Captain Xia from Sirius: The Ascent

captain xia of sirius eraoflightdotcomWe want to inform people that this situation that the Earth is in will end as well. The Earth and humans still need to rest from pollution but also from stress and work. This time is to recover and at the same time try to get a time for reflection on his own consciousness and his life in general.

This virus that is now flourishing in the world has an intention to open people to a new reality. The ascent is now fast for both GAIA and the people, because more and more people have an idea of ​​how fast everything can change. This is a very positive development for everyone and soon a new reality awaits with more light and joy for the people.

We galactics are constantly working to provide the Earth with light that the big light ships around the Earth send to us all. There has never been as much light around the planet as now.

This phenomenon of viruses will continue for a while and then disappear for good. The people who do not survive this virus are predetermined for it even before they incarnate on Earth. No one dies from an accident. Most who do not survive are the elderly and they have decided that before they incarnate on Earth.

We galactics notice a great fear of these viruses, but we also notice a nice connection between people. Many people have begun to engage with others to help with various tasks and this is a very good development. This means that love has begun to take hold in the people who are of great importance for everything to go according to plan. Everything is just as it should be. People raise themselves in consciousness because of love for themselves and each other.

With love. Captain XIA from Sirius star system

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM.

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