Goddess of Light: Releasing Fear

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomThis is one of the most powerful channels the Goddess has given us. It takes place during the outbreak of covid 19 or the coronavirus. During this outbreak there has been a great deal of fear disruption in people’s lives; then, in addition, the many who have experienced the virus. While there have been many different viruses that were quite virulent, this one has impacted the entire world whether it’s through quarantines, loss of revenue, disruption to plans; it goes on and on.

There is a great deal of fear that this has generated some of which is pertinent to the person, other of which is a part of the collective consciousness. While you can look at this in many different ways, ultimately this is a releasing of fear so that the earth can be more fully in the higher vibration.

The Goddess speaks at length at the beginning about the affect of this virus both on individuals and the whole. She spoke several times about Nama Sika, Venia Benya and why she gave us this phrase in the language of creation. She informed us that this virus was fast to come in and fast to leave, meaning a month or so.

In order for the crystalline vibration to be stabilized upon the earth, there needs to be a release of the old paradigm and duality. Fear is a foundation for many illnesses, dis-empowerment of people, and creates a sense of being stuck. As we clear for each person, we are clearing for the whole.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. Let me talk about the way in which I open up every channel.

I do this periodically as a reminder that there is a power within the energy of the words that you speak. Nama sika is from the language of creation and it means I AM the one. You are one within you, within yourself; within your I AM Presence, within the universal light. Venia benya, I AM the whole. You are a part of something that is much bigger than you as this human in this lifetime. You are a part of your divinity; you are the reflection of your divinity within this lifetime.

Your divinity is a part of the universe that the earth is within and that universe is a part of the omniverse. So you see that as you speak these words not only are you centering within yourself, you are aligning with your own divinity and you are aligning with a much bigger space.

This space is also a way of connecting everybody that is a part of this session. Is not only do people that are physically present when it is recorded it is about anyone at any time when they come within this space and participate in one of this channels. So I will say again Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the one, I AM the whole.

You can feel how that energy is already shifting and moving as a result of my words.

I’m going to speak at the beginning here about COVID 19 which is a coronavirus or a strain of the corona virus because this is something that is having an impact upon the entire world. It is also taking those words Nama sika venia Benya into another form in which you can support one another.

The earth has had viruses from the time that there have been living creatures upon the earth. These viruses at some time have wipeout whole species and sometimes it’s about clearing out something that is no longer viable for the whole.

The coronavirus itself has been around for over 100 years, it has been devastating at times and it has also been a part of what you call your common cold, so it is a part of the filtering system that everyone has within them on an ongoing basis. Therefore in the future, like if you go back and you talk about the avian flu, the Sars, the zika I mean Ebola we can go on and on and on and each of these viruses and illnesses have been devastating at the time in which they were moving through humanity. Sometimes it was a small section, sometimes it was global.

Several things come into play with this virus and several other things are different about this one that I would like to speak about, not only about the virus itself but about people’s response to this. So it can be very virulent, it can make people quite sick or people can be exposed to it and have symptoms that come in and go out very easily. This is true about every illness that moves through.

So that part is pretty much on board with the many other illnesses and viruses that move through the world. You look at the way society is reacting to this one; closing down events, closing down borders, closing down restaurants, schools, airlines, travel, in other words there is this sense of something that is blanketing the whole entire world that is kind of closing down and bringing everyone down into something that keeps not only people from being in communication with one another or physically located in groups of people but it is also about the reaction that people are having.

Some will say if this had been done during the time of Sars and the time or the avian flu perhaps there would not be as many fatalities as they had during those viruses. Indeed, it’s entirely a potential.

As we look at this one right now it is impacting people because with closing down so many, people are not having the work they would normally have and so financially it becomes something that impacts them.

Another aspect of it is the fear and much of this, well there is a twofold for this. As I stated in the blog that Shelly sent out the other day, this is about fear leaving the earth. Now fear will never, a hundred percent, leave the earth because fear can be very beneficial to you. But this is talking about fear leaving the earth that is associated with like a group consciousness or a group mentality.

In part, the media, be it social media or be it what you see on the TV and from the, you know, national level or the global level; they focus upon severity and problems and fear and amplify the fear within people, it causes some people to just act in very irrational ways.

Just as with anything, anytime that there is an illness, anytime that there’s something that’s going on, it’s always about being smart. Because there is such a rampant and how easily this is transferred it is an important time to take a step back and be smart. If you are sick, stay home. Many, many times people are sick and they would still go out and go about their business because it was no big deal. It might make other people sick, but they might or might not react to it. Because this is more severe they’re saying “if you’re sick stay home” and enforcing it.

Another thread of that is some of the reaction that people have had with overbuying at the stores, with supplies not being able to get replenished, with acting as this is an Armageddon and that they are going to be holding up in their home and not leaving for months on end it’s an over dramatization and that reaction is coming from fear that people have that they are tapping into some of that collective consciousness of what’s being spoken.

This is the type of fear that is trying to leave the earth at this time and so many people tapping into it and so many people having this response is bringing it up so that it’s right here for everyone to acknowledge. And therefore I would say to you when you feel fear this time or any other time, when you feel fear go back inside, take a deep breath in, kind of center within yourself and ask the question, “Is this a fear that is causing me to be cautious because is my higher self trying to help me and protect me or is this a fear that is generated from something that has nothing to do with me and therefore is not supporting me?”

Let us ask that last question again in regards to COVID 19 and where you are physically located; “Is this fear something that is protecting me or is it something that is part of a hysteria and therefore it does not serve me?”

Okay, okay, for all of those where it’s just part of the hysteria it does not serve you, ~whew~ clear that out, clear it out, let it go, release that energy.

Okay, now I wanted to go ahead and clear out the energy but I will respond to what I saw. There are definitely people that either have been exposed and are sick right now and there are definitely people that have that potential to become sick, so this is why it is important to be cautious and to pay attention and to make choices that will keep you safe. In all things my desire is for you to be safe, however, I could also see many, many people that were able to just let it go and recognize that it is not for them to be paranoid about this.

Okay. Alright, I can feel a much more balancing energy come in amongst everyone at this time.

I reiterate to you that my whole intention in coming into the earth plane, in working with individuals, is to help people move into a place of love. My whole intention is to help people understand that they themselves are love. You as your soul are love.

You need not prove anything, you need not do anything, you need only be that essence of yourself which is balance and expressed as love.

~ Whew~ take a deep breath in, send that anchor down into the earth and as you do so it spreads out into different directions. It’s moving through and as it does so this is anchoring you onto the earth so that you may release your consciousness so that you may tap into a much higher level; the energies of the All That Is. You therefore let that, you bring that energy of the earth back up anchoring it within you; you then send that column of light that it may go up through you, through all your energy bodies, it goes out through your head center aligning with your higher self.

As you look around from this space tap into that expanded consciousness that’s who you are. You then allow that stream of energy to go even higher.

You allow that thread of light and energy to move directly into your I AM Presence. This is your soul. This is that thread of energy that can never be severed, that constantly allows that stream of your own divinity to be within you in this lifetime.

You have the opportunity to come up here to this higher light vibration so that you may experience yourself as your soul.

Here you are; it’s as if you are reaching out or moving out in every direction. Feel the love, feel the balance, feel the peace that washes over you as you merge with your divinity.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to you. I embrace you amplifying your alignment with your divinity so that you may know more fully who you are.

Our energies blend and we shift into the space of the All That Is. Look around. As you look around it is amazing what this space looks like at this now moment.

As you perceive the All That Is, it is filled with light, it is filled with Angels, it is filled with the Masters that are here in support of the all of new that is moving through this time upon the earth.

I invite you to allow yourself to open up and feel this presence, feel this love and support not only as is moving through the All That Is but also allow it to come into you, that you may feel it and know that it fully supports you.

I spoke earlier about fear within the earth. Let us consider for a moment third dimensional energies. We’ve spoken about all of these aspects of the third dimension before. Third dimension is duality. Third dimension can be controlling, it can be manipulating, it can be fear. There are of course many other that’s one half of the duality, fear, control, manipulation, anger, frustration, impotent, that sense of having no power and of course the other side that is always trying to balance that was joy, happiness, success, love, compassion, of course there were many more that are in between the two but those are somewhat the extreme that represent to the third dimension.

The third dimension was heavy like you were slugging through and when you would seek to make changes it was a process. Think back just 30, 40, 50 years ago and how much of that has transitioned so immensely upon your earth.

Here you are. You now have the crystalline energies that are infusing. You now have a great deal of what was third dimension shifting up into the fourth dimension which still has the duality and some of those other energies, however, not the lowest vibration of them or the lowest aspects of them.

And here we are with this most recent virus. It is clearing out the energy of the earth that is seeming to divide the earth but in truth is bringing the earth together through a shared concern for humanity.

I invite everyone to take a moment and consider fear. Is there a fear in your life right now? It may have nothing to do with Covid 19, it may be something else totally different. However, if you have fear within your life open up that door and tap into it. Perhaps fear due to your finances, fear that there is a lack of relationships, fear that you don’t accomplish something.

For any of these things that may be very personal to you I invite you to just go inside, pull of the roots of whatever they may be, bringing all of that energy up from within you that has to do with those that are your specific fears, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it out. ~whew~ there was a second wave.

As you clear out these things that you fear in your own life, then leave that door open and feel the love not only from your divinity, but from your Angels and the support that is all around you. Let all of that love come into you filling in that space. Transform fear into love. From within love, look at what made you fearful and now shift and see if there is a new perspective when love has transitioned fear.

Okay, I immediately noticed that for a lot of people you were unable to transition the fear. So, I invite you to have a sense of seeing around you some of your Angels, some of your guides, some of the mat Masters; Jesus, Mohammed, God, Mary. Whoever it is that you like to work with hold out your hand and know that they touch you, that they are flowing their energies into you and they stand behind you with their hands upon your shoulders. Again, as you open up your heart to release fear know that you are fully supported, know that you are not alone, ~whew~ let go of fear.

Allow compassion and support to flow within you filling up every space within you. For some of these things, if there really deep seeded within you, you may need to do this multiple times. You may need to do this over a period of time. However, if you do so and every time it feels like nothing has changed and nothing is shifting then once more breathe deeply down within yourself. Truly recognize how fear no longer supports you in any way so that you may bring it up and clear it out ~whew~ there we go.

Once more feeling the love and the support of your Angels they are but amplifying what your own divinity is giving you. So therefore, let all of it flow within you and that it may also be swirling around you.

As this continues to transition, let’s sweep out what you were looking at before and once more look at your life. Is it possible that you can release fear replacing it with compassion or potential love? All of these many expressions of who you are.

This time, I saw where many, many more people were able to let go of the fear and transition that energy within their lives.

The next part that I would like to speak about is that each one of you has an innate ability to heal your life. Therefore, if there is anything that you need to heal within your life as you are here in the space of the all that is, tap into perfect health, perfect balance; whatever it may be that you are in the process of healing within your life. Open up letting the perfect balance, the perfect health, whatever it may be. Perfect is not even the best word, it’s what represents a body without disease, a body without in balance, a body that is able to be healed by finding its intrinsic balance.

Take a deep breath in and then breathe out. Disease within the body begins at a cellular structure. At a cellular level something within you divide in such a way that it is no longer the healthy cell. While here in the All That Is, tap into only balanced cells that support your body. As you do so, let those healthy, balanced cells, replace the imbalanced cells.

Breathe in perfect balance and help, breathe out imbalance.

As I could see each one of you shifting cell to cell within your physical body, finding that body that fully supports you, I could still discern fear that either A) this wouldn’t work or B) this is all useless. So, no matter what that may be, again any residual level of fear, anxiety, disquiet; let any of that come up from within you ~whew~ and clear it out. Okay, good, good.

To be in the space of balance, knowing that no matter what may occur in your life, you can find this place of balance allowing cell, to cell, to cell transition within your body. You feel that strength building within you.

All right, look around from here in the all that is and this time as you look towards the earth, take a moment to have the intention of seeing the collective consciousness and fear that is trying to leave the earth, as you look at this now from this space of balance I invite everyone to gather around. Gather around creating that circle that you normally create as we have our gatherings. We would create a ball of light that is from within each of you.

However, this time as you look towards the earth, consciously ask to see fear. Fear that is triggered from the reaction to this virus, and any other fear that may be upon the earth. We want to tap into that, we want to tap into and pull up, pulling out anything and everything to do with fear. Fear leaving the earth, dear living the consciousness, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~

Okay, so we had that sense of pulling it up this way and next what I would invite all of you to do is that as you are looking at the earth from this high vibration, now gather together as one; send it your balanced energy, you’re cleared energy into the center. So too, the Angels and the light beings are also sending their energies and this ball of light, this ball that is pure energy of love, balance, compassion it gets a bigger and bigger as everyone is sending that clear intention into this space.

As that happens, you now send a strand out into the universe creating an anchor and balance within the universe and the remainder of that is sent down at this time it goes straight down into the earth. As you connect with the collective consciousness which is like a shell that surrounds the earth it begins to move through the energies of the collective consciousness. It is almost as if you see these tiny threads of energy and light just moving through and it neutralizes the fear, it neutralizes anything that has to do with controlling or mindset that is affecting humanity.

These threads of energy and light go within. These threads of energy and light fill in every space where fear was located; clearing the collective consciousness and amplifying it with love.

We see that then moving through all of humanity. We see where it’s going from within the atmosphere, going all the way down through every human on the earth, clearing out their own fear and anxiety’s, clearing it out from within the community, clearing it out from where it is shown through the media, clearing it out from every space. So that you may see something but you do not get hooked in.

Instead, we invite every person at every layer and every level to be filled with the strength of the knowledge that they may choose, that they may choose balance, that they may choose to be strong, that they may choose to know who they are and it amplifies going into every human upon the earth. Using this opportunity where there so much wide-open fear where we clear out the fear and replace it with balance. It moves through everything.

We send it down all the way into the center of the earth. We send it down linking and anchoring just as we do with every energy that we work with in the All That Is. It goes into the center and then comes up. It comes up through the grass, the water, you; your own energies that are coming up within you from where you anchored upon the earth. It’s going up into every individual giving them an opportunity to step into a more balanced space, where they can know that they are supported, that they have the ability to heal themselves, that they have the ability to choose and choose to be empowered through their own love from their soul and of their divinity.

Feel it, it’s a wave that is moving around the world. It is moving person to person to person, community to community and all is blended in this space of balance, in this space of healing, in this place of love.

This was a virus that would come in strong and then release quickly. It is not one that will remain for years and years to come. It is a strain that may pop up from time to time, but the epidemic or the pandemic that you have right now will be about one month to two months and that it will be gone.

Trust in yourself, trust in these transformations that are taking place upon the earth. Be at peace. Be one. Be whole.

Nama sika venia benya


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net