P’taah: Virus Pandemic; A Time of Opportunity

new light human eraoflightdotcomQ: Humanity as a whole is going through a very difficult and different time right now and a lot of people are wondering what’s going on, so I would like to ask you for your take on what is happening at the moment.

P’taah: Indeed. This is, for humanity planetarily, a very unsettling time for you all. This virus, this pandemic as it has been called, is working on so many levels.

And we remind you that you are not victims here, you are not victims, you are co-creators in this world event. It is important that you remember this because if you are not in the knowingness of your own creative power, then you become victim. We are not necessarily speaking victim of the virus, but rather victim in your own perceived reality.

So it would behove you all to look at this idea of virus as a most astounding opportunity, in the understanding that it work on many, many levels. The first thing is, we remind you, you do not catch disease-ment like you would go out and catch a dog, or a creature. You are not victims, you co-create your own reality absolutely.

So in that understanding that the greater being-ness of you knows precisely how you shall be in your choices and in your game, and in your perceived reality – the time of your birthing, the choices you make, and indeed, particularly, how and when you go Home. So again we remind you, you are the co-creator of your reality. Now that is on a personal level.

On a global level for the planet you can indeed see that there are many gifts. The planet, in a way, is replenishing herself, and you have all seen examples of this, the cleansing. And so this is a very perceivable gift, that the planet herself is healing herself.

And in a way this is an opportunity for each and every one of you to heal yourself. To have the time to go within, to be quiet, to make, we would say, connection – clear connection if you do not already have it – with the greater part of who you are, your grand self, your soul essence.

Also a time for reflection, to be in the understanding of what you actually believe about who you are, and who you are in your world. To look at your own power, to look at how connected you are – or are not – with your planet, with the peoples in your life and in this time of isolation. Certainly you may look in a different way to your relationships, your day to day relationships with your family, with your friends, with the people you have been working with, etcetera.

So rather than buying in to the panic and the fear that swirl around you, know that you have the power and you have the strength to withdraw from that, and in this time of isolation to really look at your choices, to look at your fears, to go deep within, to embrace everything that keeps you separate from the knowing-ness of who you are.

And we remind you who you are: you are the perfect and eternal – we stress eternal – expression of Source. We remind you that this your now-ness, this your reality, this your life is one portion, a tiny portion of who you truly are. And if you cannot, or do not even want to connect with this greater part of you, you in a way are allowing yourself to be caught up in the fear and the stories that, really, need not impact you at all.

We would say to you to really utilise this important time to allow your creativity, to re-connect with who you are, and to really look at what you truly desire in your life. It is time to allow the old things that do not serve you to simply fall away, so that you may allow yourself to live in your full potential.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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