12 Replies to “David Wilcock: Mass Arrests to Happen in Early April”

  1. Russell Eyles

    I can’t believe the negative response from these people. I guess you are either in tune with the Pure, Divine, Unconditional Love, or you are learning to be.
    Love, Peace and Harmony.

    Russell Eyles.

  2. Lori

    I’ve never heard anything from this line of thinking. This is a HUGE line of bs. Your written/online sources are unheard of in the real world. You’re banking on the fact you nobody will call you out on your non-legitimate sourcing.

  3. Doug James

    Great video and why state someone sucks if you are of the light you know that nobody knows the timeline all we know is this is getting close to the end.

  4. LIsa Dachtler

    If you were going to say these things. you .think your dates and times were there.if you are right then thank you if not then you suck .

  5. Brenda Kuder

    This video was the most exciting yet! I truly hope the Cabal is being taken down. We should not have to wait long to get the answer.

  6. Candy W

    Thank you. I have watched this unfold for years! So happy that this is winding down. God Bless.


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