Pedophile Prisoners of War

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcomKejraj Note: As I stated a couple of weeks back in an Era of Light report, the “mass cleansing” has begun. Indeed it has.

A tweet by Dr Russell McGregor has possible evidence of Deep State satanist arrests…

Dr McGregor’s tweet…

‘The US Military is actually showing us a Deep State Paedophile ‘Prisoner of War’ as the first ‘Patient’ inside the tents at Central Park (NYC)…Captured in operations to liberate the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases)…Message Received.’

His tweet features a montage of photos. There is a picture of a medical person talking to a patient inside one of the tents. The only part of the patient visible in the photo is one hand, shown wearing a distinctive red ring. Other photos in the montage are of suspected Deep State satanists wearing similar distinctive red rings.

Dr McGregor got the main photo of the ‘patient’ from the official Mt Sinai Health System Twitter account…

Possible scenario…

The white tents in Central Park, New York City, are for processing the Deep State satanists as they are being removed from the underground bases.

The two white naval hospital ships – Comfort in NYC and Mercy in Los Angeles – are for looking after the sex trafficking victims rescued from those same underground bases.

It seems that the massive military operation to arrest the satanists is underway – confirming that the signals ‘Rig for Red’ and ‘Green (for Go) Castle’ were accurate.

Various intel sources are speculating that the three days of darkness (internet shutdown) might be more of a ‘rolling’ shut down as opposed to a complete national shut down. The military might only shut down the internet in areas of the country they are operating in for the arrests.

Everything is moving quickly now. It is easy to imagine significant results being achieved by Easter, as promised by President Trump.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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