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ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: Ivo, I keep doing this! Obviously this is coming up for me to look at because it’s like I’ve been stung on the nose by a bee every time I do it. I know it has to change. How do I change this? I see someone who I don’t like and they’re trying to do something for their own good. And I say, “They don’t deserve it.” (As in “they’re bad”).

How do I stop this annoying habit?

Ivo: This is a defense, my love. You did it as a child especially around your brother and sister. When you saw them receive anything, such as toys at the dentist for “being a good boy,” you thought your brother didn’t deserve it because you were always quiet and never fussed but you always got overlooked for a ring or a toy because you never made a problem of yourself. So you said that your brother didn’t deserve it. You were simply more clever than your brother because you already had figured out that those who make noise in your family drew the ire of your father. You learned how not to make a fuss but that required that you stuff away many of your emotions.

Your sister as well. You thought she was bad because she mistreated you and then when she got art lessons from your father, you were angry and said she didn’t deserve them. The same with her piano lessons. She got piano lessons and you didn’t and your mother said it was because your sister didn’t follow through, but you know now it was because you would have followed through and gone off your life’s path of being a channeler.

What you were saying in these examples is not that they did not deserve them, but that you did deserve them as well. Understand that many who have had largely negative experiences as children learn to express the negative, as in, “They don’t deserve that,” rather than, “I do deserve that.” So when you look at the rich people who have every luxury in the world, and you think, “They do not deserve that,” what in fact you are declaring is that you do. However the universe is not negative, and does not respond to negatives. It is positive and until you learn to say what you deserve in the positive, you will not get anywhere with it.

When you look at the woman who smokes who has a svelte body, you think, “She doesn’t deserve that! She smokes, that’s why she’s skinny!” you are in fact saying, “I deserve to have a slim body.”

When you look at the person you know who has the marvelous boyfriend, you would declare, “What does he see in her?” But in fact you are saying, “I deserve to have such a nice man myself.” And why didn’t you, my love, it was because you didn’t ask for one. You were taught to see the world in terms of what others did not deserve, which were putdowns, but not in terms of what you did deserve because it would have taken self esteem to declare yourself worthy of what you wanted. You had this unfortunate upbringing.

Me: Thanks! I see that now, yes!

Ivo: That is the short answer. When you see others who are attempting to create their own good, you must bless them, not frown on their attempts. Your experience with them was love in action, as everything is.

However, you are judging them. And you treat yourself the same way. It has to do with shame. The shame has to be healed. You must go back to these original events and sit with the pain you felt then because that pain was your current shame. Let the pain go.

Me: Okay.

Ivo: By the way, my love, this is the way you stifle your abundance. In fact you are saying you will not accept abundance because your abundance is conditional on your being worthy of it. So many of you do this. It is shame that does this. Shame and guilt and these must be healed in the individual as well as the collective.

So you must understand you drew conclusions as a child, and have been living by these false conclusions all your life because you hold the initial energy inside of your energy body that has to be released. Instead of looking at the emotions and beliefs that go along with that energy, you continue to act out in the wrong patterns that you learned as a child. And in so doing, the energy body becomes painful and toxic, and releasing the original energy of the first event has now grown in size from perhaps a golf ball to a cloud! And you have far more to work through now than you would have had you released the energy in the first place, and that was done of course by crying.

In your matrix world you have drawn many false conclusions based on your being ego-based and these condusions hold toxic energy. They get stored and now they must be released as you ascend. Ascension requires increasing vibrational frequency as one arises, and this means lightening your load.

When one does not harbour the willingness to look at one’s flaws, or does not know how to look at one’s flaws, they will in fact be triggered into releasing these energies and experience a mini breakdown or as you call them “a meltdown” at times where one’s emotions seem to get out of control. And this is due to the fact that you do not work with your emotions daily and clear them before you go to bed, for example, or clear them on an as-needed basis. You allow them to build up and then wonder why, after a day of work, you are so tired and angry.

This is the way so many of you live and it is incorrect. Emotions are not to be feared, they are indicators of where you are in frequency, as well as being indicators of where others are in frequency as you sense their energy.

Your people deal with them dysfunctionally, doing anything they can not to feel them. You believe that if you have emotions you are out of control, crazy, nuts or going to have a mental breakdown. This is untrue. If anything, having emotional episodes clears these blocks and allows you to keep your energy field clear of negative energies. In fact, experiencing emotions and crying at times helps you to AVOID a mental breakdown.

Yes, there are many rules in your world about what is appropriate behaviour and what isn’t. Should an adult begin to wail in Walmart as their child does, this would be seen to be inappropriate. People would think that that adult was crazy.

It is seen as acceptable for a child to be moody in a restaurant, but if the adult behaves this way, it is seen as publically unacceptable.

You must examine your rules about appropriate behaviour and understand they are made to control you and to keep you from experiencing your true selves. The road to your authentic self is through your emotions, not in avoiding them, and this road can be rocky for those who have stored a lot of pain and not dealt with it.

However, it has to be dealt with. It is possible to remove negative energies from your system before such time they create a lot of trouble for you. This is through grounding, and then sensing body pain and bodily energies and moving them out of the chi system within you. Negativity can also be sensed in the auric field and this too, can be moved out before it comes to the emotional level where expression is necessary.

Keeping your auric field clear of negative energy is key. Being able to see colours within your field is a useful gift as these colours are indicative of energies that are coming down to the physical for physical expression. If they in fact are dark in colour or are stagnant in any way, then they too can be cleared. Reiki is useful for this or other types of energy healing. It is easiest to clear the aura before energies lodge in the emotional body or in the physical body, where they create sickness.

Understand that all can heal themselves. Use the violet flame to heal anything that ails you. But understand as well that some problems are allowed as you need your “daily bread” in order to ascend. Some things will not be cleared as they are lessons to be learned.

Sharon finds taking a bath in hot water or going to the beach and sunning in the water also helps to clear any negativity she is harbouring in her field. Water is particularly cleansing of negativity.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: You are energy. Your energy can be charged negatively or positively. You can take on negative energy from others and then this must be dealt with in the same way or become proficient at transmuting – changing negative energy to positive energy. Also ask your higher self to rid yourself of demonic attachments as they usurp your good energy and implant negative ideas into your mental body. You are sovereign beings and sovereignty is your birthright.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: You’re welcome, my love.


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