Trump Ends The Fed As We Know It

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomWinning! Those of us who are awake have been talking about this day for many, many years. I have written about it in my articles and in my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America” as well having spoken about it on scores of media platforms including my own show, “News Behind The News“. In, fact my friend and associate, Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott and I have dedicated weekly program titled the Global Financial Reset, or GFR for the past year, where each week we discuss this from many perspectives. You can get up to speed there. We and others were right and now that day has finally arrived. This is what winning looks like. This is how you resurrect America by seizing control of the money supply, system and currency from a group of dominant international private corporation globalists bankers. The power, step by step, is being restored to the people. Q, or QANON has told us this back in 2018. Follow Q.

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

Trump and the patriots are winning even with the evil monsters unleashing of the Covid-19 virus. If you have been reading my weekly content, listening to my weekly GFR report, and following my daily live news broadcast, “News Behind The News”, you will know that this was imminent and to be expected. Well now it has begun, it’s official and this Coronavrius false flag crisis has utterly backfired.

As part of public awareness and positioning, the President since day one in office, has assigned cause in part to the Fed for first raising rates, then not lowering rates enough nor fast enough and for not providing liquidity or capital inflow into the system. And now with this crisis, the market excess and bubbles (which Trump knew he would have to shake out once he went for the reset move, may now soften the blow once the currency itself is reset), has been shaken out due to the Corona crisis. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Supply lines are now being looked into with China, highlighting their abuses and the dangers of China being the world’s main manufacturer. Congressman, Kevin McCarthy just announced the changes that need to take place with the China supply chains. The light has also shined as a result of this crisis on the importance of border protection. I strongly urge you to review the past several articles and shows indicated above to get up to speed. Let’s now take a look at what just happened and what this means. And with these lock-downs on a global basis, the street level foot soldiers of the deep state and Soros funded mercenaries are being rounded up. Tip of the iceberg as the ten days of darkness are approaching. Learn about this and a whole lot more by visiting the sourced links below.

The Restructure Has Begun

Q post 3904 dated March 27, 2020 stated that “The Patriots Are Now In Control of the Federal Reserve System” and indeed we are! This is part of the overall Global Financials Reset but is NOT a reset of the currency itself. That comes later. The restructure has begun. President Trump has brought the Fed actions into the treasury. Here it is, H.R. 748 CARE ACT check on about page 549. Bang! Zoom! The Fed and the Treasury have now merged. It’s the end of the Fed as we know it! Here’s a commentary from the X 22 Report. Economist, Dr. Kirk Elliott discuss the beginning steps of the nationalization of the Fed.

While the deep state’s fake news mouthpiece, the MSM, was creating false narrative after false narrative attacking President Trump and the patriots, affecting freedom minded people all over the world, Trump was setting the stage and restructuring the system. The TPP was ended. NAFTA received a wake-up call and the USMCA was formed. The new Sheriff in town imposed tariffs where needed and the capital was returning along with our US manufacturers en masse. The easing of suppressive and often unwarranted regulations, has help to boom America like never before in our history. Today, we are the largest oil and natural gas manufacturer and supplier in the world. Who would have even thought about this just a few years ago? Massive tax breaks have also contributed to the greatest economic boom in American history. Trump had been making new agreements and alliances setting the stage to shift the global economic system and with the move that was just made against the Fed, this has now been significantly accelerated. This is what we know so far and there is plenty more to come.

Meet The New Boss – Not The Same As The Old Boss

This move essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed Chairman, Donald J. Trump. Ha! Take that you globalists banksters! For all intents and purposes, the Fed was just bankrupted. I was talking with Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott, nominated for two Trump committee positions, who basically stated that since this is occurring right now in real time and to date with no official announcement yet from Washington, this is what we know thus far.

The Fed (by previous mandate), was only able to buy official government securities and were autonomous to the White House. With the new arrangement the Fed was just neutered. The Treasury department will now determine which markets / segments need capital (could be stocks, municipals, specific industries, even corporate debt—doesn’t appear there is a restriction). The Treasury department gets to tell the Fed to print money and how much. All the FED does is print that much money. No decision making or authoritative control. A third party (Blackrock) executes the trades that the treasury department dictates. This gets everything out of the hands of the FED except for the printing of money.

In the Bloomberg opinion article published by Yahoo yesterday, “The Fed’s Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease“, we have learned a few things. According to this article, the Fed will finance a special purpose vehicle (SPV), to allow them to buy commercial paper, asset-backed securities, corporate bonds and bond ETFs in the secondary market. The Fed will finance SPV (special purpose vehicles). The Treasury, and NOT the Fed, will buy all the securities to back stop the loans. The Fed is basically being nationalized. The Fed is providing the money to do it. Blackrock does the trades. The Fed merges with treasury. The CB is basically being taken over. Ah yes, the Corona crisis. Never let a crisis go to waste. Nothing will stop us now. This is phase one of the Central Bank take down of the system. Don’t forget President has been lining up gold bugs to man these areas, with people like Judy Shelton for example. So what’s next as part of this reset? The restoration of sound money and new policies on global trade.

The US Treasury will now own the secured assets and interest on our $22 trillion of Federal debt and the Fed will be the one who owes all of that $22 trillion. This may take a few months to transition. So the Fed has been reduced to a debt saddled private bank who for a period of time will simply process transactions like a wall street brokerage firm for small transaction fees, good luck with that business model. Meanwhile the US Treasury will hold the collateral on that debt not the Fed and that makes the debt an asset to us. In essence, the Treasury is sort of raiding the Fed right now and of course this is legal, using their own tools against them as the President has done all along during the past nearly four years now. It took us 107 years to turn this around. Thank God it has begun.


We just restructured the Federal Reserve System. Basically the Federal Reserve will buy out the U.S. debt to the tune of over 2 trillion per month; making the U.S. debt-free by around the 2020 election. Then the Federal Reserve will possibly file for bankruptcy and be gone, along with their privately owned IRS. Possibly no more income tax. No more credit as a debt based monetary system. This will be replaced with perhaps as a first step, a revalued currency back by gold as a series of steps towards a new Quantum Financial System. Remember, Q has told us that gold will bring down the Fed.
Still not sure who determines interest rates. More data to surface soon. The Federal Reserve will possibly file for bankruptcy and be gone, along with their privately owned IRS. Possibly abolishing the unconstitutional income tax code, yes, no more income tax. Let’s revisit the late Aron Russo’s work on this along with the most informative work on the topic by Bill Still and of course our good friend, Mr. G Edward Griffin.

Dangerous days indeed especially with the ten days of darkness beginning March 31, 2020. We must remember Lincoln went after the Central Bank with the issuing of the Greenback. JFK issues EO11110 delivering a blow to the Fed. Reagan took a bullet after deviating from Fed policy. Trump and we the patriots will now get the job done. Justice for these great men who came before us will be served as the declass is now underway.

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13 Replies to “Trump Ends The Fed As We Know It”

  1. John L

    Thank you Angel Cheri! Seth also stated, the day would come where we would have the opportunity “to come awake in a new kind of way during the day”, and here we are! Yes,Yes and Thank You!

  2. John L

    A useful note to add here in general about things taking so long to get moving other than the fact this a first time event, Seth warned that our particular use of the ego had acquired an exaggerated sense of identity or continuity resulting in the view of identity as a somewhat “rigid”item with it’s beliefs-something to aggresively and riggorously maintain and defend even it is wrong! He noted that it would at times even attempt to block certain information getting to you. There are certain people that I won’t tell my favorite color because it will be a threat to their identity! Obviously that is not within the jurisdiction of self preservation. There is a saying in AA, some people would rather save face, than save their ass! Not trying to make anyone paranoid!–fortunately the egos unique bonehead and other eccentricities are going by the wayside as we speak. May all awaken to the “Sensationally Makestic, True Ultra-Harmonic Wonder” that we are!

    1. Cheri

      John we must have been talking in the astral last night as I remember trying to define that specific word “bonehead” which came into my awareness out of nowhere hahahaha! This is starting to happen a lot with those of us harmonically aligned as we embody omnipresence. Your words are so wise about the ego and identity that live in darkness for fear of the sacred heart (wisdom) being discovered and taking over the intellect which only contains mind control patterns and learned responses within a very narrow and tightly controlled astral frequency of “ultra” violet light which only controls us when we resonate with and align to a narrative parroted by others rather than doing our own research and thinking for oneself. It takes concerted effort to look into the entire spectrum of light that surrounds us to find the truth. Truth is not absolute which is the joy of creation which knows no bounds or parameters and why we all see different nuances within the light of truth but it is definately not a group think narrative of opposition and hatred or thinking that some are victims at the hands of others simply because they are a certain skin color or any other class of separation defined by the powers that were so we stayed divided in order for them to conquer, control and reap the spoils of a fragmented society living in duality and separation. Turning off the television is the first start of freedom as it is entrainment (called programming for a reason) to this low vibrational mind control frequency. We are uniting and Tom gets a big dose of truth bombs (which is in integrity) and tons of nudging from us who have gone through the process he is stuck in by defending the old guard and in direct opposition to the beautiful freedom unfolding all around us. The mind control frequency is strong but will be broken very soon as I am almost through collapsing the timelines creating this base frequency. I can not wait to see the response when the mind no longer has anything to grab onto from false memory implants and manufactured matrix frequencies. The mind is meant to be a multidimensional cosmic receiver not a creator running a program of a 4d false reality. The heart is the creator that lies within.

      Love you! Thanks as always for sharing your very resonate wisdom!

      See you in our Fathers mansion to to speak! 😘

  3. Tom

    Doug, Marilyn, Cheri you do know it was Bush who ran the economy in to the ground just like his father did before him.
    You stated that Obama spent all this money to get the country back on track. Obama had a Republican congress for 6 years in his presidency.
    It seem you like to blame Obama for all the country’s problems is it because he is a black man. You all claim to be of the light I would remind you that at the end of the day we all are one.Just my view

    1. Cheri

      Oh brother! You know you are desperate to shut down the conversation when you shame people with the race card rather which has nothing to do with anything. We know both sides were controlled by the Illuminati for 32 years! The only one who isn’t guilty of selling out our country is Trump. Sorry but that is really pathetic Tom! You are still under the mind control and that’s fine but don’t try to shame us with the race card omg!

      I’ll take your blessings and leave the rest. Hi John! Sending you love my friend! Marilyn too! 😘

  4. Tom

    If you all believe in Q god bless you all if you believe I’d Donald J Trump god bless you.
    The last time I look we all have our own opinion. I see things as I see them and you see things as you do.But I thank you for your view

  5. John L

    Tom or whoever you are, thanks for this example of mind control spew. One of my intelligent and lovable relatives has it. The last time I looked in his eyes something was definitely wrong! Send Only Love!…to All!

  6. Cheri

    Most of us are incredibly grateful for all that’s being done to free our world. Most of us can see the truth of this entire movement as there is a great deal of love in the restoration of this country and the world! We project onto others our own thoughts about self. It’s as simple as that! Wanting to see our duly elected President destroyed is in full alignment with the dark forces. Hatred has no answers or alternatives because ignorance never has to justify itself.

    The end of the central bank control is a god send to the world. Some have no idea the incredible sacrifice that this Alliance is making on their behalf. I personally have put my life on hold for 8 years to do this work full time behind the scenes. You either step up to the plate and contribute or you sit back and degrade, gnash your teeth and cast baseless dispersions on everyone else. The choice is yours but someday you will be profusely thanking this group of warriors who stepped up to the plate and made this ascension happen.

    Trump just suspended funding to the WHO. These are huge markers!

    Let freedom ring! And reverberate around the world! The suffering is almost over. Woohoo! Love to my fellow patriots, lightholders and heart aligned souls who have brought this time to fruition 😘

    1. Cheri

      Don’t mean to come off like a damn martyr lol! Just telling my truth! I willingly stepped into my role with a vigor! As we know, nothing is more fulfilling than heeding the calling of ones soul! This is why we came into this frequency of reality to allow it to heal through! Love on warriors! 😘

  7. Tom

    Q is a a bunch of story’s that never come true. For years they have said this will happen or that will happen. It never happens!
    As for Trump he is a born liar the man has lied to the American people so many times. That he has no credit if it’s not good for Trump first then it will not be done.
    The man just loves him self were he need to have his name on checks as if he is giving them to the American people from his bank. When it’s borrowed money that tha tax payer will have to pay back. He has run this country in to deep debt.

    1. Doug James

      Tom is this satire? In 2008 collapse our national debt was about 9T homes were foreclosed upon remember? Banks were bailed out. AIG was bailed out and handed out bonuses remember? Ok Obama bailed out banks insurance companies GM Chrysler yet citizens lost their homes. National debt when Obama left 8 yrs later was 19T so it doubled in his 8 yr term he also sent manufacturing jobs to China and he fired many generals I suspect Generals who were pro America not pro globalist. TRUMP is egocentric no doubt but he also knows the dark elite want America to go down. Why wld a billionaire become president and take all the abuse from fake media ?

      1. Cheri

        You are right on the national debt during the Obama years! All laundered to them as our infrastructure crumbled. I remember the mortgage crisis as I lived through it too! It was horrendous as people lost their homes while Pelosi and company bailed out the banks rather than us the consumers that lost our homes. For those that believe the narrative that Obama was a lightworker because it was channeled or because he was pushed as a messiah by the fake news media and Hollywood that foamed and fawned over him for 8 years, then why did he lie to the America people and pass off our first lady as a women when we all know now that he is a man dressed as a woman. I have no problem with transvestites just be honest about it and this begs the question who are their supposed children my goodness! This is the Illuminati! He wouldn’t have been allowed power for 8 years without being in the family. Why did the Obama administration spy on all the opposition candidates and then on Trump himself through massive FISA abuse which is now proven by Barr and Horowitz and the now debunked Mueller investigation which was a full blown coup attempt. This thing about Trump delaying the stimulus so he could sign the checks is CNN and MSM garbage propaganda. Just use some common sense the Treasury signs checks not the President. Also common sense says why would a billionaire who had enormous fame and fortune take all this crap and put his family and grandchildren through hell? It’s just ridiculous! Finally the America people and the business that employ them are being bailed out during this engineered pandemic. This president has brought back all our jobs and manufacturing from China. He just fired the WHO, took on the UN and the WTO and now we will see the greatest economic recovery we have ever seen as these NGO’s loose all power. Anybody with a heart sees the truth in the Q posts with the main theme wake up, research and think for yourself. 😘

      2. Marilyn G.

        You GO, Doug. I can’t think where Tom’s head is, but then again, maybe I don’t want to know. heh