Sanat Kumara: Going Within

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomI’m Vivamus. My gratitude is great to continue my previous message.

Perhaps during these times with Corona / covid-19 when many of you are “forced” into isolation and inner work feel a worry or a flurry of bad conscience in your so necessary and original contact with Mother Earth, animals and nature. Maybe you find within you a pain / an insight that you – in this or previous incarnations – have also abused your planet Mother Earth. Search further, search deeper and many of you will then find a narrow thread, a thin connection to something that happened long ago, when beings / entities that did not have the love of Mother Gaia planted a small grain of low energy within You are Man through various manipulations and experiments. I do not want to call it evil because evil exists only in your imagination and in your memory bank. Everything has come from the Light of God, but may have ended up on hibernation just as you yourself did for a time.

Admit your fears, acknowledge the fears you have borne in eons – the fears of the little glimmer of darkness you have been carrying within you. Take the help of our friend Archangel Mikael and you dare to face your inner fears. It is the fear that restricts you in your exterior, which has prevented you from seeing the Kingdom of God the Father / Mother.

You need to go IN to conquer your freedom, go inside and acknowledge your former bond to the dark – it is an experience that you are now turning to something positive – it is your best TREAT when it is at this time transformed into Freedom, transformed into Love , Light and Happiness in your found contact with EVERYTHING.

Pray to God Father / Mother: “Do your will as in heaven, and also on earth”. And so on: “Forgive us our debts, just as we forgive them our debts”.

In short, it’s time to forgive yourself and “the others” who are part of YOU. Meditate with concentration in the Solar Plexus, your lungs (suitable in Coronatids) and your throat / throat. Maybe you feel like a lump, a densification in the area. Maybe it hurts or you become scared and worried or restless. Breathe calmly and ask for help in releasing all the old fears, reptiles and any other scary or negative experiences you have had on this planet over time. Ask St. Germain for help with his violet transforming flame. Do it hurt or if you feel strong fear, ask Archangel Mikael to help you with calming healing in your heart. Take some time and feel how the “knots” in the chest dissolve. Ask for Archangel Michael’s special healing in your throat / throat where you may have been carrying on a fear that has long kept you silent. Feel free to sing or sound A – Z – M and blockage is easier. And when you (after hours or minutes; let it take its time) return to everyday life – try to constantly live in NOW and IN YOUR HEART.

Be in nature and with the animals, breathe in the beautiful and continue to clear away ALL the old. Remember that you are never alone in this, you are many who are going through the same purification process now. The help of your guides, angels and followers here in the spiritual worlds is never further away than a thought, a wish. Remember that. We are constantly with you.

Meditate / walk in as often as you can, enjoy the beauty and love of Mother Earth and Father Heaven. Be grateful that just as you yourself wish you are on Earth right now in this amazing metamorphosis of Love – the greatest event in the Universe – awaited and watched by more loving beings than you imagine.

With Love to all the inhabitants of the planet that is now transformed into the Golden Planet.

Your friend Vivamus (also known as Sanat Kumara)

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla