Frequency & Creation

creators eraoflightdotcomAs we connect to the peace, love and safety that is present in our hearts, we may create most powerfully what is most pure, in a timeless way, moving through time, and one with divine time.

Consciousness creates.  Consciousness that comes from the highest frequencies creates more powerfully and most purely.  Frequencies are interpreted through different sources of energy, such as sound, light, senses, emotion, etc.

As our hearts align with the creator, with creation, with Earth and Sky connecting in the bringing of heaven to Earth, we are capable of manifesting the highest outcomes for creation.  The frequency of love within the heart is timeless and it can therefore transcend the illusions of locked in time frames or structures.

The artificial creation of the matrix world of control relies on time as part of the equation to hold all in place.  This is it’s weakness.  Formulas that rely on time and energy are actually fragile. Mind control programs were made to hold that form in place and to use the power of human creative energy to hold the matrix in place.  This is why awakening to the light of truth can initiate great change through a unified collective consciousness.

In our outer worlds it may seem like there is a war on consciousness or a frequency war.  War is duality.  Only within our hearts can we love the inner and outer shadow aspects and infiltrate it all with LIGHT.  Here we may transmute everything into a unified point that is held in integrity, in love, in peace, in freedom and in joy.

This empowers our ability to create with the unified field that is re-cognised (reminding our cognitions/thoughts) of who we really are and what we as humans are capable of.  This is what the gift of being human is.  Re-member thoughts create things.  When we have pulled ourselves together (re-membered), we are capable of materialising from a whole and pure place.

Here there is no fear of living under a hierarchy or a divisionary cult that seeks to destroy what does not serve itself.  We’ve been healing the trauma, calling our souls fully home to reside in our physical form, and absolutely capable of creating the new Earth together now.

I realise that every word that comes forth creates and legislation has held in place a control structure.  So does every word, thought and action that comes from us.  Imagery or imagination is powerful.  A lot of what I and others have written about in the past is happening now.

The matrix control system is deconstructing.  It takes courage to see what has been exposed to the light and it takes LOVE and COMPASSION to continue the healing.

Our consciousness helps the patriots who are doing the boots on the ground clean up work.  We can assist in getting the truth to the masses eventually and ending the enslavement of our planet.  Everyone chooses their preference to either continue on in duality and separation or to UNITE in balance and harmony.

The division that governments and mainstream media create will disintegrate as we keep calling the LIGHT into every shadow aspect of our consciousness, however it shows itself.  It shows up in our personal healing and it shows up in the outer world.  Fears show up and COMPASSION and LOVE are vital to make it through this great birthing TIME.

During this STORM day cycle (DAY 93 of an 18 day period), we do best as we stay centred in our hearts, as the chaos of the storm has come in to deeply detoxify our inner and outer worlds.  Today is the day of MONKEY/CHUEN who is a weaver of TIME.  As monkey is one with creation and timeless in the presence of now, this is it’s strength.

With intuition and innocence, light hearted energy works with and creates as ONE with DIVINE TIME.   The energies of the Mayan calendar keep things natural and organic and are there to remind us of our purpose in what matters most, our evolution, both personally and as one together, for all of us who are dedicated to our personal evolution.

In staying in tune with the ninth waves of creation, as the ninth level of evolution was attained in 2011, I am reassured of great hope for our Earth and humanity. We are now in an accelerated process of transcendence or ascension (in frequency).  Frequency is perceived, interpreted and translated within our holograms of existence.

The creators of the matrix control system rely on it to hold things in place by mind controlling the masses and harvesting their energy for their purposes, so therefore we have all had a part in it’s construction. It is administered through governments.

It is mostly achieved by telling the stories that keep themselves in place through mainstream media.  Many people get extremely upset at the slightest inkling that they have been lied to their entire lives and within this it is LOVE that matters most and will unite us as it is integrated.

It actually takes great COURAGE and STRENGTH of heart to leave the strong holds of the status quo.  It means letting go of any needs for approval, recognition and it has also meant letting go of the energy that empowers it for many, i.e., money and comforts.

Those of true heart who live ethically cannot be bought.  We know we are here for a greater purpose and that the freedom of our planet from this false matrix matters more than anything that may compromise it.

For every attempt to hold the matrix in place, like mandatory vaccinations, controlling populations, lowering frequencies, etc, we as creative human beings can unbalance these equations, IMAGE-IN and free things up, climbing and rising up (not locking down) in frequency.

It is all up to us.  We all have a different part to bring to the whole and our hearts guide us.  There are those who are doing the boots on the ground work of arresting criminals and freeing some of their victims, etc.

There is counter intelligence that has been working on unbalancing the matrix equations for decades.  There have been past opportunities which were undermined like the 911 incident.  Our conscious energy is required to birth the new.  Our meditations and personal development help it all.

With our co-creative abilities we are able to help greatly by bringing all to unity within us.  We need to break through old programming of saviour mentality for this.  The White Hats, positive military, Qanon and Donald Trump are not the only ones who serve in the deconstruction of what has enslaved the Earth and all of creation.

We assist by being LOVE, being COMPASSIONATE and using our creative energy to birth the freedom we will experience once all is dismantled and we have responded to each take our place in recovering afterwards.  Let’s have understanding and care for those who may be about to find out how much they have been lied to their whole lives.

Let’s IMAGE-IN the LIGHT of TRUTH breaking through the stories of the mainstream media and free up the density within fear energy to vibrate in health and well being.  Let’s IMAGE-IN HARMONY and UNITY.  Let’s bring all into an integral point of LOVE by taking response-ability with where our consciousness goes and where the resulting energy flows.

The benefit of knowing what the equations were to keep the control matrix in place, e.g. the energy dynamics of division and conquest, is that we can INTERFERE with these equations, and TRANSMUTE them with our creative ability and therefore eventually find a new balance that benefits all of creation.

Interference patterns are vital for any great evolutionary leap.  Energy is energy.  As energy quickens it rises in frequency.  As frequency rises the transformation may be chaotic for a time and as we stay in our heart centres, where we are immersed in wisdom, we will carry that energy through our hearts to grand new outcomes where energy is freely moving.

When the energy is freely moving, so are we.  Stagnant and blocked energy is there to be transmuted so it can quicken, rise and create the freedom of excited energy that brings love, peace and freedom to ALL.  There can be a lot of stagnancy at the bottom of a swamp where the waters are putrid.

Congratulations for bringing the light in and being willing to release stagnancy,  Congratulations for having the courage to delve into the deepest shadows of consciousness.  We now claim back our human creative energy for love, truth, peace and freedom, and so it is!!!

Onwards and upwards we RISE as we crack open anything that may have been locked down, stagnant and putrifying.  It will rise up, move freely and purify.  Great work!!!  We transcend all NOW with our consciousness in connection with creation. So much love to you all,

Poppy Joy

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