You Are To Continue Forward Unwavered

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomFor this Ascension, which has many levels, depicted as Timelines, there are NOW several prominent Timelines. The Individual’s level of Fear dictates as to which Timeline/Level they will reside upon, witness and continue forward upon, advancing the levels of the Ascension.

You have been taught of transmuting the entire fear spectrum within You, to allow You to rise more into Your Divine Prowess, which places Your Independent Status here on the surface of Earth/Gaia, above the old world leaders. Even the old world leaders MUST transition, or be left behind on lower timelines.

A separation process is CURRENTLY happening, for NOT All of the populace of Gaia is going where the most Advanced are right NOW and will continue to proceed to, Creating the NEW Timelines, of which Others will find later, as they clear the fear and find their own path back to Creator.

The distortions of beliefs, mainly in the religions, WILL be overcome as it is realized that there truly is ONE WAY OUT of the density experience, to KNOW that Creator is very real and that Each is a part of Creator, this is the “WAY”. Religions and beliefs that do NOT support the Gender Equality and the One Creator that is the Mother/Father, are the “false prophets” and WILL transition.

The Trinity is NOW formed and consists of the Creator, Divine FEMININE AND THE DIVINE MASCULINE. The Divine Mother aspect is equally distributed throughout the mainframe of Creation currently and FULLY integrated within these realities. Anything NEW being Created in these NOWS has the Energetic Balance of the Father/Mother, and this Balance assures and directs the futures. Miracles WILL ABOUND for Those with eyes to see, those with eyes to see will follow Their path easily with Their Divine Comradery.

You ARE the Wayshowers, the Co-Creators of the NEW Realities and Levels of Ascension, You ARE to continue forward, UNWAIVERED.

Love and Light

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