The Collective: Above The Circumstanes

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We are aware that many of you are still in a place of, if not panic and fear, then quandary, as you wonder how the next four to eight weeks or more will play out and demonstrate in your countries and your own lives.

And we would say, be aware that most of that—the feeling and experience of it, if not the context of it—will be a matter of what you believe to be true for your own life, and true for your beloved Earth.

It is so that much is shifting on the Earth now, for in the absence of outer human activity, including ongoing consumption, constant use of fuel-powered engines, and machines and chemical plants that pollute the planet, Earth Herself has been able to cleanse, to rest, to breathe a bit in the quiet of humanity’s retreat from the usual busyness of life.

Note also that you likewise have changed.

You are also becoming increasingly aware of more fully meeting, experiencing, being within that which houses your spirit.

Many have become far more aware that eating healthfully, including having a minimum (or none) of the usual sweets, alcohol, and other chemical distractions, while having more fresh fruit, water, vegetables, and daily doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) throughout the day, are keeping you not only more resistance to illness, but calming your body, mind, and emotions.

These beautiful forms of self-care, including exercise and time in Nature, reduce the amount of stress that comes with anxiety and uneasy situations.

Again, we wish to assure you that you are not alone in this mountain you climb now, and we wish also to assure you that you have been climbing it for some time now.

Certainly this virus you see everywhere in your news and media is a new and dramatic addition to the number of intrusions that have for some time been sent to downgrade the vibration of your hearts, minds, and bodies.

Yet you have as a species managed to adapt admirably to so many intrusions, so many intended attacks on your energetic and physical systems, that the old regime have had to work constantly to come up with new forms of chemical and technological disruptions.

You have perhaps noted how this is increasingly failing, particularly over the last 50 years or so, and very greatly these last five or 10 years.

Certainly you are aided at all times by the higher Light data pouring onto your planet, and by those whose assistance you call in often, whether they be off-world soul family members, Inner Earth beings, Angelics, or other higher vibrational friends, because you are aware that they desire to assist in humanity’s often demanding evolvement.

Yet in addition to that assistance, you are also even now evolving on a DNA level to be able to resist this latest intrusion.

You may wonder how this can be possible, yet we will explain that as you call out for relief from any difficult circumstance, you are lifting your energy levels to a place where you are not so deeply affected by what is occurring outwardly.

This does not come solely from any one outer channel of assistance.

It comes chiefly from your own determination—as you require the assistance of your soul and higher self—to rise above your circumstances, including on a cellular level.

Those circumstances can include the financial shortages you may be facing or anticipating, and the emotional stress of that anxiety and uncertainty.

It may also include the feeling that perhaps your home or vehicle or job are not so securely yours as you might have thought.

Yet we assure you that your life as a whole is far greater than any of this—far greater than any outer circumstance, or all of them together, no matter how daunting they may feel.

None of this owns you, and you in turn do not fully own anything, though people will say that they “have” a job or a vehicle or a house.

In truth nothing is owned, but only used for a purpose for a time, and all must be blessed and released to its own and your higher good at all times.

This is so, whether you think perhaps you are done with a particular situation, or that it has chosen to release you.

We do not say this to increase your feelings of unsureness now, but to help you loosen and release your grip on any outer circumstance that you feel keeps you safe.

It is that need to claim and own that brings the insecurity, and not the threat of perhaps not having that thing in your life anymore.

All sureness or security that is genuine begins within your own energies.

It is a feeling, an inner experience of being secure within the sacred breath of your own life, your own invaluable existence, and not any outer circumstance, that will bring you to a feeling of Peace every time.

People speak of “job security” and “a secure home” as if they had reached a point at which unsure and unstable circumstances could not reach them.

We assure you, you have constructed a world in which nearly everything is temporary, fleeting, and not to be considered the center or basis of any calm or assurance you feel.

You are the only ones to ensure your wellness, your Peace of heart-mind, your confidence in the power of Life, and the power of Divine Love as it flows through you to your world and all you see and know as your life, dear ones.

We have no safety lock to ensure that third dimensional forms will return to the “normal” that they never were and were never meant to be, especially by you.

And why is this? Are we being particularly cold and unkind in your hour of anxious wondering of “What will happen next?”

Not at all. We are holding out a hand, which you may take energetically now, to assist in lifting you to the level you envisioned before all of this beganand we speak of third dimensional living as a whole.

As you move up to the next octave of your evolvement, you will not need circumstances to be perfect in order to feel at Peace with your life or the world.

You will have ceased to react to outer life as if it were either cooperating with your wishes by helping you feel complete and happy, or giving you a hard time.

You will have blessed, released, and dissolved the ego-mind need to live in survival, in which everything that appears stable must never change, or you will live in a feeling of disturbed unhappiness, anger, or fear.

You will at that moment know that you came here not to settle more comfortably into the old forms of living, but to lift every part of your life and consciousness up to a far more beautiful and fulfilling newform of living.

It is that consciousness which is the heart-mind, the life, the community of evolved beings that all the gates of hell shall not prevail against, to quote Sananda in his life as Yeshua.

Not a building, or an institution, or a set of rules, but a consciousness that lifts one from the chaos and losses of the old lower dimension into the Peace and beauty of the new one.

We hold out that hand, dear ones—will you take it?

Will you recall more fully now Who you are, and why you have come here?

Will you release those labels—worker, citizen, son or daughter—by which you have defined yourself for so long, and know you are so much more—far, far greater than any self-image you have so far allowed yourself to acknowledge.

Step into your Beingness, and say, “Yes” to what you see around you now.

Not only because you have no choice except to flow with life now, but because the greater currents of Life, of Ascension, of this Universe, desire to flow with you.

They desire to lift you up as a great wave in the sea will lift even the greatest sailing vessel, and flow it forward to new destinations.

This is your journey, for you have chosen it—no one imposes it upon you.

Allow, accept, and ask only, “What is the most beautiful thing I can do now? The highest expression of Love to myself and others, and my beloved Earth? Tell me, higher self and soul, for I Am ready to know.”

And so you shall, friends! We see your vision unfolding, even now, in all its power and beauty.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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