Can Astrology Help You Embody Love?

interconnected eraoflightdotcomAstrology is the art of gleaning insights and understanding from planetary and star alignments.

Other than being a fantastic tool for self-knowledge, an astrology reading can also give you insights into your relationships. And you can’t talk about wellness, without talking about relationships – having a healthy and nurturing relationship with self and others is an essential part of self-care.

When we recognize how cosmic happenings impact our loved ones, we’re able to empathize with them, and introspectively think about and understand why our interactions have taken a certain turn.

Here is how you can use astrology to bolster your relationships:

Understand Your Relationship Needs

Relationships develop and expand to the extent which both parties know themselves. Without a commitment to self-development and self-knowledge, relationships are likely to be undergirded by codependency, in place of mutual love and respect. Trying to mend dysfunctional family habits through love without first improving your self-awareness, as you probably know, rarely leads to happiness.

An astrological chart (natal/birth chart) offers an instantaneous symbolic map that shows the inner resources, ideals, gifts, values, strengths, sense of meaning, and emotional expressions that we carry into our relationships.

It also illustrates how you can best communicate with your partner. For instance, if your partner’s Mercury is in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer (a water sign), they will likely struggle to express their emotions in words. At this time, it may be easier for them to communicate through writing.

Recognizing Our Love Partner Agreements

Individuals are attracted to each other due to multiple reasons. For those who believe in previous lives, the attraction is based on past agreements between individuals to remain together in a given part of their life journey.

Astrologically, Nodal and planetary connections between charts can be seen whenever there are past life connections between individuals. When major planetary shifts happen and awaken those configurations, the previously connected individuals meet and are attracted to each other. The harder part is to understand what the connections are all about and when and how to use them for transformation and growth.

When viewed through astrology, the projections of these relationships can be discerned through the position of the moon, sun, and planets in the natal chart. If the chart reveals that the planetary configuration is in the 8th, 7th or 5th houses (which are relationship houses), it’s likely to grow into something that should be explored multiple times in adult relationships.

Solving Relationship Challenges

Once a relationship has moved from the 7th house (the house that represents one-on-one relationships) the next stage is the 8th house (which represents Intimacy). This entails deep levels of vulnerability and transformation that can only come from true openness.

The vulnerability can only be expressed by individuals with adequate internal strength who have worked on their own inner transformation. To be vulnerable you also need a strong sense of self.

By prompting you when your boundaries have been breached, Mars helps you preserve your sense of individuality. Finding a way to convey this positively is central to overcoming relationship challenges.

Somebody to Love

During times of strife and stress, astrology provides us with answers. Astrology also helps us attain a level of self-awareness that helps us gather enough courage to connect with others.

By embracing your soul connections, you can evolve into a more fulfilled and complete being. You come to an understanding that you, too, deserve to be loved.

Start in Astrology

If you’re looking for love, getting an astrology reading is a fantastic starting point. Having an astrologist read your birth chart and looking into your zodiac sign can help you find the right path.

But life is not a fairy tale. To attract the right partner, you need to do some heavy lifting. This means you need to work on yourself as you prepare to find a compatible partner. If you think finding a partner will alleviate your unhappiness, you’re setting up yourself for disappointment and failure. However, if you choose to use astrology in the right manner, it will help you find love once you’re prepared for it.

» Source » By John Michelson