Lisa Renee: Relaxation and Fluidity

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomDuring these times learning how to slow down and achieve a relaxed state of mind is of vital importance, especially when retraining and clearing out our subconscious mind programming. The simple truth is that when we rid our body and mind of destructive habits and useless distractions we create more balance, which naturally manifests more grace and ease in our life.

Our brain and our mental body is much more effective when we have slowed down and works more optimally when we are in a relaxed state and calm atmosphere, because this is the natural state of our core spiritual essence. All forms of mental anxiety, stress, and over intellectualizing makes our mind speed up to having too many thoughts at once, and this overwhelms and clouds our Discernment, causing us to make poor impulsive decisions. To make contact and communicate with our subconscious layers, as well as our super consciousness layers, we need to go slower in order to reach a totally relaxed Meditation state and stay fluid within the energies. Energy bodies behave like waters moving in an ocean or river, if we can sense our inner energy when it meets the outer energies, we can navigate the surrounding waters by paying attention to the energy flow. We go with the flow in a state of relaxed fluidity. If we are moving too fast and not paying attention to the energy flow, we can get carried in the current of stronger forces in a sudden and unexpected tidal wave and this is when we get hurt or injured.

Thus, it is important that you learn to induce a simple meditative state in yourself, where you become the observer and are incredibly relaxed, and yet you are alert, not so relaxed that you fall asleep. Obviously, this state is not for when you are doing heavy physical exertion, but in the majority of your waking life, you can be in this relaxed state of fluidity paying attention to how the energy feels around you, while doing simple tasks or at work completing responsibilities. Using single focus and staying presently focused on the task in front of you, while naturally adjusting to the energies that are making subtle changes to the environment. In the early stage of developing Meditation skill we have to sit, relax and learn to observe the thoughts passing through without having attachment to them. Once we notice the thought pattern, we let it go and bring our focus back to the now moment. The next stage is adjusting to the energies inside you and outside of you. Each of us must find the most natural state of being for our body that feels good in the energetic flow, and not let our mind interfere with that natural state of calm and equilibrium. In our natural state, our inner self will strongly align with the outer self to bring harmony and wholeness between the inner and outer.

Also, we need to know how to stay as calm as possible even when under great stress in the moment. Stress causes our body to enter a heightened state of reactivity due to the release of hormones and Neurotransmitters when we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. So, remaining calm and slowing down, even during potentially tense situations can establish a sense of powerful stillness that will help your mind stop racing from one thought to the next.

To be effective we need to establish a peaceful mind-set before concentrating on any one thing, especially when facing conflicts or challenges. General fluidity and relaxation of both the mind and body will greatly improve higher sensory perception development and build spiritual communication links, helping to bring more ease and clarity for problem solving. When a person is fluid and relaxed, their Energy Receivers are open and more receptive to guidance and creative resolutions. Listen to your body, treat your body with care and make corrections when you feel tense, by returning back to a state where your bio-rhythm feels relaxed and open. With practice you can discipline your mind and emotions from overwhelming your effectiveness in a range of social settings. The more we dis-identify from our need to control the external influences and learn to allow and accept situations we have no control over, the more quickly we can adapt and stay relaxed while addressing stressful situations.

As many of us in the spiritual community are fully aware, we must move out of the Subconscious Programming and Mind Control conditioning of the 3D way of existence and be hypervigilant to constantly refocus ourselves into higher states of being. Expressing unconditional love, Compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and the Spirits of Christ, are great sources of higher states. Knowing that love, heartful presence, being in alignment with nature, and being an authentic and caring human are the simple keys to ensure our success in every way to rebuild our lightbody. May we inspire others who may come into contact with us, to know the truth in the path of unconditional love, as it is the only path of spiritual freedom!

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One Reply to “Lisa Renee: Relaxation and Fluidity”

  1. Cheri

    Well for any of my friends and lightworkers that might be interested. Big things happening with dismantling the mind control! Last night we (my inner team) found and removed the “Hex”agram timestamp in the Armageddon timelines.  Of course it was on the grid in Los Angeles.

    A hexagon has 6 sides, 6 angles and 6 points.  A hexagram contains the star formed by two opposing pyramid structures.  It’s interesting!  Some kind of Freemason magic or Illuminati hex or spell running those timelines.

    This was a big turning point to closing out the Armageddon timelines. It had the codes to the historical hologram holding these memories within our brainwaves and driving this mass illusion.

    That’s all I can discern at this point but it was a huge breakthrough!  The glutensphere was totally excited!  Onward we go! 😘

    We are living within these very few remaining apocalyptic timelines but you can see the progress of humanity as the majority of people are focused inward rather than participating in their programmed illusion. There is no mass chaos or destruction and rioting going on as they had planned total anarchy. The grid no longer supports mass chaos as we have almost completed the reharmonization of it. The creational structure has to heal from this dark epoch and this takes time. This is our work to dismantle the system and allow creation to heal through us holding our light and radiating it inward and outward. Soon these memories will be erased from all creation forever. We will have no reference point to draw on them, no akash from these fallen souls whatsoever. All we will have is the retained inner wisdom from the experience which is not linear memory but soul enrichment from experience.

    The work is brutal however!  It’s like pushing through a chaotic resistance.  I have a good feeling we will collapse these remaining timelines by Easter 🤞

    Loving self and each other as we go through this most extrordinairy time in the history of the planet! Know no fear! 😘