourself, and the Divine, and the highest state of Pure Grace and equilibrium, the lessons in mastery will disappear and the next set of lesson will then appear. With every lesson mastered the soul evolves, ascends. It ascends into the highest truth and purity, pure unconditional love and wholeness of its original Divine Creation!

» Source » By Judith Kusel