Find Courage in Your Heart to See What You Have Avoided to See

star bright eraoflightdotcomNow you have eyes to see, find courage in your heart to see what you have avoided to see, it might be painful for some to swallow, that they have given their full trust in people, that represent the darkest of darkest and are responsable for things, that is beyond your comprehension. To many it will be like waking up to an unimaginable nightmare. But have faith in the higher plan, it is a new dawn and you can now step up without fear and face whatever it takes to see the full truth and nothing but the thruth.

Until truth and liberty reigns your heart and mind and until all sentient beings are FREE and united as one, YOU MUST PERSEVERE to bear witness to all that needs to come into the light. It is not until then, that the the light has truly won.

Liberty is here, without each of you, it wouldn´t have been possible. It was and is a joint venture, a revolution of the heart, may truth abide in your heart always, may you speak and see nothing but the truth without compromising because of fear. Hold the flame of truth with courage and faith. The truth seekers shall find comfort in you, once they open their eyes.

You are now standing united in your divine immunity as intouchable ones. No evil, no secret army, no harm can reach you, if you simply own, vibrate and stand in this truth as a beacon of love with your wings unfurled in your true magnificence. The light is victorious. You are the light, that has paved the way for the new heaven to materialize thru each of you to light up the darkness and bring back HUMANITY to this planet, to become a planet of the highest frequency of love, peace, equality, joy and abundance for all beings and for beloved Gaia who has endured beyond the comprehendable and is still counting on you. You have walked thru hell to bring back heaven. Now fulfill what you came here to do. You are asked to step into service, to share your gifts and talents and to be there for the millions in need. Pray for strength and perseverance for all those at the frontlines and all those behind the scenes that are doing their sacred duty in service to the light.

Lady Liberty aka Archeia Amethyst chohan of the 7th ray

Received this message from beloved Lady Liberty in yesterdays transmission, as she appeared and overlit over group forcefield, which is a plead to all of us to open our eyes, to stand in truth, to see the truth and to hold the flame of truth as intouchable ones in these coming days and weeks.

~ Grace Solaris

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