The Anshar of Inner Earth: To Do or To Be

we are one love eraoflightWe are here in this moment to speak with all of you regarding this very challenging time in which you find yourselves right now.

We have been watching over you and assisting you from afar for many of your years.

We see a great many areas in your lives which are being handled very well by most of you…however, there are another great many areas which could use some assistance from those with greater experience.

We are one of those Collectives with greater experience…some of which we would like to pass on to you now.

The area of most concern right now is your need to be “doing” something in every moment. You have not been taught to be still in the moment… You have the need to Do instead of to Be.

There is a very big difference between the two areas, to Do or to Be.

When one is “doing” something, they are not “being”. The act of doing distracts one from the act of being. Distraction takes many forms…it can be in the form of doing tasks which are responsible in nature, however they are still a distraction, of sorts. Then there are your typical distractions…those being of social media, television, and social gatherings.

As the one who is receiving our message knows, many times distraction is used as an excuse, because one does not want to face something important in their lives.

Regarding this one receiving our message, she realizes that she uses distraction to keep her from becoming a more complete and powerful Being…one who can help others more profoundly during this time of challenge and chaos.

However, as she is learning, she must let go of distractions which she herself has created, so she may not have to listen to her inner guidance, and learn more about herself…and about how important it is in this challenging time to, as you say in your world, “be all you can be”.

Now, that may sound a bit cliche to say, however it is very accurate for this message.

One may ask, what should I be doing, in order to let go of the distractions and to Be more?

Our first suggestion would be to acknowledge those things that truly are distractions for you. As an example, we will tell you that this channeler’s distractions would be eating unhealthy foods, and watching Hallmark movies.

Now, those are not terrible distractions, but they are distractions none the less, and our channeler understands that more fully now.

So, once one begins to understand which things are distractions for them, they can begin to utilize that time to concentrate on themselves more, instead.

Once you have committed to focusing on yourself more, and letting go of distractions, you can determine in what way you would like to proceed to learn more about yourself. This can take many forms…it can be through meditation, spending time in nature, writing in a journal, or even just talking to a close friend who can help you to learn more about yourself.

These are just a few suggestions and many you have no doubt already heard before, however many times a particular message will get through to someone in just such a way as to make perfect sense to them, and to help them begin their own personal journey of self discovery.

We would be very honored if our message today helped even one person to begin their self discovery, or to continue their ongoing self discovery.

We truly hope this message has been helpful, and we are always available through energetic communication methods (channelling, telepathy), if you would like to hear from us more directly on an individual basis.

We leave you now with one last thought…and that is…your time there on Earth is precious and is best not wasted…any means of self discovery utilized will become your most valuable asset to you in this life time.

We send you our most profound Love in this moment, and bid you goodbye. Until we meet next time…Be well.

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