Energy Update: April Vibrational Forecast

star bright eraoflightdotcomMany realities are happening and will happen this year. Those of us that are awakened and have been on this journey for a hot minute; your powers are coming in very strongly hence, why we are incubated at this time. It is a time of really going inward with no interruption to receive the second phase of your mission from our Star Team, The Akashic Records, Ancestors, Galactic Team, and the Elohim ( The GOD-Head). This is a time to receive very potent downloads, messages, body recalibrations and your Light Body is coming in very strongly right now also. This is also a time of really putting your full attention into your Shadow work/clearing/healing because as the Collective deals with THEIR shadow we are also clearing what isn’t resolved within us. These are any beliefs, programmings, traumas, old experiences that we are still holding on to. As this energy sweeps the World, we are clearing out any old worn-out cellular consciousness and as we do this some may experience the rise of dis-ease, sickness or imbalances in their body as it’s finally being released. For example: if you have had a lifetime/lifetimes of Self worth issues you may realize that symptoms of these believe such as fibroids, cyst, PCOS, or heavy/painful periods are coming back up intensely in this reality, this is because there’s nowhere to go but up and out. It is being ushered out of your body so if it is bringing up emotions that you haven’t dealt with, now is the time to make peace. Do what you have to do to assist in it’s clearing but don’t hold on to the fear/emotions about it.

This is the time to start to re-wire your Star Children with new ways of thinking and being. These Star/Indigo children are children of the Revolution and this is the time to start to de-program them. Start teaching them about Astrology, about what is going on and what they are here to do to rewrite a new conscious system based on Love, Fairness, Equality and Oneness. Impart your Wisdom on them and talk to them in Light Language, about Angels, Ancestors, Star Beings, they will overstand you; they know their mission here! This is the time to start to really look at your partner and be honest with how you feel about them. Are you happy with them? disappointed? Speak to them about what is going on and about Ascension; what are their thoughts on it? What will you not stand for anymore? What has to leave your life? This is what this Social Isolation is for; not for fear propaganda that lowers your Morphogenetic filed, Immune System, Nervous System and Energetic Body.

April will propel us into the Higher Mind and is forcing us to play on the frequency in which we want to create. the choice is ALWAYS yours, BUT it’s not for us to judge what frequency other people are playing on. When I see people in fear and panic and being mean and rude that’s their frequency and if I’m going to be completely transparent, I hardly if ever, experience that because I am not on that frequency to ATTRACT people like that; read that sentence over again beloveds. You draw to you the energies that YOU are on the same vibration as. Everything is Energy. What is happening right now requires your Higher Mind Starseeds, not everything is has it seems; they are MASSIVE illusions and fuckery at play here. With the fall of certain groups of entities that have been running this world in fear, sickness, poverty, lower vibrations they will try to do what they can to maintain their status and what is happening is the knowing that their status is falling as Mama Regains her POWER. What you will see this year and that has begun is massive arrests, celebrities “disappearing”, every kind of system shutting down or re-morphing like Hollywood, Jail system, Medical field, CEO’s, Banking Corporations, Monsanto etc.

New systems will come about when it comes to Plant Medicines, Agriculture, Equity fairness, even distribution of wealth, putting in place structures that are healthy for our air, water, nature, etc. Everything is getting a template rewrite and for those of us who are living in a higher frequency, you might have begun to see these changes in your life already. No one is leaving 2020 the same as they came in. This is the Great Awakening.

To All my Light Warriors, Healers, Alchemists, Transmutters, Grid Keepers, Witches, Elementals, Shapeshifters; on the front lines right now in this moment of time and space.

I Salute you.

Stay strong. Stay aware. Stay Courageous. I AM so honoured to be here with you all at this momentous time in Creation AYO! ASE! AMEN! BLESSED BE!


» Source » By Natoya Hall