Lovely Wellbeing

heaven hearts eraoflightdotcomIn our innermost nature, we are intuitively aware that we are loved, lovable and loving. This intrinsic aspect of our consciousness is the foundation of our reality that also permeates the fabric of our lives. Even when we stray far away into perspectives that seem completely contrary to this, we can consciously connect to this most basic of understandings that we are love. When we do, we instantly feel solace, grace, gratitude and peace. This is our eternal union with love and is the wellspring of our wellbeing.

With an open heart, our alignment with love is as easy as breathing. We simply know love is always present within us. Closer to us than even our thoughts and feelings, this energy animates us in the most profound way and is the source of all possibilities we can ever imagine. The design of life itself is in harmony with the rhythm of love. From the basic atomic and subatomic particles that make up everything from the cosmos to our own bodies, to the cycles of life that influence our earth and our personal lives, we are provided everything necessary to unfold our potential in the grandest of ways.

When we are in tune with our core essence, love flows easily in and around us and we experience its presence as joy and appreciation for all that we are. It stimulates us to be aware of the moment and to trust our wisdom and creative capacity. Our physical bodies abound with health and vitality and our mental and emotional bodies are calm, serene and filled with clarity. We are the embodiment of love in a tangible way and make a powerful, positive difference everywhere we go and with all we encounter.

Wellbeing is an innate part of us, yet through our attention, we have the choice to let this energy flow effortlessly or to restrict it. We impede the energy each time we react or respond to an outer condition or experience with a negative or limiting perception. When we think and feel the energies of fear, anxiousness, doubt, shame, worry, guilt, or anger, for example, it is our indication that we are veering away from our loving self and the present moment. The more we maintain our focus on these lower and denser perspectives, the greater dis-ease we feel with life. Becoming aware of these reactionary energies is our opportunity to be present with ourselves and acknowledge the larger facet of us that is love.

We are magnificent beings capable of transforming ourselves anew every moment. Life experience is our reflection and each feeling is an indicator as to where we are placing our attention. Whether love or anything less than love, we decide how we wish to perceive our experiences. Our lovely wellbeing forever abounds in the here and now.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President
The Love Foundation

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