Saint Germain and Sananda: Biggest Illusion

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomDear light bearer,

The fear of dying has once again reminded us of the earth.

But it is, in simplicity, ONLY fear and ONLY fear.

And SAME fear that wants to point out perpetrators and again discern the good from the bad.

This is the earth’s oldest and most played drama that has been going on throughout the earth’s human history.

And it is quite natural that you once again awaken old and unread karmic memories from your long journey here on earth.

BUT, you have now reached the end of the duality and drama between OFFER-TRUST and MORE than that.

You have reached the end of ALL illusory fears and there DEATH is by far the foremost.

For sure, death is the biggest illusion of them all.

You are and have always been immortal just like everything that exists and does not exist in the whole glory of the existence (and non-existence) of the universe.

Thus, there is NOTHING to be feared about, more than your own ability to play your part in this splendid drama.

Maybe you bring up your weapons with it and start to fight against the perpetrators.

And put all your strength into pointing them out, revealing them, and showing them how they brought you behind the light and all the innocent lives they suffered.

Or maybe you are ready to take the step further and continue your ascent and awakening through the teaching and wisdom that there are NO victims and perpetrators

And that it is your own fear that you have to take up the fight.

This by waking to the TRUTH and TRUST that you have always been safe in the hands of creation.

And with that you continue your ascent and transformation towards LOVE.

Love that never judges, discerns and values.


OFFER such as perpetrator



But also its TRUE essence

That love is ALWAYS present in ALL aspects of its creation.

AND that the biggest obstacle to working in that truth is the illusory colors of their own RIGHTS,

AND unprocessed karmic trauma and blockages.

So embrace your fears and release your weapons.

And go deep into your own consciousness and CHOOSE there unreserved love and REAL love.


This IS and STAYS the TRUE way to your ascent.

With all our wisdom and loving will /

St Germain and Sananda

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» Source » Channel: Angel Skog

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