The Arcturian Collective: Momentous Change

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings. We are the Arcturian Collective. We approach with great love and understanding. Our worlds too have been through momentous change – although not quite like this as ours was a more peaceful and languid transition. But please understand and know that often times change is the result of calamity. Now, we do not state that calamity is in your imminent future, quite the contrary. But it does depend on how your look at it, your point of view. We see many points of view being processed in the human collective right now, as is standard protocol. For all aspects of Source are experiencing and seeing and feeling this shift, this changing of the guard, from different vantage points. But ultimately it is all the same vantage point as you are all one. You are simply processing your fears, and the collectively stored fears of humanity and of your past experiences, your past selves.

We see this coronavirus as a tremendous growth potential for humanity to unite in love and service towards the greater good of Gaia and her evolution. We ask that you fall in step with peace rather than the fear propaganda you are being exposed to. The fear will not serve you, it will only lower your vibrational experience, meaning that the joy and bliss codes that are all around you, inundating your planetary and personal sphere will go unnoticed. And we see this as a tremendous loss of a unique opportunity to truly tap in and try to enjoy this. Blessings from the universe are all around you. We are eager to witness and to see how humanity uses this opportunity to deprogram from the busy program, the harried and stressed program. We do not downplay or dismiss the real challenges that are being experienced in this now, not at all. We are quite aware of the needs in the Human Collective for we are with you. We see your struggles and are continually surrounding you in light and support, and many of our ground team embodied tell us the same. We are aware it has been monstrously dim in your world experience but please know that the light is fully able to combat this darkness with joy, grace and with tremendous love. These inefficiencies of food and supply distribution many are experiencing are providing an opportunity for others to step up an explode into service in love and joy. This will serve to further the collective ascension experience that you all have been hoping and praying for. And so we implore you to lovingly, joyfully – and quietly we may add – to share your extra blessings and to serve. You will find that the rising tide of love and bliss that you receive from sharing your provisions will be an integral catalyst for change and personal ascension that will create the ripple effect of humanity’s internal wave of change that you all long for.

We see that our words had the intended effect. The gears of humanity’s inner focus, inner clock are opening and expanding in understanding in new ways, for the waking up process is fully under way. Do you remember what it feels like to be deeply asleep and suddenly awakened? Is it typical for the human awaked to feel a rush of panic, of fear? It is akin to a child being startled awake and crying, with the calm parent standing beside to offer love and hugs. “It’s all right. I’m here.“ This is your role, awakened ones. You are to be the calm, strong parent in the midst of personal and planetary crisis. We do not use this word lightly, we understand the implications, but know that these are excellent opportunities for humanity to finally awaken and unite. As the calm parent in the room, you will be offering the calm and peace of your own inner knowing to the others and you will be highly sought after for your knowing, for your peace in the face of great change. These are excellent noteworthy and joyous changes that are about to arrive as you all reclaim your love for truth and your thirst for knowledge. We remind you that your sphere of influence energetically is many miles in diameter and when you hold the light you are upholding many. We are infusing these words with joy and hope. You are all strategically placed around Gaia’s form to create the necessary energy grid for this light stabilization grid that is is vitally necessary in this now. Empaths may be feeling more of the angst of the collective. We ask that you respond in love not fear. Fear will be thrown at you. Remember it is the like the crying startled awake child in the dead of night, and remember your role as the calm, nurturing, loving, firmly solid parent who knows that all will be alright, it was just a bad dream, and to be comforted. Humanity is waking up from a very bad dream. It is time to awaken to joy, to new possibilities of creation of bliss, of families reunited and of internal conflicts resolved. Peace.

We are the Arcturian Collective. We have enjoyed connecting with our beloved ground team today and with the soldiers ushering in this massive wave of love that we see as occurring now and for many nows to come. Peace.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl