Mikos of Inner Earth: A Great Dispensation Has Just Been Granted

earth the one eraoflightdotcomGreetings from the Library of Porthologos inside the Earth’s interior. We come today to talk about the Angels on Earth and their work with humanity. These are great Beings of Light from many Star Systems that are visiting your Earth, and staying to help bring in the great waves of Light that are descending onto your planet. These Beings are most known to you as Angels—God’s helpers in the evolution of mankind.

These Beings sweep your planet with their light and wisdom, encapsulating the dark spots until the darkness fades back into Light again. The Angels are the bringers of all that is good, and they are here. And you, our dear Lightworkers, are these Angels. You are these great Beings who have come from afar, to help Earth and humanity, and now it is your turn to be helped.

A great dispensation has just been granted to all the Lightworkers on Earth, allowing the Host of Heaven to intervene to completely and totally heal your physical bodies, so that you can withstand the coming climatic and Earth changes looming on the horizon of your planet. You have all called for help, you are always calling for the healing of your bodies, and now this help has been granted.

In a magnificent turn of events, this dispensation was unanimously approved by the whole company of heaven, and Mother/Father God of this Universe, in gratefulness for the dedication and sacrifice of all the Lightworkers on Earth—and it is time. Time to heal all aspects of yourself and time to manifest your physical strength, health, mental acuity, and emotional balance. This is the gift of Heaven to its “Ground Crew.”

As the days and weeks go on, you will find yourself getting stronger and stronger, and all the old pains falling by the wayside. You will see and feel events clearer and clearer and come more into focus with the unseen world around you. This is truly an unprecedented gift, and it is yours.

Now, dear Lightworkers, live each day fully, in the presence of the “now”, and know that tomorrow is in God’s hands, and have nothing to fear, for the Divine Plan is already accomplished and this is just the last “play-off” of the game.

All is being readied for the great “lift-off” into higher realms of light that are waiting your entry. You have much to look forward to as you leave your old world behind and enter the new. So gird yourself with the steel of your determination and know that all that is of the Light has a glorious future and it is just a breath away—just waiting for the next deep in-breath from God.

Here in the Library of Porthologos, we have always maintained our health, strength, and youthfulness inside the protective cover of the Earth’s mantle. You, too, will soon be able to accomplish the same physical feats and will have the same endurance as we. For we don’t get tired or sick or angry or worried, and neither, now, shall you.

For these qualities are not of life—they are of illusion and miscreation and darkness—and are not part of a life supporting system. Your current system does not support life; hence you have sickness, fear, and death. It has been decreed that these systems can no longer exist, and will be confined and quarantined like a sick patient, in a separate room. Only this time, all the sick patients will be in a ward by themselves, so they don’t infect the others. No one again will have to suffer from their control and destructive contamination.

As all this is occurring, you are imperceptively being lifted higher and higher into the light frequency that you left when you came to Earth. Your bodies are being renewed and regenerated at a level you do not physically feel, and yet it is occurring moment by moment, until such a frequency is reached that you will suddenly explode into the diamond light that you are. It is all about reaching critical mass and timelines.

The timelines for all this to occur are closing in on your Earth, and converging from every direction and dimension, until they all close in upon one another and explode into NOW. And then you are there! There with Us in consciousness, and there with all life, located everywhere in all universes simultaneously.

What an event to be able to witness, let alone be a part of, as you all are. This has never been done before, anywhere in all existence. This is why there are vast numbers of beings from great numbers of universes here, circling your Earth, watching all this happen, and waiting for the great moment of synthesis to occur. And when it does, there will be great rejoicing throughout all the multiverses and beyond.

» Source » Channel: Dianne Robbins

13 Replies to “Mikos of Inner Earth: A Great Dispensation Has Just Been Granted”

  1. Amy Burlison

    ENCOURAGING words! (insomnia and daytime fatigue for years). Slept a bit better and feeling functional today! Thank you …I was among those asking for complete healing for preparedness to help!

    1. Amy Burlison

      What do you recommend for natural sleep and energy? I would like to taper off meds (benzodiazepine for sleep)

  2. EK

    Anyone familiar with Sarcoidosis?
    My wife has pulmonary (lungs).
    it’s what they call a snowflake disease. Example is it doubled the size of the spleen, but all tests come back negative of any Sarc. Same effects on 11 other organ systems.
    She is on about twenty meds, the side effects of many are the same as the side effects of Sarc.
    She’s been on a stretch of good days, but recently she is experiencing pain, don’t know why.
    Been to the ER twice, the first I didn’t know the danger she was in. Came close to a very different outcome. Came close to a third trip recently, but she pulled through.
    It is uncurable. They can slow it down but can’t stop it.
    I try to be optimistic on her good days, but worry on her bad.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings EK!

      Have your wife take two table spoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with an 8oz glass of water. Do this first thing in the morning. And sometimes if she wishes, can also do at night just before going to bed. This will help with the inflammation, and also rid the organs of bacteria.

  3. Kristen

    I was awakened by a jolt of energy coursing through my body. I was unsure what exactly had happened so I pulled up this site and low and behold…my answer. It is real my beautiful souls. I felt the energy enter my body. I am a light worker and feel so grateful to have received this special gift. 🙏🏻

  4. Opal Bowen

    This sounds too good to be true. I’ve seen 3 different channels on this subject by 3 different people in the last few days. I’m a 75 year old light worker who’s has had severe & I mean severe rheumatoid arthritis for 46 years with pain almost every day with it getting worse & worse as these new energies have been coming in. I’ve had a lot of readings seeking healing & so far the angels have not been able to heal. It’s been all I can do to not beg for them to take me home but I know that right now they need my light now more than ever. I’ve also been letting them know I didn’t think it was right that we light workers volunteer ourselves to come here & work for them with no special treatment from sicknesses. Maybe they heard me.

  5. Deborah Emrich

    Loving life. What an adventure.
    Thank you for all the info.
    Lots of live and excitement your eay!