The Blue Ray Collective: We Observe

angelic being eraoflightdotcomGreetings Mankind,

We are Blue Rays,

We came here in peace. We have been observing humankind for a long time and we decided it’s time for us to introduce ourselves to humanity. We live in a far away galaxy. We are humanoid and we have a blue skin, this is why we called ourselves Blue Rays. We walk on two feet and have a body similar to humans, the only difference is that our skin is different and our features are more profound than in humans. Our height starts at 8 feet and up and we have a slim build. We live on the inside of the planet and not on the surface of the planet like here on Earth. Our diet is plant based, we don’t eat meat, as you call it here we are vegetarians or vegans.

We are pleased to be here. We were waiting for a long time to connect to the human race and we feel it’s the perfect time for us to introduce ourselves. As a lot of changes are happening on Earth right now. We are observing now and feel happy for humanity, because we know after all that darkness will come a bright light and humanity will go to a New Age, which you call here The Golden Age. Our technology is much more advanced than here on Earth. We are over 150,000 years more advanced in technology. We build and use only friendly technology, we don’t enslave or kill anybody, we are a peaceful race.

Our purpose here is to interact with humanity, when the right time comes. When you will go through all your changes and become a peaceful and a happy nation, we will jump on our fast ships, which are a slim construction during flight but then expands into a huge size when the ships land, we can be here in seconds. As of right now, we would like to tell you that we are an advanced civilization, who focuses only on advancement that brings only good. We don’t build any unfriendly or killing technology. We have the technology that protects us from unfriendly civilizations, but we use it only when it’s needed. We live so far away and we are hidden from a lot of nations, that we don’t need to use this type of technology to kill. We value life very highly as do many other galactic civilizations, who are friendly and follow the protocol in living in peace.

We are from 8th dimension and up and some of us reached the 12 dimension and higher. We have a structure that is not based on wealth. We don’t use money, we work and create only what we want to create, which means everyone has an assignment, and they choose what they want to make. We live very long lives, and we don’t die like humans from diseases. We don’t have any diseases, because we have technology that eliminates any virus or obstacle that we come across. We love to create and we don’t like to destroy. We have amazing plants on our planet, they are very unusual and have never been seen by the human eye. As we mentioned before, our ships are very fast and we can fly in just seconds to anywhere. We also are spiritual beings, we practice and work on our enlightenment and development. We never stop learning and helping each other. We would like to share our knowledge and our development in the future with humanity.

Our goal is to establish a friendly communication and interaction with the human race. As of this moment, we know your going through a lot of turbulence and it seams everything is falling apart, but remember one thing, everything happens for a reason. Nothing in the universe has been created or dismantled for no reason. Your old system is falling apart and it’s scary, because you don’t know what the future will bring. Please remember, you have a lot of other civilizations on your side and we are aware that The Galactic Federation is helping you out.

We would like to tell you one more thing, we communicate telepathically, but we can also speak. We can speak any language we want because we have the technology that can translate for us any language we use. Our language is not known to humanity and it would not make any difference right now, if we would try to tell to the channel, because the sounds would be very unfamiliar.

We were happy to be here and be able to give this short communication and introduce ourselves. We are looking forward to doing more communications, because we found the channel, who is willing to channel us, and we are pleased and happy to send all our love and light to Earth, and we hope that very soon you will be a happy and a prosperous galactic civilization.

We are Blue Rays and we are looking forward to doing more transmissions.

Thank you for the transmission.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez


One Reply to “The Blue Ray Collective: We Observe”

  1. Dahniayl Benyahmeen

    Thankyou!! Erena for being able to help the Blue Rays transmit their message. Thankyou Blue Rays for your Gaia/ Terra support, to us Humans.
    look forward to meeting/ communicating with your “kind” in the future.