James Gilliland: Authenticity, Red Pill

era of light alternative news newsWhen you are Authentic, a Red Pill that is hard to swallow.

There is a war of polarities ensuing between those who are self-serving and in service to others. Those who are authentic and those who are posers. Those who act as if they are for the greater good, here to educate, inform, heal and empower yet they are maintaining a disempowering status quo, a controlled narrative. The only thing they are empowering is their fame and bank accounts. The alternative media is no longer the alternative.

The masks are all coming down. Some people who have been attacking Eceti actually leave their illuminati ritual masks in the back ground during radio shows for all to see. Is that by accident or a message to others? It is no secret that there has been a power play, big money coming into the UFO and spiritual community. Behind this money is an agenda. What is sad is people we once believed to be of integrity have fallen, talked themselves into taking this money rationalizing it in the mind not listening to their hearts and souls. There is an agenda behind this money, it has a price and eventually that price will have to be paid at the sake of one’s soul. Many will turn a blind eye to the character and deeds of those providing this money some of which have direct ties to Satanic and Luciferian organizations. These organizations are directly and indirectly tied to child sacrificing, pedophilia, and other predatory activity. This funding is also tied to the war and disease profiteers. They will be screaming and accusing the loudest. Everything they accuse others of they themselves are doing. Especially the Satanic and Luciferian groups which have succumbed in a last ditch effort to accusing those who are authentic as being Satanic and Luciferian. This is the way they operate. Their symbolism will be their downfall and if one does their research they will connect the dots.

Many have fallen do to the promises of fame and fortune eventually doing the bidding of the dark hearts. They reach the top of the communities, they are the names everyone drops the who’s who, the planned opposition which many believe are of noble character, champions of truth. The fact of the matter is they are controlled, they maintain the false narrative, they cannot step out of role they are given and if they do their careers, even their lives may be over.

Let’s call this the network, the good old boys club, those funded by billion and millionaires. Those involved in the Rock a feller Initiative that brag about their connections to the Clintons, Podestas, the majority of the Hollywood crew, producers and directors. Some of these producers and directors have come to ECETI only to sanitize, censor, and twist the message. Watch the latest Ancient Alien episode where I was completely cut out of a show filmed at ECETI Ranch. The exact time and location of a massive ship that powered up went undocumented and ignored. Peter Slattery, John Vivanco and myself all gave them the time and location where the ship would appear. We have demonstrated direct contact for over 33 years. How do the Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, those who are here to assist in the awakening, healing and planetary liberation of Humanity and the Earth feel about those censoring and stifling their messages?  They see them as very primitive, spiritually unevolved, a detriment to the evolution of Earth. They are also aware of the future they have created..

Many will name drop famous politicians and stars who are also part of the network to prop up their character giving their information a false sense of credibility. It is like saying I know Hitler therefore you should listen to me. What is sad is most will listen and follow blindly.  There are also shills with military and other agency ties acting like champions of disclosure responsible for much of the disinformation in the UFO community. Major UFO reporting centers are funded and run by alphabet agencies or the network. Most of who refer to themselves as experts cannot even access the higher dimensional aspect to the phenomenon. This will all be revealed in the days to come. Those aware of the bigger picture who have not sold out are the biggest threat to the ignorant and integrity challenged.

If you think there is not a network and a controlled narrative I have two questions.

“Why have we not been contacted other than a few who rose to the occasion by off world and ultradimensional beings?” “How many people have ascended within the spiritual community?” “How many have demonstrated any abilities whatsoever other than elaborate stories with no evidence”? There are nonphysical events happening yet discernment needs to apply concerning any information.

One more question, “How many people have contact within the UFO community that can prove it?” We will go one better how many people have evidence of known Masters appearing to them, photos along with multiple witnesses? Contact comes with enlightenment. Something of which the nuts and bolts people are completely clueless. This is not a 60 year old story it is happening NOW.

If someone had photos, videos, thousands of eye witnesses of UFOs and masters appearing to them would they receive top billing at events professing to cover the truth about these topics? How would they be received by main stream religions? What if they proved redundantly they had contact by giving the exact time and location the ships would appear, cameras rolling with major news networks? What if they went far beyond the controlled narrative trying to prove UFOs are real and knew the occupants of the craft on a first name basis as well as their cultures, why they are here, their motives and agendas. Would they be honored, respected, would major UFO and spiritual event coordinators, the History Channel, Ancient Aliens be pounding on their door.

NO they would NOT.

Why? Because those who are authentic do not fit within their controlled narrative, go far beyond nuts and bolts and cannot be corrupted. It would be a disaster to those that just want to entertain you, cash in by never answering the questions, are they real, who are they and why are they here. They have to keep you in suspense, tuned in to the next episode. If you are authentic the last thing the posers, those who are not authentic, those who took the money to keep the controlled narrative alive, the last thing they want is your success and message getting out. They are extremely threatened by your knowledge and very existence. There is also a lot of jealousy and competition in both the UFO and the Spiritual communities an oxymoron in itself.  Those who operate with impeccable integrity are a reminder to those who have not.

This brings us to what is unfolding within the UFO, spiritual even some of the conspiracy communities. There are constant ad-hominem attacks, character assassinations, the spreading of lies, gossip and rumors of no merit by those who are sponsored by these same nefarious people.  These attacks are upon those who are authentic, have the photos, videos, multiple eyewitnesses to back their stories. Those who have a long track record of service to the awakening and healing of humanity and the earth are being attacked by those who are frauds, those seeking fame and fortune backed by funds coming from millionaires who in their own words profess an allegiance to Satan or Lucifer. They accuse you of everything they themselves are doing in an attempt to draw attention away from themselves and their own nefarious deeds and agendas. Unfortunately, they have an army of idiots and brainwashed victims trying to make a name for themselves at the expense of others. Those who in ignorance or willingly will do their bidding in the hopes of securing a place within their network. They can never come up with a name, an event, a witness to back their slanderous accusations. There are always two sides to a story and they will only take the side that serves their agenda. When one is truly enlightened they carry a frequency that mirrors back and amplifies everything one loves and hates about themselves. Karma also gets accelerated. It is referred to as the wake of a yogi. There are always those who do not take personal responsibility and fall into projection and blame.  There are others who had to leave ECETI due to mismanagement of funds, theft, drug abuse which goes completely against our no alcohol and drug policy. There were those who succumbed to spiritual ego and narcissism to the point of creating a coup. These are the detractors from the ECETI mission that rather than face their own issues project and blame others. I have seen it all over the past 33 years and could write a very large novel on just that subject.

The fraudulent and disingenuous will accuse others of abuse ignoring a long, documented history of their own abuse of others. This abuse has come up within their own ranks with infighting over money and predation on the young women, “something they accuse others of.” Young women they hired to be their public assassins. In trying to assassinate others they assassinate their own character and wonder why they have such a small and dwindling listeners base.   All you have to do is listen to their shows, their guests have histories of drug abuse, some even promote heroine on their shows along with hours of slanderous unfounded rumors. Some are so bold as to promote Lucifer as the true God while others actually profess in ignorance Jesus is guiding them? How can anyone take these characters seriously, especially their claims to be enlightened and of good character? They are the network, posers and frauds with hidden agendas tied to some very dark unseen negative influences. These are the people you have chosen to inform and educate you.

And that my friend is why we don’t have contact.

That is why we are not an enlightened civilization and ascensions are very rare. The answer is within, do your own research. Follow the money and look at the fruits of their labor. Now you have the answer to why disclosure has stalled for 70 years. This is why you won’t see ECETI at the major conferences or in Hollywood’s controlled narratives. Time for a UFOexit movement, Awakexit movement. Time for new venues to come forward minus the integrity challenged. Time to shine a light on the self-serving hidden agendas.

The Spiritually and Technologically advanced off world visitors, Ultradimensionals, Ascended Masters are waiting for us to rise to the occasion. Rise above the muck and mire. Contact comes with enlightenment. When the time is right you will see the fueless energy, anti/countergravity, healing technology beyond your wildest dreams, the consciousness and technology to end poverty, disease, and restore the planet to its once pristine beauty. It will not come under the present circumstances. This will also not come through many professing to be ushering it in yet in truth all they care about is their lavish lifestyle. Some are even paid to shelve the technology.  Now you know why we are still burning fossil fuels.

The good news is this will all change very rapidly. The Earth is ascending. These people are not frequency specific to this process. They are on the downward spiral and their karma will be accelerated. Those who resist the awakening, healing and planetary liberation will have some hard lessons in the days to come. Universal Law will prevail. The masks are coming down especially for those who hide behind them. The humble and authentic will prevail.

James Gilliland

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