Yeshua: Friendship with God

yeshua eraoflightdotcomThe only fixed star is God.

Making friends with God – this is what this message is about!

I am JESUS CHRIST, Look at the state this world is in!

See how mankind has lost its way!

Notice how inner and outer strife prevents all spiritual development.

Beloved humans,

This state could be altered easily. All it takes is for you to use the only and true fixed star in the universe for your orientation: GOD.

Anyone who carries God in their hearts now and builds on God’s love is creating heaven on earth.

Humanity needs a new awareness of God, and each individual needs friendship with God, which means allowing God’s guidance and bestowing a divine dimension on everyday events.

God is apparent everywhere and in everything – no event is godless or solely caused by human will.

God is the invisible motor of your life, and you deprive yourself of the most beautiful fruits when you deny this fact or declare it fantasy.

God loves you and awaits you

God can’t help loving you – and this love means: being there for you in any situation and any moment of your life. You need God just as urgently as you need air to breathe.

You can’t see God the same way you can’t see the air.

With your eyes God can only be perceived in nature and in everything that lives, but with your inner senses you can be close to God and become friends with HIM.

God is waiting for you to open your inner eye, for your inner senses to open up and realize the ways in which God operates in your everyday life.

God is the conductor of your life: in a wise, attentive and all knowing way, God guides you through valleys and over mountain tops, through darkness into the light.

Give yourself the gift of this realization.

Perceive God in your everyday life, not only when you sit down in meditation.

Once you develop this inner perception, you have entered heaven on earth and God has become your friend.

Look at how the world can change, and see how far a human being can go if only he’s ready for the path of no return.


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl