I Believe in Victory Ascendancy of Truth Seekers

the truth rising eraoflightdotcomI Believe in Victory Ascendancy of truth seekers * Overcoming of Opposition and difficulty * Divine aid in time of need * Intervention of a supernatural agency and in * Victory Insurmountable!

As the Winds of Change ruffle the ancient locks within our very DNA we look to A New Perspective, past the restored mammoths of old that nip at our evolutionary heels, But forward into a place that Humanity survives its own need for self-destruction. The hairs of our soul stand erect as we beef up, placing our armor, shields, and beliefs into our energy field anchoring them fully into our age old truths of bravery and courage.

This time is a great embarrassment for Humanity as what is held high in esteem is paper and value fleeting. This very thought and deed Amplified globally should tell all of the universe watching which ‘little g – god’ earth is worshiping and what state the union is really in. Like drinking from a bidet in another country all good sense flies out the window as fear possesses all.

Earth herself is being given a timeout. A time to reflect on what is important what lives high in the human heart and how deep the prayers are felt. Like a disobedient child the entire planet is sent to their room, To think about what they have done, to think about what they have created, and to think about what they will do with that creation In the near and new future.

We each go to our secret stash of power items pulling out all the cards so to speak to create healing grids, open healing portals, keep hope alive and most of all not to lose our very human hearts to fear. We believe so hard like our ruby slippers are our only shoes to wear. We click them for everything and everyone that we love.

The corona itself is a Halo and circle of light like a crown; we stand in a circle around the world ready to be what we were born to be. Those that have always believed beyond the shadow of a doubt stand without fear. Once again we are the last knight’s barricade; we are the Holy Ones that guard The Grail that lives in our heart and in the very Apex of our cell structure.

I Call Forth Divine Love to Perform Any Miracle

That Is Needed in This Situation Now!

We will hold the vows and codes from the beginning of time. we recognize this has been our mission all along, to become as an invaluable lighthouse through the storm of fears. To stand tall in what we know within our very being to be the most-high truth, most-high light and the most-high God. Even though we each vary in thread count, what we believe and hold to be truth weaves a tapestry of light that demands attention and sends a message that holds a lifeline.

We are the sons and daughters of Light and we have strayed from the path with our earthen choices and life demands. Like one that walks through an active minefield our steps are tested lightly before we step Fully onto the next ground of creation. Walk through the Mind fields of this time like a well-trained bomb dog; sniff for what is hidden, what lurks in the shadow. Listen with the sensors of your body, every hair is an antenna every cell an universe. A call to duty is upon us issuing decrees like a commander to his Fleet of lightships.

Like the jury is hung in decision a mistrial of cosmic proportion. Everything seems to be in slow motion when a quickening Is what is needed. Divine intervention is slow to decree its intent. We as humans Scamper in fear as if a large pied Piper has mesmerized us (It is the Chinese year of the Rat) and we follow unquestioningly. Everything we have been, everything we have done, everything we have thought, has not prepared us for the next decade or two. We are being Rewritten from the inside out. Our core light must come to the surface and cloak us in liquid crystalline understandings that create a bridge for the biology to become of a higher vibration able to withstand the biological challenges and light deviations of the future.

Remember “We are the Champions my friend, and we’ll keep on fighting to the end, We are the Champions of the world.”

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