Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Response

higher self eraoflightdotcomThe world has never had an opportunity to sit back and take a look at itself, or test what response it would give in a worldwide emergency. Now one is confronting them it is interesting to see how the main countries are coming together not knowing where the pandemic may take them. The virus that threatens most of your civilisation is testing you to the limit, and it will show how well you can come together to deal with the threats that could bring down some of your governments. The virus is testing your resolve to beat it before matters becomes too serious.

The virus is already severely testing your ability to cope with its impact upon the very foundations upon which your countries rely upon for a smooth passage through life, and it will never be quite the same again and a lot of soul searching will have to take place. In time you may well consider that what is happening now is in some ways a blessing in disguise. Because there is no doubt that when matters return to normal there will be a lot of speculation about the need for making changes that will avoid such a catastrophe again. It will also be an opportunity to prepare the population for the great future that awaits you.

Some people are questioning why God allows such pandemics when so many people will die from the virus, but understand that freewill must be upheld. The truth will be hard for many to understand or accept, but whether as individuals or collectively you will come to accept some responsibility for the outcome, as your actions have helped bring it about. Realise that those souls who have passed on will be told of the circumstances leading to their death, and with a greater understanding of karma will accept their experience as part of their evolution. You will find that each lifetime is planned for such progress to which you will have agreed and little or nothing happens by chance.

You may feel aggrieved that you do not have waking knowledge of your life plan but as we have previously explained, you should intuitively know when you are being tested. To fully know would mean that your reactions to your experiences would not necessarily be spontaneous as they should, given that you should feel free to express yourself in whatever way that you wished. Having given you freewill we have no desire to unduly influence you, although we may try to keep you on your spiritual path so that you fulfil your life plan.

You are unlikely to fully understand how your life can be so well organised to ensure you have every opportunity to get through it successfully, until you can see the full picture as you will when you return to the higher vibrations. Life is not as full of random happenings as you may believe, and your Guides are always with you to point you in the right direction. Again we emphasise that they do not impose their help upon you but at all times are there to guide or help you follow your chosen path.

You have all travelled a long way to get to this point in your evolution and it is probably the most important time you have ever reached. You stand at the door to freedom from the attention of the dark Ones, who have tried so hard to divert you from your path back to the Light. Although they are given limitations as to what extent they can go to achieve their aims, they are often still able to divert your attention from your goal. However, many of you have stayed true to your life plan and have moved beyond the obstacles placed on your path. Now there is no looking back as you have established a strong hold on your future.

You can now start thinking about your future and where you would like it to lead you, unlike earlier periods when your path was arranged for you. Now you are able to choose which one you wish to take, and have ample time to consider it before the Event takes place. The Galaxy awaits your presence and will welcome you as a Galactic Being who will follow your own designated path. Before the Event it is difficult to appreciate how wonderful it will be to have such freedom and be free from the interference of the dark Ones. Everything you have so far experienced has made you more resilient and stronger in the face of difficulties placed on your path.

Those who oversee your progress cannot interfere with your freewill decisions, but can use any situation that in the long run will ensure the outcome can also be of benefit to you. You may look at the present situation on Earth and ask how can that be, yet already there is recognition that the pandemic is highlighting the weaknesses in your old ways of living. Things will have to change to ensure your future is assured of never having to again face the results of such a serious pandemic. It has given you an insight into how precarious your lives have been balanced and how easily they can be uprooted with serious consequences. You have an opportunity to put things right so as to ensure that you never have such an experience again.

It might be hard to accept that you knew the possibilities of what might happen before you incarnated upon Earth, but you also knew that the outcome would most likely be a great change in direction that would benefit all Mankind. The New Age will now commence in a way that was impossible during the earlier period. All the good things that you were promised will soon start to become your reality.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.